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Pollo A La Parilla En Sofrito

Perhaps there is no better way to savor chicken than grill it. If you find the above statement far-fetched, then you have to try this recipe once to know it for yourself. This iconic Cuban grilled chicken dish cooked with sofrito sauce makes for a... - 102.689

Polla Asoda

It's surprising how a well-chosen ingredient can transform a well-familiar dish into a total gourmet delight. Juan Montalvo explains how you can cook up roasted chicken at home and jazz it up with Cuban condiment mojo and sweet tomato sauce. A healthy,... - 100.798

Cuban Rice And Chicken

This traditional West-African dish is a breeze to make and tastes oh-so-good. Juan Montalvo shows you how to whip up this African one-skillet favorite at home with a few simple ingredients. Besides, this dish is a great option for busy weeknights when you... - 99.9244

Cuban Style Chicken Wings With Spicy Mojito Sauce

Interested in trying a Cuban delicacy today? Here's a recipe that is just right for you. Watch this video now to learn a great Cuban Style Chicken Wings with Spicy Mojito Sauce recipe. You will certainly bag a lot of appreciation from your loved ones for this. - 93.9713

Cuban Chicken Parmesan

Don't like spending too much time in the kitchen? Then this recipe is a blessing in disguise for you. Juan Montalvo shows how to prepare this creamy mozzarella chicken delight at home using ready-to-find ingredients. Low fat and low sugar, this dish is a... - 86.7732

Hawaiian Grilled Chicken

So what if you couldn't make it to Hawaii this holiday? You can at least make up for the missed trip with Hawaiian chicken. Easy, quick, and simply scrumptious, this grilled Hawaiian favorite is worth sweating over pots and pans. Juan Montalvo tells you how... - 86.0276

Smoked Cuban Stuffed Citrus Chicken Breasts

Give an extra special touch to your holiday menu with these fantastic stuffed chicken breasts. Look at this amazing video that would surely mesmerize you with it's refreshing citrus flavor. Watch the video for an amazing flavorful experience! - 85.3332

Cuban Chicken Cacciatore

This Italian mainstay is so simple to cook and so appeasing to the taste buds that you will indeed fall in love with it. Juan Montalvo shows you how to prepare this hunter-style chicken at home. Rich with herbs and spice, this healthy and savory dish is a... - 78.4337

Cuban Chicken And Rice Soup – Part 2 – Preparing The Rice

This is the second video of the recipe Cuban Chicken and Rice Soup. This video is about preparing the rice. This video is in a non-English language. - 58.0493

Cuban Chicken And Rice Soup – Part 1 – The Ingredients

Want to try out a nutritious soup? Try Cuban chicken and rice soup! This recipe video is divided into three parts. This is the first part of the video which talks about the ingredients. This video is in a non-English language. - 57.3546

Cuban Chicken And Rice Soup – Part 3 – Cooking With The Vegetables

This is the third and final part of the recipe Cuban Chicken and Rice Soup. The steps demonstrated in this video complete the dish. This video is in a non-English language. - 56.5348

Doritos Chicken

The inspiration for this dish came about a few months ago. My buddy Wiz is a health nut. Some of you old-school-Hip-Hop heads may remember him from back in the day when he was the DJ for Kid n Play. He refuses to eat anything other then white meat. Chicken... - 51.9372

Mojito Salad Or Sandwich

This "mojito taste" chicken salad or sandwich is simply a taste-thriller. It also would be fun in a wrap! - 51.6109

Chicken Black Bean Soup

GETTING READY 1. Preheat an eight quart pan over a medium flame till its rim is hot-to-the-touch MAKING 2. Add oil to the pan and allow it to heat for a minute; add onions and garlic and cook for five minutes, stirring every now and then 3. Add cumin and... - 45.7416

Cuban Chicken

Reserve chicken neck and giblets for other uses, if desired. Rinse chicken; pat dry. Heat oil in a 5 to 6-quart pan over medium-high heat. Add chicken, a portion at a time, without crowding; cook, turning, until browned on all sides. Lift out and set... - 41.1615

Black Bean Soup

Soak the beans overnight in enough cold water to cover. Drain and add fresh water to cover, then simmer until they are almost tender (approximately 2 hours). Cook all the chopped vegetables in oil until they are almost tender. Add to the beans, with chicken... - 40.5314

Cuban Chicken With Pineapple Rum Sauce

Cook onion and garlic in hot oil till tender but not brown. Remove onion and garlic; set aside. Brown chicken pieces in the oil remaining in skillet. Return cooked onion and garlic. Drain tomatoes, reserving liquid; set tomatoes aside. Add reserved tomato... - 37.6818

Chicken Croquettes With Sauce

Combine 75 mL {1/3 cup) soup with chicken, 50 mL (1/4 cup) crumbs, parsley and onion. Form into 6 croquettes; roll in remaining bread crumbs. Chill. Fry croquettes in shortening until thoroughly heated and lightly browned. Blend remaining soup with milk;... - 32.9142

Cuban Heros

1. Heat oven to 400°F or heat a sandwich press. 2. Split open sub rolls and spread with mayonnaise. Layer each sandwich with a slice of cheese, a layer of pork, 2 slices of ham, 1 pickle, remaining pork, and a slice of cheese. Close sandwiches and grill or... - 27.9515

Cuban Chicken With Mojo Marinade

Prepare the Mojo Marinade and place in a large bowl. Wash and thoroughly dry the chicken breasts and add to the marinade. Toss to coat well. Cover and refrigerate for 1 to 3 hours. Rotate the chicken in the Flat Standard Basket for 45 minutes or until lightly... - 22.8637

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