Crockpot Turkey Stuffing Recipes

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Crockpot Cooking: Turkey And Stuffing Thanksgiving Casserole

With Thanksgiving just around the corner here in Canada, I thought I would share an easy and delicious crock pot meal that will give that Thanksgiving taste and flavor without all the fuss. It's the perfect meal for empty nesters, students, or people on their... - 119.243

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Stuffed Turkey Breast With Seasoned Dressing

GETTING READY 1) Bone the turkey breast and leaving the skin intact. 2) Cut a pocket around two-thirds through each side toward the center. Sprinkle each pocket with salt and pepper and keep them aside. MAKING 3) Take a skillet and add 1/2 cup of butter... - 45.6623

Turkey Stuffed With Spinach

Place the turkey between two sheets of thick plastic wrap and flatten, to 1/8 in (3 mm) thick by using a meat pounder or rolling pin. In a pan, melt the butter. Add the shallots, garlic powder and thyme, cook for 2 minutes. Add the spinach and cook for 5... - 40.6996

Stuffed Turkey Breast

Combine butter, onion, celery, croutons, bouillon, parsley, and poultry seasoning. Cut turkey breast in thick slices, from breastbone to rib cage, leaving slices attached to bone. Sprinkle turkey with salt and pepper. Soak cheesecloth in wine. Set turkey on... - 45.4945

Smoked Stuffed Turkey

MAKING 1)Rinse turkey with cold water and pat dry after removing giblets and neck.(Reserve for other uses, if desired). 2)Sprinkle cavity with salt. 3)Combine sugar and cinnamon and dredge apple in cinnamon-sugar mixture. 4)Stuff apple, onion, and celery into... - 46.7474

Pecan Turkey Stuffing

Boil the liver the day before the stuffing is made. Roll the toasted bread on a biscuit board, then sift through a colander into a large bowl, and add the butter, lard, salt, black pepper, celery seed, thyme, parsley, and grated nutmeg. Pour in a little... - 43.6074

Turkey Stuffed Pitas

GETTING READY 1. In a small mixing bowl, 2. Combine the marinade ingredients and mix well. 3. Using a sharp knife make 4 crisscross, 1/3-inch-deep cuts on both sides of the turkey breasts. Arrange in a shallow dish or tray. 4. Coat the turkey with the... - 46.7158

Roast Turkey Roll With Stuffing Balls

GETTING READY 1) Preheat the oven until it’s warmed up MAKING 2) Thaw the frozen turkey roll and bake it 3) In a large bowl, combine the ingredients except butter and make 1 ½-inch balls 4) Grease a shallow baking pan with butter and neatly arrange the... - 44.7855

Stuffed Turkey Roll

MAKING 1. Between two pieces of waxed paper, which have been sprinkled with flour, place the turkey breast and beat with a heavy bottle. 2. Mix all the ingredients, except the turkey breast, and spread over the breast. 3. Roll and skewer with wooden... - 41.3233

Tomatoes Stuffed With Turkey Salad

MAKING 1) Prepare the tomatoes by slicing them at the top, scooping the pulp out and emptying them to drain the juice 2) Mix the turkey, olives, mayonnaise, steak sauce and corn kernels and stuff the tomatoes 3) Dot the mixture with butter 4) Broil the... - 40.3941

Turkey Breast With Vegetable Stuffing

Trim fat from turkey breast; remove tendons. Place outer side of turkey breast on heavy-duty plastic wrap. Starting from center, slice horizontally through thickest portion of each side of breast almost to, but not through, outer edges. Flip cut pieces over... - 45.5779