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Custard pudding refers to a very well-known European dessert which is loved by people from all over the world. Custard pudding is served across several restaurants around the globe and remains a favorite with kids and grown-ups alike. Custard pudding is characterised by its creamy texture and a rich sweet aroma. Easy to make, this dessert is best prepared and consumed during winter time. The main ingredients used to make Custard pudding include eggs, milk, sugar, butter and vanilla extracts. People often use raisins, cashew nuts and nutmegs to garnish this awesome dessert.

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How To Eat Flan - Caramel Custard?

How To Eat Flan - Caramel Custard? On : 06-Sep-2010 By : Food4me anytime

Flan is also known as caramel custard – most of us know how to eat flan because it is a very common dessert. However, we normally eat one or two variations of any dessert and believe it to be its only variation, until we get to eat another...

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Custard

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Custard On : 12-Nov-2011 By : Gourmet_lover

Traditionally prepared using egg yolks, sugar, milk, or cream, a rich and creamy custard tastes like a dream and can be the prefect sweet-tooth appeaser. But then, it can be dangerously fattening too. However, if you are cooking it at home, then you can...

Triffle Pudding With Variations

On : 16-Aug-2010 By : tejaswini banerjee

TRIFFLE PUDDING Ingredients :Vanilla cake 200 gms,Jam 75 gms, 2 cups Custard made out of milk -thick consistency, fruits /- Mango.custard apple,chikoo,pineapple,orange,apple - 1/-2 of each. Preparation : Chop all the fruits to small pieces  and...

How To Make Banana Pudding From Scratch?

How To Make Banana Pudding From Scratch? On : 20-Jul-2010 By : ifoodiee

Banana Pudding!!! I always thought that banana is simply not my fruit, especially because of the effect it has on my diet!! But recently I had a piece of traditional banana pudding made by a friend’s Mom. That delicious dessert turned me into a banana...

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