Creamy Cucumber Salad

Creamy cucumber salad refers to a very popular salad which is commonly made in most American and European households. Creamy cucumber salad is a very healthy dish and is good for frequent consumption. The dish is exceptionally unique in that it has sour cream and several other herbs holding together the very cool vegetable cucumber in it. An elegant dish, this dish is ideal for making during special occasions like parties and family get-togethers. This dish is also high on vitamins and is good for people on a diet and children.

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Top 10 Cucumber Dishes

Top 10 Cucumber Dishes	On : 06-Nov-2010 By : foodjunky

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Easy Creamy Coleslaw

Easy Creamy Coleslaw On : 10-Feb-2011 By : CuisineHOUzz

                    A Simple delicious Creamy Coleslaw is easy and simple and easy to make.It's a very good healthy dip salad love to see and also eat.This salad is good for the kids.It gives delicious company with Tandoori...

Health Benefits Of Cucumbers

Health Benefits Of Cucumbers On : 31-Jan-2011 By : colorfulcandies

Offlate we have been hearing lot about the health benefits of cucumbers . That is because nowadyas cucumber has become integral component of salads as well as sandwiches. Cucumber can be rightly said to be the mainstay of many of today’s lunches....

How To Store Cucumbers

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Read this blog to learn how to store cucumbers easily in refrigerator. Cucumbers are long cylindrical shaped fruits that are mostly used in salads. Grown between May and August, cucumbers are usually eaten raw. Moreover, you can also try making some...

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