Curd, white sour bacteria fermented dairy product resembling pudding, is a delicious accompaniment to staple food. Curd when taken with rice, roti or individually, cools the human body and is soothing on the digestive system. Curd, flavored with fruit flavors and enriched with nuts and fruit is a delightful dessert course.

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How To Freeze Cheese Curds For Longer Duration

How To Freeze Cheese Curds For Longer Duration On : 26-Jan-2011 By : yummyyum

Freezing cheese curds  is the best way of extending your limited sup ply of cheese curds. It is also economical, so know how to freeze cheese curds for longer duration and enjoy cheese curds for many days. Also if you want to retain the flavor of...

How To Use Curd While Cooking

How To Use Curd While Cooking  On : 16-Mar-2011 By : Choc Brownie

Do you still agree that homemade food is safe and healthy? Yes, I am taking about goodness of curds and How to use curds while cooking in this blog.       This universal organic food...

How To Eat Cheese Curd

How To Eat Cheese Curd On : 18-Mar-2011 By : Nutrition

Cheese curd is delicious in taste which is either eaten alone or with some additives. It is actually small pieces of solid cheese separated from natural whey but not pressed into proper molds. This type of cheese especially cheddar cheese is high in demand,...

Mishti Dohi( Sweet Curd).

Mishti Dohi( Sweet Curd). On : 15-Jul-2010 By : NAUSHABA TABASSUM

Mishti Dohi is an unique deesrt. Its a famous dessert in all Bengali sweets     Mishti Dohi is means sweet curd, but it prepare by a proper recipe and a differeht procedure.     All begali sweets are very tasty and...

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