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Crispy foods are those that feel crispy when bitten into. It is brittle and creates a slightly crackling sound when bit, chewed or had. Crispiness is attributed to foods that are baked, fried and toasted normally. Crispy feel of the food indicates that the food is fresh and uncontaminated. Generally baked foods such as cookies and biscuits, fried foods such as chips and toasted food such as bread have a crisp feel when they are fresh and stored in sealed packets or airtight containers. Crispy feeling can also be associated with dry and hard foods such as dry fruits and nuts. Fried meats such as chicken and fish stay crisp when they are hot and within short intervals since they have been fried. Crisp recipes can also be made in a microwave or a conventional oven. Delicious crisp recipes are a great treat over tea during chill winters or monsoon showers. They can be excellent snacks to be carried over trips or during travel. Crisp food also tends to last longer. Popular crisp recipes include- potato chips, chocolate cookies, wafers, biscuits, toasted bread, roasted walnuts, vadams, papads, baked crisps, etc.



Popular Crisp Recipes/Foods

Apple Coconut Crisp is a great crisp apple and coconut side dish recipe. It is made by baking tart apples topped with a mixture of dried nuts, raisins and other ingredients. It is called crisp on account of the crisp toppings used in the recipe.

Kiwi Crisps are fabulous crisp recipes to make tea-time snacks by baking flattened balls of dough mixed with flour and other ingredients. The baked dish has crispy feel and hence the name crisp. Although the word kiwi is in the recipe name, there is no inclusion of the kiwi fruit in the recipe.

Pear Bacon Crisp is an interesting fruit and meat combination and among great crisp recipes. It is made by baking ripe pear slices along with seasonings and bacon slices. It is garnished with coconuts and served.

Cinnamon Crisps is an appetizing Indian crisp food recipe prepared and had as a snack. It is simple and easy to make and incorporates a few ingredients. It can be prepared in a microwave or a conventional oven.

Flawless fruit dessert is one of Canadian crisp recipes incorporating many fruits and other ingredients. Fruits can include- apples, pear, peach, strawberries, pineapple, papayas, dried fruits, etc. Fruits of one’s own choice may be chosen for the crisp food recipe either.