Crunchy Mexican Salad Recipes

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Tortilla Chip Salad

This salad is full of bold and delicious flavors. Although, typically, the chips are added to the salad, I do not like that they get soggy. Therefore, I serve the chips on the sides so everyone can mix it as they please. - 141.427

Mache Salad With Oranges And Avocado

Mache is also known as lamb lettuce, corn lettuce, Swiss lettuce and field lettuce. It is very delicate in taste and grows in little clusters with short stems. It goes wonderfully with avocados, mushrooms, sprouts and red onion. Go ahead and replace the honey... - 128.049

Mexican Salad By Tarla Dalal

This Mexican salad is a complete combination of spiciness, tanginess, crunchiness. It is a very quick salad and great to serve for parties. Worth a try! - 119.432

Classic Caesar Salad With Toasted Almonds

Robin and her 88 year old Mother-in-Law show you their family Caesar Salad recipe which has been enhanced with toasted almonds. This is a video to watch for all you suckers of family recipes and secrets. It is going to impress you a lot. - 112.984

Mexican Bhel - Fusion Salad

Have you ever tried making fusion bhel? Chef Bhavna uses beans for the curry and tortilas for the bhel. This is a very good combination as she uses Mexican sauces for the Indian bhel. Watch the video for the recipe as it has a different and amazing taste. - 102.35

Jicama Salad

Looking for a nice nutrition packed salad idea? Then take a look at this jicama salad recipe. Watch the video to see how the chef combines a couple of vegetables together with jicama and makes a great tasting salad. Very healthy solution for those on a raw... - 99.3708

Low Carb Layered Salad

Do you like including salads in your menu? Here's a must try recipe for you. Watch the chef share his personal favorite recipe to make this Low Carb Layered Salad. It is simple and full of flavor, try it today. - 93.0769

Mexican Sopes

Sopes pronounced "SOH-peh" are an amazing snack or light meal classified as antojitos ("little whims") in Spanish. Each geographical region has their own version of this south of the border dish originating in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Sopes are... - 57.9268

Pineapple Salad

A healthy salad with a fruit base that is truly different. A quick and easy stir fry provides the base for this sweet and sour pineapple salad. The Mexican delight is a treat fit for all occasions. Try this unique recipe and do let me know how it turned out... - 41.0391