Currant Liqueur Recipes

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Red Currant Jelly Glaze

Melt jelly in small saucepan over low heat, whisking occasionally until smooth and spreadable. Remove from heat and stir in liqueur or rum. - 19.308

Wine Poached Pears With Black Currant Sauce

MAKING 1) Using a knife, peel the pears, keeping the stems intact. 2) Take a deep saucepan and mix the wine, sugar, cinnamon stick, vanilla bean, and lemon zest. Allow it to come to a boil. 3) Lower the heat to simmer and put in the pears. Cover the pears... - 42.8528

Black Currant Sorbet

GETTING READY 1) Through a handmill or sieve, pass the blackcurrants to make puree, reserving a few. MAKING 1) Measure the puree in order to get about 2 1/2 cups. 2) Top the puree with blackcurrant cordial or liqueur and/or water if necessary to reach the... - 32.2933

Blackcurrant Softie

1. Sieve the blackcurrants and their juice into a bowl, or puree in a blender. Beat in the orange zest then pour into a freezerproof container. Cover and place in the freezer or freezer compartment of the refrigerator until half frozen. 2. Whip the cream with... - 33.9312

Red Currant Meringues

1. Whisk the egg whites until stiff, then gradually whisk in the sugar until the mixture holds its shape. 2. Line 2 baking sheets with waxed paper; draw on eight 7.5 cm (3 inch) circles and eight 5 cm (2 inch) circles. 3. Put the meringue mixture into a... - 32.1177

Cassis Sorbet

1. In 2-quart saucepan over medium heat, heat water and sugar to boiling; boil 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Refrigerate sugar syrup until chilled, about 2 hours. 2. In blender at medium speed, blend raspberries, liqueur, lemon juice, and salt until... - 24.1583

Henry Iv Dressing

Warm the jelly just a bit; stir everything together. Check the flavor, and chill well. This is good on ice cream too. Enough for 4. - 26.3494

Cassis Sorbet

Scald the light cream in a saucepan. Add currant glaze and stir over medium heat until glaze is dissolved. In a medium-size bowl, beat egg yolks until light and fluffy. Gradually add honey and beat until thick and smooth. Slowly pour the hot cream mixture... - 37.0343

Kir Royale

Kir Royale has a Appetizing taste.The Champagne and Black currant gives the Kir Royale Dissimilar taste. - 20.0241

Blackcurrant Meringue

MAKING 1. In a saucepan combine blackcurrants, 50g of the sugar, the cassis and grated ginger. 2. Place pan over a medium flame and simmer until thick and pulpy. 3. Divide the blackcurrant mixture into 2 shallow ramekins or soufflé dishes. 4. In a clean dry... - 39.207

Ile Flottante

With a sharp knife, slice the cake into four equal layers. Place the bottom layer in a large, wide serving dish and sprinkle it generously with about one quarter of the kirsch and one quarter of the maraschino liqueur. Spread the slice with about one quarter... - 47.2364

Bread Pudding With Rum

Cut the bread into eight slices and place in a deep buttered dish. Brush with the melted butter. Set aside. Combine the raisins, currants and rum in a separate bowl. Set aside. In a separate bowl beat the eggs and sugar thoroughly. Stir in the milk and cream,... - 43.6023

Swedish Glogg

Combine all ingredients in slow cooker. Cover; cook on low 1 to 2 hours. - 27.0511

Sweetbreads In Brandy Cream

Soak fresh sweetbreads for 1 hour in cold water to cover; soak frozen sweetbreads until thawed. Drain well. Place in a 3 quart casserole. Add the 1/2 cup water, lemon juice, and the 1/2 teaspoon salt. Cover with a lid or plastic wrap. Microwave on HIGH (100%)... - 41.6412

Blue Hawaiian Daiquiri

A fresh tropical cocktail like blue Hawaiian daiquiri is the best thing to enjoy in a hot summer evening. You can prepare this at your own bar, once you collect all the ingredients. Watch the video to learn about the cocktail recipe and just indulge in. - 131.963

Kir Spritzer

MAKING 1. In a small pitcher, mix the ice, champagne, and seltzer; 2. Stir in the liqueur. SERVING 3. Take two chilled 8-ounce glasses and add 2 tablespoons raspberries to each glass. 4. Pour the mixture through a strainer into the glasses and serve... - 34.5591

Very Berry Sorbet

In medium saucepan, mix unflavored gelatine with sugar; blend in water. Let stand 1 minute. Stir over low heat until gelatine is completely dissolved, about 5 minutes. Let cool to room temperature; stir in remaining ingredients. Pour into 9-inch square baking... - 35.1055

Cranberry Raspberry Spritzer

Combine sparkling water and cranberry-raspberry drink in a pitcher; stir well. Spoon 1 tablespoon creme de cassis into each of 6 glasses, and add 1 cup juice mixture to each. - 19.5524

Raspberry Chambord Sauce

Position knife blade in food processor bowl; add raspberries and sugar, and process raspberry mixture until smooth. Strain raspberry puree, and discard seeds. Set aside. Combine red currant jelly and liqueur in a small heavy saucepan. Bring mixture to a boil,... - 30.1476

Sparkling Berry Salad

In medium saucepan, sprinkle unflavored gelatine over 1 cup cranberry-raspberry juice; let stand 1 minute. Stir over low heat until gelatine is completely dissolved, about 5 minutes. Stir in sugar until dissolved. In large bowl, blend remaining 1 cup... - 37.7674

Grapefruit Orange Palette

With a sharp knife, remove peel and all pith (white portion) from grapefruit. Cut between membranes to separate sections. Set aside. With a sharp knife, remove peel and all pith from oranges. Slice each orange into 5 slices crosswise and then cut each slice... - 34.1258

Raspberry Cocktail

MAKING 1) In a blender container, process the raspberries until pureed. 2) In a small saucepan fitted with a sieve, pass the raspberry puree through the sieve into the pan, discard the seeds. 3) Stir in liqueur and cook over a medium heat for 4 to 5 minutes,... - 32.5218

Blueberry Cinnamon Soup

Rinse the blueberries and remove any stems, leaves or green berries. Put berries in a kettle and add the water, cloves and cinnamon stick. Set over moderate heat and bring to a boil. Stir in honey, reduce heat and simmer, partially covered, until berries are... - 39.8816

Red Raspberry Pie

Red Raspberry Pie has a moist taste.The Lemon juice and Sugar gives the Red Raspberry Pie Energizing taste. - 43.0028

Very Berry Sorbet

MAKING 1. In medium saucepan, mix unflavored gelatine with sugar and blend in water. 2. Let stand 1 minute. 3. Stir over low heat until gelatine is completely dissolved, about 5 minutes. 4. Let cool to room temperatureand stir in remaining ingredients. 5.... - 38.9107

Chilled Cream Of Kir Royal

Place ice cream, wine, cream, liqueur and gingerroot in blender container. Blend on high until smooth. Garnish with currants and mint. - 24.864

Holiday Champagne Punch

1. Prepare ice ring: Fill 5-cup ring mold with 1/4 inch water; freeze until firm. Reserve 8 strawberries; slice remaining strawberries. On ice in ring mold, arrange one-half of sliced strawberries, 1/2 cup grapes, and enough water just to cover fruit (so... - 33.5918

Baked Apples & Figs With Cassis

Peel, core, and thinly slice apples. Overlap slices in a shallow 9-inch-wide baking dish. Drizzle fruit with lemon juice. Rinse figs and cut off stems. Thinly slice figs crosswise and place fruit evenly over apples. Pour liqueur over fruit, sprinkle with... - 31.3202

Chicken Legs In Cassis

Rinse chicken, pat dry, and sprinkle with salt, white pepper, and nutmeg. Melt 1 tablespoon of the butter in oil in a wide frying pan over medium-high heat. Add chicken and cook, turning once, until browned on both sides 10 to 12 minutes. Stir in garlic,... - 41.0144

Creamy Rice Bavarian With Raspberries

In medium saucepan, combine rice with 1 1/2 cups water; bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer, covered, 30 minutes or until very tender; cool. In small saucepan, sprinkle unflavored gelatine over remaining 1/2 cup water; let stand 1 minute. Stir over low... - 41.6275

Hazelnut Chicken Breasts

LAY THE CHICKEN BREASTS in a dish and spread them evenly with mustard. Sprinkle the herbs over them, season with pepper, cover, and refrigerate for at least 1 hour. FOR THE BERRY SAUCE, combine the berries, water, shallots, vinegar, creme de cassis (if... - 44.4684

Patty's Cake

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line the bottom of a 10-inch round cake pan with parchment or wax paper. Spray the pan with nonstick cooking spray and dust with cornmeal, shaking out the excess. In a medium-sized mixing bowl, sift together corn-meal, flour,... - 41.5487

Red Wine And Cassis Strawberries

GETTING READY 1. On a fruit board, use a small paring knife to quarter the strawberries. MAKING 2. In a large glass bowl, 3. Combine the sugar, liqueur, wine, and mint and quartered berries 4. Use to serve immediately or after refrigerating for up to 8... - 40.6936

Pineapple Cassis Sauce

1. Drain pineapple, reserving 1/4 cup juice. Set crushed pineapple aside. 2. In double-boiler top, with portable mixer at high speed, beat egg yolks, sugar, and salt until very thick, about 5 minutes. Stir cassis and reserved pineapple juice into beaten egg... - 24.3922

Duck With Forty Cloves Of Garlic

Remove neck and giblets from the duck; save the liver for another use. Chop neck, heart and gizzard. Cut off wing tips. Remove all possible fat from the duck's cavity and prick the skin all over with a fork. Salt the inside and outside of the duck and set it... - 42.3598

Tasty Strawberry Sauce

Thaw strawberries according to directions on package. Place strawberries, jelly and liqueur in casserole. Microwave 4 minutes uncovered. Mix cornstarch with water; stir into sauce and continue microwaving 3 minutes. Cool and pour over ice cream or drizzle... - 29.6644

Quick Poached Pears With Ruby Red Raspberry Sauce

These Quick Poached Pears With Ruby Red Raspberry Sauce tastes incredible ! This fruit mix simmered in fruit liqueur tastes incredible ! Try these Quick Poached Pears With Ruby Red Raspberry Sauce for your dessert tonight and let me know if you like it ! - 45.3599

Berries Under Meringue

Prepare Orange-Ginger Sauce; set aside. Place berries close together in a single layer in center of a 10- to 12-inch ovenproof rimmed platter. Spoon liqueur over berries. In large bowl of an electric mixer, beat egg whites and cream of tartar at high speed... - 40.2971

Rich Cherry And Almond Fruit Cake

Fruitcake has a fine taste. Fruitcake gets its taste from eggs mixed with flour and topped with raisins and nuts. Fruitcake is inspired by many bakeries all over the world. - 46.4599

Raspberry Sauce Dessert

MAKING 1.Take the container of electic blender and put raspberries in it and blend until thick smooth paste is formed. 2.Drain and remove the seeds. In a bowl, mix cornstarch with water. 3.Take a small saucepan and put raspberry mixture with cornstarch and... - 43.6665

Feuilletes Of Pears Bourdaloue

Combine wine, sugar, cinnamon, zest and cloves in heavy-bottomed large saucepan and bring to boil over medium-high heat. Reduce to simmer, add pears and cook until tender. Cool, then cover and chill overnight in liquid. For pastry cream: Combine egg yolks and... - 45.3425

Glazed Roast Pork Loin With Cranberry Stuffing

Glazed roast pork loin with cranberry stuffing is a lovely and elegant roast. Made with a filling of orange, egg, cranberry and onions, the pork is roasted with a brush of the fruit mix halfway through. Finished with a currant jelly brushing, the roast is... - 49.0598

Summer Fruit Clafoutis

GETTING READY 1) In a large bowl, place all the assorted soft fruits and pour fruit liqueur over them. 2) Cover the bowl and let it chill for 1 hour to macerate. 3) Preheat the oven to 400°F/200°C. MAKING 4) In a bowl, combine milk powder, salt, sugar... - 48.3215

Strawberry Flan

Cream butter and sugar, sieve in flour, then add beaten egg yolks to mix. A little cold water may also be needed to get a consistency which will roll out well. Line flan tin, and bake blind. Pack the hulled strawberries tightly and neatly into the flan... - 33.1966

Duckling A L'orange

Place butter and onion in a 1 casserole dish. Cover and microwave 2 to 3 minutes or until tender. Mix together orange juice and cornstarch. Stir into onion mixture. Stir in jelly and orange rind. Cover and microwave 2 to 3 minutes or until sauce... - 38.9444

Baked Ham Party Style

Baked Ham Party Style has a Wonderful taste.The Vinegar and Worcestershire sauce gives the Baked Ham Party Style Gripping taste. - 37.5147

Strawberry Charlotte

1. Split the ladyfingers and arrange around the sides of an 8-inch springform pan. Arrange remaining ladyfingers in bottom of pan. 2. Combine gelatin and 1/4 cup of the sugar in a medium-size saucepan. Add egg yolks and milk. Beat with a wire whip or rotary... - 43.0421

Plum Pudding

Coat a 2-qt. pudding mold, souffle dish or bowl with nonstick cooking spray. If the mold has a flat bottom, line it with wax or parchment paper. Sift flour, cinnamon, cloves, salt and baking soda together into a large bowl. In a small bowl, whisk together... - 46.0813

Christmas Carrot Pudding With Apricots

In bowl, toss together raisins, currants, cherries, candied peel, apricots and orange rind. Stir together flour, baking soda, cinnamon, salt, nutmeg and allspice; sprinkle about one quarter over fruit mixture and toss lightly. Set aside. In large bowl, beat... - 49.76

Cranberry Apple Relish

Combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl; mix well. Chill several hours or overnight. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator. - 25.2943

Jam Sandwiches

1. In a small bowl, stir together jam and liqueur until well blended. 2. Spread about 1 teaspoon jam over bottoms of 20 cookies. Sprinkle about 1/2 teaspoon chopped almonds over jam on each cookie. Sandwich remaining cookies on top. - 22.0981

Cranberry-orange Tart

On a lightly floured surface roll French pastry dough into a 13 inch circle. Line an 11 inch flan pan with removable bottom with dough, being careful not to stretch dough. Trim edges. Fold any excess dough under. Prick the bottom and sides; line dough in pan... - 41.2453

Fresh Cranberry Fruity Relish

MAKING 1. In a large mixing bowl combine all ingredients and mix well. 2. Let it chill several hours or overnight. 3. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator. SERVING 4. Use with snacks, toasts or desserts as desired. - 37.5513

Classic Nesselrode Pudding

Beat egg yolks and stir in sugar and salt. Scald milk and stir hot milk gradually into egg yolks. Cook in top part of double boiler over hot water. Cook, stirring, until mixture thickens and coats a spoon. Add vanilla. Cool and then chill. Gradually beat... - 43.7906

Duck A I Orange

Clean duck and wipe dry. Season cavity generously with salt and pepper. Place inside duck: orange, onion, apple, celery, garlic, sugar, orange and lemon juice. Lay bird on bed of parsley and celery leaves. Moisten with juices. Sprinkle with curry and... - 46.0129

Duckling With Orange Sauce

Fasten neck skin of duckling to back with skewers. Lift wing tips up and over back for natural brace. Place duckling breast side up on rack in shallow roasting pan. Prick skin with fork. Roast uncovered in 325° oven until done, about 2 1/2 hours, removing... - 41.2794

Pears And Plums In Wine

Pears And Plums In Wine is an irresistible dessert recipe. Once you try this effortlessly prepared simple recipe at your dinner party, I bet you would surely get a huge fan following. - 46.5091

Blueberry Cream Torte

To make pastry, sift flour and salt into a large bowl. Using a pastry blender or 2 knives, cut in butter evenly. Lightly mix in sugar, egg yolk and enough ice water to make a dough. Press into a ball and wrap in foil or plastic wrap. Refrigerate 30... - 44.4838

Iced Christmas Pudding

First assemble the dried fruits in a bowl, letting the apricots dominate - I use 250 g/8 oz apricots (halved) and 125 g/4 oz of each of the other fruits. Put the raisins, currants and peel or cherries into a small saucepan with the thinly-pared rind of the... - 48.3423

Raisin Mincemeat

GETTING READY 1) Clean the fruit and pat dry. 2) Chop raisins and sultanas roughly. 3) Mince blanched almonds and candied peel finely. 4) Peel, core and chop the apples MAKING 5) In a bowl add currants, raisins and sultanas. 6) Add minced almonds and peel to... - 43.5761

Oven Baked Cranberry Cardamon Chutney

In a blender or food processor fitted with the steel blade, process orange until finely ground. In a large ovenproof saucepan, combine orange and juice, jelly and brown sugar. Cook over low heat until jelly is melted. Stir in lime peel and juice, cranberries,... - 43.2942

Duckling With Orange Sauce

Add the refreshing taste of orange to your roast duckling. This recipe is sure to become a holiday favorite in your home. - 38.9394

Raspberry Crepes Suzette

Cream 1/4 cup butter; gradually add sugar, beating until light and fluffy. Stir in Grand Marnier and orange rind, and set aside. Drain raspberries, reserving juice. Process raspberries in a food mill; discard seeds. Set berry pulp aside. Combine berry juice... - 38.229

Berries With Custard Parisienne

Berries With Custard Parisienne is an amazingly delicious and easy to prepare dessert recipe. Try it for once; you wont wish to try any other dessert for your coming parties! - 46.2152

Classic Dundee Cake

1. In blender at high speed or in food processor with knife blade attached, blend 1/3 cup almonds with 2 tablespoons sugar until ground. Place mixture in medium-sized bowl. 2. Cut citron, lemon peel, and red cherries into small pieces. Mix cut up fruits,... - 40.0043

Veal Scallops With Pears

Place pieces of veal well apart on plastic wrap; sprinkle with sage. Cover with another sheet of plastic wrap, then pound with a flat-surfaced mallet until 1/16 inch thick; veal pieces will approximately triple in size. Coat veal with flour and shake off... - 40.9708

Grand Fruit Cake

Grease and double-line one 25 cm/10 inch tin. Wrap two layers of brown paper around the outside rising well above the cake tin. Tie with string. Cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Gradually add the beaten eggs, with a tablespoon of the flour... - 46.5609