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Cucumber Cocktail Canapes

MAKING 1) Keep the cucumbers on paper towels. 2) Sprinkle salt on them and allow them to stand for about half an hour. 3) Press the paper towels firmly on the cucumbers to soak away the excess water. 4) Chop the cucumbers finely. 5) In a medium bowl, mix... - 44.4886

Cucumber Chicken Canapes

Cucumber Chicken Canapes has a exceptional taste.The white pepper with mayonnaise gives the Cucumber Chicken Canapes a exicting taste.Must catch it. - 41.5657

Tuna Cucumber Canapes

MAKING 1. Take tuna fish and drain them. Flake them and combine with salt, red pepper, mayonnaise, horseradish, onion and mustard. 2. Score and peel the cucumber with tines of fork and thinly slice them. 3. For making each canapé, position the cucumber slice... - 41.2997

Cucumber Canapes

Cucumber Canapes has a smooth taste. Cucumber lovers must try Cucumber Canapes. Cucumber Canapes is a very easy to make. - 34.592

Cucumber Canapes

MAKING 1. Place cucumber on a chopping board and cut into ¼ inch thick slices, crosswise. Make around 50 pieces. 2. Place cucumber slices on rectangular service platters. 3. Place ¼ teaspoon red caviar at centre of each slice and garnish with a tint parsley... - 30.6841

Cucumber Shrimp Canapes

Cucumber Shrimp Canapes is a heady mix of mayonnaise, milk and cream cheese. A favorite among kids, this Cucumber Shrimp Canapes can be prepared in a jiffy. - 28.7947

Cucumber Canapes

Cut cucumber in half, lengthwise. Set one half aside. Peel other half, seed and grate flesh into bowl. Add cheese, paprika, horseradish and mayonnaise to grated cucumber. Season and mix well. Seed remaining cucumber and slice thinly without peeling. Spread... - 25.9252

Cucumber Canapes

1. Pare cucumbers, leaving a small amount of green skin on. Slice crosswise into rounds 1/4 inch thick, making about 50 rounds. 2. Arrange on tray; spoon 1/4 teaspoon caviar in center of each round; top each with a parsley sprig. - 24.615

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