Cream Scone

Cream scone is a popular European dish which is loved by people all around the globe. Cream scone is served across many restaurants around the world. A very well known breakfast dish, this dish can also be consumed for brunch or in the evenings. The main ingredients used to make this dish include heavy cream, flour, baking soda and sugar. Very popular with kids, this dish is commonly prepared for most children’s parties and Christmas. Cream scones are high on fats and calories and not suggested to diabetic people or people on a diet.

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How To Eat Scones?

How To Eat Scones? On : 01-Apr-2011 By : raj pallavi

  Eating scones has been most adorable breakfast tradition in UK and Scotland. It has now become hugely popular in Canada, USA, New Zea land, and other European countries due to its raving taste.  Scones are tasty...

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Scones

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Scones On : 18-Nov-2011 By : Gourmet_lover

Rich, dense scones are yummy equivalent to mouth-watering muffins, bagels, and toasts and just like this breakfast staples, come loaded with fats, calories, and sugar, making them a not-so-healthy-option for weightwatchers for sure. While a plain scone may...

Tips To Make Homemade Scones

Tips  To Make Homemade Scones On : 24-Feb-2012 By : Sweetcandy

You must have heard about scones -  a popular quick bread, mainly from Scotland, prepared using oatmeal, barley or wheat. These can be made at home in different shapes, sizes and flavor too. The main advantage of homemade scones is that these...

Gluten Free Scones Health Benefits

Gluten Free Scones Health Benefits On : 21-Oct-2011 By : thot4food

Scones are west European delicacies made with wheat, barley or oatmeal. Unfortunately, all these grains contain gluten making it impossible for you to eat  if you are allergic to the protein or intolerant to it on account of celiac disease. The gluten...

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