Crispy Shredded Beef Recipes

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Crispy Shredded Beef

GETTING READY 1. To prepare the beef thinly cut into matchstick shreds. MAKING 2. In a bowl make a batter mixing eggs, salt and cornflour. 3. Coat the shredded beef with this batter mixing well. 4. In a deep fry pan deep-fry the beef in hot oil... - 43.4644

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Shredded Beef & Almonds In Lettuce Cups

Prepare Marinade. With a cleaver or other large sharp knife, slice beef across grain in thin slices. Stack several slices and cut in matchstick shreds about 2-inches long. Repeat with remaining slices. Combine Marinade and beef until beef is coated. Cover and... - 41.0698

Salsa Beef Biscuit Bake

Add this easy, cheesy, six-ingredient main dish to your weeknight meal plans. - 32.4691

Crispy Chimichangas

Cook chorizo, ground beef, onion, and green pepper in a large skillet over medium heat until browned, stirring until meat crumbles; drain. Stir in beans and next 3 ingredients. Wrap tortillas in aluminum foil; heat at 350° for 15 minutes. Working with 1... - 42.7118

Crispy Teriyaki Spring Rolls

Looking for interesting appetizers and snacks? Your search ends with Crispy teriyaki spring rolls. This recipe is one of the popular dishes from Chinese cuisine and has cooked vegetables rolled in a pastry and deep-fried. It can be served with a sauce or dip. - 107.327

Crispy, Cheesy Lasagna

Who does not like lasagna? And if you are a fan of one dish meal, then this Italian dish is just perfect. The meaty, cheesy lasagna can be made in so many ways but this one is really special. It comes from an experienced chef. - 123.278

Chinese Eggrolls With Meat And Vegetables

Chinese eggrolls make a wonderful party snack and are favorite with my family and friends. Since these eggrolls are stuffed with a meat and vegetable mixture they make a healthy snack. These crisp fried eggrolls taste amazing with eggroll sauce or salsa. Here... - 119.778

Chinese Spring Rolls

Spring Roll is a filled, rolled appetizer commonly eaten in many Asian countries. They are typically savory; and prepared with vegetables or minced chicken, lamb or beef meat. The ingredients are generally flavored with herbs and spices and the crispy texture... - 49.8388

Old Fashioned Beef And Vegetable Soup

MAKING 1) In a large saucepan or kettle, let the beef broth come to boil. 2) Add in the potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, tomatoes, salt and pepper. Let the mixture come to boil once more. 3) Turn down the flame and simmer covered for 20 minutes. 4) Add in... - 41.0299

Beef Sukiyaki

GETTING READY 1) Remove all the ecxess fat from the steak. Slice the beef into thin strip. If the steak is too hard to slice, freeze for 1 hour prior to slicing. MAKING 2) In a skillet, heat oil. Add in the strips of steak and saute for about 3 minutes until... - 45.2386

Beef With Lobster

MAKING 1. In a sauce pan add water and salt and boil the lobster tails in it. Drain them and cool until they become easy to handle. Remove the thick membrane by cutting underside the shell. Pull out the meat using fingers. Create thick slices by cutting the... - 42.4957