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Pressed Cuban Sandwiches With Paulette's Cuban Cowboy Caviar Salad

The RV Cooking Show heads to the West Coast of Florida to bring you the beautiful beaches of Cortez and two Cuban taste sensations...pressed cuban sandwiches on the grill and our guest Paulette's "cuban cowboy caviar". What a wild ride...c'mon along!! - 105.311

Cuban Black Bean Salad

1. In 1-cup liquid measure combine orange juice, lime juice, cilantro, vinegar, oil, sugar, and pepper and stir to combine. Set aside. 2. In medium mixing bowl combine beans, rice, scallions, olives, and pimiento. 3. Around edge of serving platter arrange... - 35.9451

Cuban Spring Rolls

Cuban Spring rolls, made with Mojo marinated pork, avocado, baked plantains, cilantro, and paired with a mango sauce. - 89.7195

Black Bean Soup

MAKING 1)In a food processor, make bean puree. Add water to adjust consistency. 2)Saute together, bean puree, butter, garlic, onion and bacon. 3)Season with pepper and add in powdered chicken stock. SERVING 4)Serve in bowls, with tortilla chips and garnished... - 41.2143

Doritos Chicken

The inspiration for this dish came about a few months ago. My buddy Wiz is a health nut. Some of you old-school-Hip-Hop heads may remember him from back in the day when he was the DJ for Kid n Play. He refuses to eat anything other then white meat. Chicken... - 51.9372

Wegmans Pan Seared Mahi Mahi

Wegmans Executive Chef Russell and Nella Neeck create this wild-caught fish paired with a salsa verde/avocado combo and Cuban-style broiled corn. Quick, easy and delicious recipe and a perfect for summertime dish. You can omit the butter if you are calorie... - 124.096

Grilled Skirt Steak Sandwich

GETTING READY 1. In a bowl, add in the onion and salt. Pour in water and let it sit for 20 minutes. 2. Score cross on tomatoes and dip that into boiling water for a few seconds. 3. Take out the tomatoes and place into ice cold water. 4. Peel the tomatoes,... - 115.346

Spanish Chicken Rice (arroz Con Pollo)

This is a classic Puertorrican recipe, served with beans,side salad with avocado and you have your sunday meal prepared!!! - 39.6361

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