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Cruzan Independence Sparkler, 4th Of July Cocktail

Kicking off independence day with a sparkler, a Cruzan Rum recipe submission. File this with your 4th of July cocktails. Plus, this cocktail bring Basil and muddled lime. - 107.018

Mojito With Cruzan

Mojito with Cruzan? Here's a recipe that shows you just how. It's minty and refreshing --Bridget shows us how easy it is, too. Ony on Mixology101.TV! You should try this Mojito with Cruzan cocktail recipe. - 102.318

The Cruzan Cocktail

MAKING 1. In a cocktail shaker, add ice cubes and pour Cruzan Pineapple, Cruzan Coconut, Orange juice and Licor 43. 2. Shake it well, using a strainer pour in a Collins glass filled with ice cubes, top it with Black Rum. SERVING 3. Serve the Cruzan Cocktail... - 97.9514

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Cruzan Gimlet

MAKING 1. In a shaker, mix all ingredients with ice and shake well. SERVING 2. Into a cocktail glass, strain drink. 3. Decorate with a slice of fresh fruit. - 29.1346

Lemon Chicken Cruzan

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F 2. Skin the chicken breasts. 3. Grease a baking sheet with oil. MAKING 3. In a bowl, combine the remaining ingredients and blend well. 4. Use a brush to glaze the chicken with this sauce. 5. Arrange the... - 43.5852

Flickering Redbull Lesbian

Catch the bull by its horn with this red bull cocktail. Just muddle together gin, tequila and a bit of cognac and you have a crazy shooter to heat up your senses. A great drink when you wish to impress the devil within you. Stream the video and get, set... - 97.7824

Spiced Rum

Mak e your own spiced rum. It's really easy to do. - 116.685

Toasted Marshmallow Shooter

This simple shooter packs in just two ingredients and tasted totally like the toasted marshmallow. A groggy mix of frangelico and coconut rum, this unique concoction pairs together two unlikely alcohol to form a tasty little shot. Stream the video recipe to... - 110.416

Fever K.o. Punch

Mix and pour over ice. For more information about Fever, visit - 18.3014

The Funkin Daiquiri Cocktail

Daiquiris are fun to make. Today in this video, Derrick is trying out a readymade strawberry made mixed with vodka. He likes the fresh taste and suggests combining with fruit for a party. This mix is commercially prepared by Funkin and the company has several... - 113.448

The Corn 'n Oil, A Falernum Syrup Cocktail

Sometimes a cocktail's main ingredient is sweeter, usually when its primary spirit is a bit overwhelming (like Cruzan Black Strap). Strange name, strange creation, sweet cocktail. - 104.015

Country Boy Blues Cocktail

Wondering how to make your mood light? Just try the amazing cocktail The Country Boy Blues which not only looks cool but would hit you right with its sweet flavorful taste. It’s a totally different drink with a mix of Sweet Sour Mix, UV Blue Raspberry... - 115.861

The Sublime Slime Cocktail

The Sublime Slime is a Halloween cocktail drink, made with sweet rum, egg white and cordial syrup and gets it freshness from mint sprinkled on top. - 38.6059

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