Cream Sandwich Spread Recipes

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Cream Cheese And Shrimp Sandwich Spread

MAKING 1) Combine together the cheese and shrimps. 2) Add seasoning to taste. SERVING 3) Serve immediately. - 25.6788

Mexican Cheese Sandwiches

Mexican Cheese Sandwiches makes the right pick as a quicky snack. I tried this last week and it was an instant hit. Kids love this just for the flavor of cheese and eggs. Just give this yummy Mexican Cheese Sandwiches a try. - 32.2285

Cooked Dressing For Sandwich Spread

GETTING READY 1. Prepare a double boiler. Place a saucepan filled with 3 inches of water over a medium-low flame and allow the water to simmer. 2. Fit a bowl into the saucepan such the base of the bowl does not come in direct contact with the simmering... - 43.2304

Cheese Sandwich Spread

Cheese Sandwich Spread has got a magic in making any sandwich yummy. This yummy spread combines the flavor of cream cheese and olives. Just give it a try, you will love this Cheese Sandwich Spread for sure. - 19.9661

Raw Cashew Cream For Raw Sandwiches

MAKING 1. In a blender, add cashew nuts, maple syrup and sea salt. Blend this mixture until well combined and creamy. 2. Take a sprouted grain bread slice, add and spread the cashew cream over the slice and top it with strawberries. SERVING 3. Serve this... - 99.8074

Cream Cheese And Watercress Spread

Cream all ingredients together until light and use as a sandwich spread. Especially good for dainty afternoon tea sandwiches. This recipe makes enough filling for 2-2 1/2 dozen tea sandwiches. - 28.2669

Cottage Cheese Pineapple Sandwiches

Cottage Cheese Pineapple Sandwiches - combines the flavor of juicy pineapples and the richness of cream cheese. I tried this Cottage Cheese Pineapple Sandwich last week for the weekend get-together and it was an instant hit. - 31.2494

Jellied Chicken Spread Sandwiches

GETTING READY 1.Start by chopping the chicken very finely, then keep pounding it to a paste adding salt and pepper MAKING 2.In a bowl, pour cold water and place the gelatin, let it soak, then add thick cream to it 3.In a pot, pour water and boil it, then... - 37.2714

Pineapple Cheese Sandwich Spread

Beat cream cheese until light and fluffy; stir in pineapple and pecans. Mix well; spread on sandwich bread. - 21.8459

Egg And Chive Sandwich Spread

MAKING 1) Along with the butter and milk, scramble the eggs and allow them to cool. 2) Add the chives and salad cream and stir well. 3) Season properly to taste. SERVING 4) Serve right away. - 32.7967

Super Bowl Sandwiches

Here is an awesome superbowl sandwich recipe to serve at your upcoming superbowl party. The chef here showcases instructions to make mouth watering sandwiches with heavy cream and veggies. Definitely a great crowd-pleasing dish and can easily be carried to... - 51.2963

Sandwich Spreads

MAKING 1. In a mixing bowl, combine all ingredients. Stir until well blended. 2. If the spread is too thick, thin out a bit by adding more sour cream or chutney. SERVING 3. Use the spread to make quick and healthy sandwiches for lunch. 4. Use brown bread... - 36.7062

Tutkey Sandwiches With Cranberry Walnut Spread

To make the cranberry-walnut spread: Spoon the cranberry sauce into a strainer set over a medium bowl. Press on the sauce with the back of a spoon until most of the juice is extracted (you should be left with about 1/2 cup sauce). Discard the juice and spoon... - 40.4912

Party Blue Cheese Spread

In small glass bowl, sprinkle unflavored gelatin over water. Heat at high2 1/2 to 3 minutes, or until gelatin is dissolved; stir twice. Add lemon juice; cool slightly. In medium bowl, blend cream cheese and milk until smooth; stir in blue cheese, sour cream,... - 39.0465

Cream Cheese Spread

This appetizingly filling cream cheese spread is deliciously flavored with orange. Spread it out on your favorite bread or sandwich it. - 21.1507

Pineapple Cheese Spread For Sandwiches

Beat cheese until light and fluffy. Stir in pineapple and pecans; mix well. - 23.3618

Vegetable Sandwich Spread

Put carrots, green pepper, lentils, celery and radishes through fine blade of meat grinder. Squeeze out excess moisture. Mix with cream cheese, salt, pepper and enough mayonnaise to make a spreadable mixture. Use on whole wheat bread or small rolls. - 28.5352

Benedictine Sandwich Spread

MAKING 1) Take a food processor and place the knife blade in position to the bowl. 2) Add the cucumber and onion and process it for 3-5 seconds. 3) Scrape the sides of the processor bowl with the aid of a rubber spatula after the processor is stopped. 4)... - 37.6845

Cheese Sandwich Spread

Boil milk, sugar and vinegar until quite thick. Add to other ingredients and chill. - 26.6756

Cucumber Sandwich Spread

1. Allow cream cheese to reach room temperature. 2. Place all ingredients in a blender and blend for 30 seconds. Check consistency (it should be creamy) and for lumps; if needed, scootch mixture around with wooden spoon (with blender off), and blend another... - 27.9515

Green Tomato Sandwich Spread

1 Wash and stem a pint of green tomatoes. Grind and drain. (If you don't have a grinder, whirl in the blender, or chop finely.) 2 Add two each red and green peppers (or four of either color if you prefer), seeded and ground, and 2 tablespoons salt. Let stand... - 33.4976

Cucumber Sandwich Spread

Grate cucumber; carefully press out moisture with paper towels. Mix all ingredients well, using enough mayonnaise to moisten so that filling will spread easily. Spread on bread. Refrigerate or freeze. - 34.5582

Cheese And Pickle Sandwich Spread

MAKING 1. In a large serving bowl, tip in all the ingredients and mix well. Chill till required SERVING 2. Serve the Cheese and Pickle spread on open sandwiches or with crackers as a dip - 22.9232

Sandwich Spread

Mix sugar, flour, eggs, salt, cheese, mustard and butter. Cook in top of double boiler until cheese is melted. Cool. Add cream, vinegar, olives and pimento. Cook until thick. - 34.405

Shrimp Canape Or Sandwich Spread

MAKING 1 In a bowl, combine all the ingredients. 2 Mix in the other seasonings like, garlic, dill, curry powder, chili powder etc if desired. 3 You can also choose to add chopped almonds or olives. SERVING 4 Spread on crisp crackers or toast triangles... - 33.5177

Cottage Cheese Sandwich Spread

MAKING 1) In a bowl, beat cottage cheese until smooth with a hand blender. 2) Add celery, carrot, onion and dill-weed and mix well until blended. SERVING 3) Use cottage cheese sandwich spread for making after school or breakfast sandwiches. - 31.7352

Delicious Nutty Cheese Sandwiches

Delicious Nutty Cheese Sandwiches is the favorite of the kids at home. It is indeed the creamy, nutty and juicy flavor of this Delicious Nutty Cheese Sandwich which it yummier. Try this easy Delicious Nutty Cheese Sandwiches! - 30.7434

Pimiento Cheese Spread

Combine all ingredients except bread; mix well. Spread on 8 slices bread. Top with remaining slices. Serve cold or butter outside of sandwiches and broil until cheese melts. Makes 8 servings. - 35.2445

Hearty Roast Beef Sandwiches

Hearty Roast Beef Sandwiches is a baked sandwich. Hearty Roast Beef Sandwiches gets its desired taste from red meat mixed with sour cream and cheese flavored with mustard. Hearty Roast Beef Sandwiches is inspired by many food joints across the world. - 39.2057

Blue Cheese Spread

Combine all ingredients except bread. Mix well Makes 6 servings. - 29.7522

Snickers Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

This Ice Cream Sandwich cake is starting to become my favorite go to summer dessert. Kids and adults love this stuff!! It's so easy to make you can remember all of the ingredients and steps the first time you make it. There is no end to the ways you can... - 121.751

Open Face Cheese Radish Sandwich

Combine cheese, sour cream, and chives in a small bowl; mix well. Spread mixture on each slice of toast. Sprinkle radishes over cheese surface. Wreath each sandwich with watercress. - 29.4365

Flower Buffet Sandwich

Prepare spreads and Egg Salad. Refrigerate at least 2 hours or overnight. Cut bread in 4 slices horizontally. Cut top slice into a daisy with 5 petals. Set daisy shape aside. Using a round 8-inch pan as a guide, cut crusts from remaining slices. Peel avocado;... - 43.9023

Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches

Cut ice cream in 4 slices to fit waffles. Spread frozen waffles with frosting. Place an ice cream slice between 2 waffles, frosting side to the inside. Or, make open face sandwiches (use 1 waffle for each slice of ice cream) and serve with a sweet... - 25.384

Toasted Chili Con Carne Sandwich With Cream Cheese

Wondering what to do with your leftover chili con carne from your last party? Simple, toss them together to create a lip-smacking toasted cream cheese sandwich. Delectable and easy to make, this lip-smacking treat is a great way to stuff yourself on hungry... - 89.4358

Peanut Butter And Banana Sandwiches

MAKING 1.In a bowl, mix the peanut butter with the cream until it is smooth and light in color 2.In another bowl, combine the banana pulp with a little lemon juice 3.Apply peanut butter cream over thin slices of bread 4.Place the banana slices over peanut... - 30.9765

Peanut Apple Butter Sandwich

MAKING 1. Taking a mixing bowl and blend the cream cheese, raisins and peanut butter together. 2. Take a slice of bread and spread the mixture of peanut butter on it. 3. Place the apple butter on top and cover with the other slice of bread. SERVING 4.... - 34.225

Cream Cheese And Olive Spread

Beat all ingredients with a fork until creamy, cover, and chill 2-3 hours. Let stand at room temperature 15-20 minutes and use as a spread for any bread. About 355 calories per sandwich (2 slices white bread, no butter or mayonnaise). - 27.1345

Cream Cheese And Strawberry Heart Sandwiches

Want to know of a sweet tea time sandwich that not only tastes nice but also looks very appealing? Then this video is just the thing for you. Watch to know more! For a romantic tea for two, these heart sandwiches are just perfect! - 111.794

Cucumber Sandwiches

Assemble Salad Maker with Shredder Disc and large bowl. Process cucumber. Change disc to Thin Slicer Disc and process onion. Assemble Mixer. Mix cream cheese, mayonnaise, salt, and pepper with cucumber and onion at MEDIUM-LOW until well mixed. Chill. Spread... - 38.7095

Luscious Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich Cake Dessert

Chocolate ice cream tastes like no other. Here's a good way to cheat and turn shop-bought ice cream into something special. Betty demonstrates how to make a scrumptious chocolate ice cream sandwich cake using ice cream sandwich bars, Oreo cookie chunks, hot... - 101.709

Cream And Curried Chicken Tea Sandwiches

Tired of the mainstream tea sandwiches? Then watch this video and learn to make yummy sandwiches that are very different from the conventional preparations. You will definitely love this! - 111.469

Strawberry 'n' Cream Sandwich

Stir cheese, preserves and wheat germ together. Spread on bread slice. Top with remaining bread. Cut in half or quarters - 29.2619

The Chef's Kitchen - Party Platters

Cooking tips and techniques from the nation's finest chefs. Chef Walter Staib of City Tavern uses Dietz and Watson items to make party platters. - 98.2296

Salmon Cucumber Sandwich

1 Usinga food processororan electric mixer at medium speed, beat the cheese, yogurt, and lemon juice for 1 minute or until smooth. In a medium-size bowl, flake the salmon, then add the cheese mixture, onion, and dill weed and mix well. Place half the... - 32.5324

Ice Cream Sandwiches

1. Spread bottom of one biscuit with ice cream. 2. Top with second biscuit. 3. Place on freezerproof dish. Freeze until ice cream is hard. - 23.4572

Betty's Deviled Ham-cream Cheese Finger Sandwiches

Watch this excellent video that presents a recipe to make some amazing deviled ham and chive cream cheese finger sandwiches. Join Betty in her kitchen as she prepares these elegant and appetizing sandwiches using rye bread. Check it out... - 107.46

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Line 13x9x2 inch pan with aluminum foil. Arrange 16 graham crackers on foil, cutting about 6 of the squares to completely cover foil. Mix milk and cornstarch in large bowl; stir in frosting and whipping cream. Beat on medium speed, scraping bowl constantly, 2... - 41.3397

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwiches

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwiches ! Every time I bite into these cookie sandwiches, stuffed with irresistible vanilla ice cream between adequate peanut butter, I thank God for this divine treat ! After all, I am one of the lucky few who got to... - 35.9945

Healthy Ice Cream Sandwiches (strawberry Banana)

With just 3 ingredients, these healthy strawberry banana ice cream sandwiches makes a great guilt-free snack or dessert. I don't know about you but I'm always looking for healthy desserts that taste great. Sadly I don't come across many of them but these... - 127.63

Stuffed Steak Sandwiches

Score steaks diagonally on both sides. Use tenderizer according to directions. Spread one side of steaks with horseradish. Combine onion, celery, butter, and seasoned salt; spread on steaks. Roll up as for jelly roll. Fasten with skewers and tie with... - 41.7055

Betty's Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Sandwich Cookie

Transform simple crackers into delicious cookies in a few simple steps with this video. Take a look at this video that demonstrates a wonderful recipe in a super simple manner. Give it a try and impress your guests with a unique heart warming snack. Check it... - 120.91

Ham And Anchovy Sandwiches

Ham And Anchovy Sandwiches is a healthy brew and well liked by kids. I often try this not only because of the easeness in preparing it, but also for the yummy taste. Just give this ham and anchovy sandwich a try. - 25.2843

The Best Cucumber Spread

The Best Cucumber Spread is indeed a heavenly mix. The cucumber spread is rich with the flavor of mayonnaise and cucumber and when preserved refrigerated you can use it for 7 - 10 days. Be it for sandwiches or for french breads, this best cucumber spread is... - 46.8247

Double Cream And Jam Victoria Sandwich

GETTING READY 1) Preheat the oven to 375°F. 2) Line two 8 inch layered cake pans with non-stick parchment paper. MAKING 3) In a bowl, add in the butter and sugar. Beat till it becomes light and fluffy. Beat in the eggs one by one. 4) In a bowl, sift... - 45.6316

Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert

Line an 11x13 inch baking dish with the ice cream sandwiches, placing 2 sandwiches parallel to the 11 inch side and the rest perpendicular to that side. Spread the entire jar of fudge sauce over the sandwiches. Cover with half the whipped topping and sprinkle... - 25.9299

Betty's Pimiento Cream Cheese Finger Sandwich

In this video, Betty makes a terrific pimiento cheese finger sandwich on wheat bread, using cream cheese. It's great for parties and receptions, or just a casual lunch. It's pretty, and it tastes great! - 104.003

Better Than Lox And Cream Cheese Sandwich

MAKING 1) Spread Cream Cheese on one side of the 4 bread slices. 2) In a bowl, combine tofu, salmon, celery, onions. Spread this over two slices of the bread and put aside. 3) Arrange tomato slices on the remaining two slices and sprinkle the alfalfa sprouts... - 36.7611

Cream Cheese Mimosa Tea Sandwiches

1 Using an oval-shaped cookie or sandwich cutter (2 inches long), cut 2 ovals from each slice of bread. 2 Spread each slice with the softened cream cheese; sprinkle tops with sieved egg yojk. Top each with an olive slice. - 18.9046

Cream Cheese Date Nut Sandwich

1 Beat honey into softened cream cheese. 2 Add chopped dates and walnuts; mix well. 3 Spread thickly on slices of raisin bread; serve with wedges of apple. Garnish with mint if you wish. - 27.4866

Lemon Sandwiches

I was just trying out sandwich varieties and accidentally bumped into the Lemon Sandwiches recipe. The recipe of lemon sandwiches seemed simple, however the final output was delicious. I tried this once, twice, thrice…don’t know how many times! - 36.4076

Caramel Milk Spread

MAKING 1) Allow the unopened tin of milk to boil for 2 hours. 2) Open the tin on cooling. 3) Mix in rest of the ingredients and beat well to a smooth caramel cream. SERVING 4) Serve with fruit bread and Victoria sandwich. - 28.8053

Rosy Cheese Spread

MAKING 1. In the blender bowl of a large mixer, tip in the cream cheese with chutney or ketchup and blend using more or less of the amount according to taste. Use a little sweet or soured cream to thin down the mix SERVING 2. Use as a dip or a sandwich... - 22.934

Merry Melba Go Rounds

Merry Melba Go Rounds exploits the richness of cream cheese and ripe olives. This is a pretty easy recipe and wont take much of your time for the preparation part. Just give this creamy Merry Melba Go Rounds a try. - 27.1437

Smoked Salmon Sandwiches

Mix together until blended the cream cheese and lemon juice. Spread cream cheese over pumpernickel bread. Arrange half the cucumber slices on each sandwich and top with equal amounts of the smoked salmon. Garnish salmon with chopped green onion. - 32.4781

Open Faced Crab And Tomato Sandwiches

Open Faced Crab And Tomato Sandwiches has two dimensional tastes. The seafood with vegetable gives the Open Faced Crab And Tomato Sandwiches a mouth watering taste. Open Faced Crab And Tomato Sandwiches is love by many across the world. - 36.6082

Adult Pizza Spread

Warmed goat cheese surrounded by a sea of marinara sauce just awaiting the toasted bread. - 105.347

Peanut Cream Sandwich Cookies

MAKING 1. In a small bowl, blend the peanut butter with the yoghurt 2. Carefully split the graham cracker in to two pieces 3. Spread 1/8th of the peanut butter mixture on top of the 8 graham cracker halves. 4. Top with the rest of the cracker halves 5. Spread... - 35.1274

Peanut Butter And Cream Cheese Sandwiches

In a small mixing bowl stir together cream cheese, milk, and Worcestershire sauce till smooth. Stir in celery, carrot, sesame seed, and oregano. Spread 1 side of each slice of bread lightly with butter or margarine. Spread cream cheese mixture on the buttered... - 44.5219

Date And Nut Cream Cheese Tea Sandwiches

MAKING 1) In a small bowl, mix the cream cheese, dates, walnuts and carrot together. 2) Spread 1/2 teaspoon butter on one side of each bread slice. 3) Spread 1 tablespoon of cream cheese mixture over the buttered side of 8 bread slices. 4) Cover with rest... - 34.3605

Curried Cream Cheese Sandwich Filling

Mash ingredients together and spread on 4 slices bread. Cover with additional slices. - 26.4078

Apple Cream Cheese Sandwiches

1. In a mixing bowl, toss the apple slices with the lemon juice, and set aside. 2. Mix the cream cheese with the honey in a small bowl, and spread the mixture on 4 slices of the bread. Drain the apples, and place them on the cream cheese. Top with the... - 26.3219

Cranberry Cream Cheese Sandwiches

Spread the bread with the cream cheese. Top 4 of the slices with the walnuts and cranberry sauce and the remaining bread. - 24.803

Cream Cheese Carrot And Raisin Sandwiches

MAKING 1. Prepare a mixture of cream cheese, raisins, lemon rind, chili sauce, carrot, and stuffed olives. 2. Divide into 4 equal portions, spread across 4 of the slices, and cover with rest of the bread slices. SERVING 3. Serve Cream Cheese Carrot and... - 35.6846

Cream Cheese Cherry And Pineapple Sandwiches

MAKING 1. Spread about 2 tablespoon mixture of cheese and cherries in 4 bread slices. 2. Cover with 4 slices and top with a pineapple slices 3. Arrange rest of the 4 slices atop this and secure with toothpicks. SERVING 4. Cut into 4 triangles each and... - 31.5454

Butter Cream Sandwich Fingers

For preparing the yeast dough, stir a pinch of sugar into warm milk and sprinkle with yeast. Let stand 5 minutes or until the surface is frothy. Stir gently to moisten any dry particles remaining on top. Sift flour and 1/4 cup (50 g) sugar into a large... - 45.9034

Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwiches

GETTING READY 1. Preheat oven to 350 Degrees Fahrenheit. 2. Grease the bottom of a 15 1/2X101/2X1 inch jelly-roll pan lightly. 3. Using a sieve, sift together flour, baking powder, soda and salt; keep aside. MAKING 4. In a large bowl, beat butter with... - 47.4232

Ice Cream Sandwiches

In large bowl of an electric mixer, beat together the 3/4 cup shortening, brown sugar, and granu lated sugar until creamy. Beat in egg, water, and vanilla until well combined. In another bowl, stir together flour, salt, and baking soda; gradually add to sugar... - 38.3553

Chocolate Cream Sandwiches

GETTING READY 1) Pre-heat the oven by setting the temperature to 350°F (180°C). MAKING 2) Take a bowl and sift the flour along with the salt. 3) Take a bowl, mix the sugar, and butter creaming them until fluffy and light. 4) Add the egg with vanilla to... - 49.8674

Cream Cheese Raisin Sandwich Filling

MAKING 1. Take a bowl, add raisins, add water enough to cover the raisins and allow to soak for half an hour. Discard the liquid. 2. Blend milk and cream cheese to a soft mixture. Stir in raisins and mix thoroughly. SERVING 3. Spread between bread or toast... - 32.6184

Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies- Heart Sandwich Cookies

We love cream cheese and these cream cheese sugar cookies are something that are meant to be treasured. They are remarably easy to make and just as alluring to look at. Try these great cookies as a snack or as colorful desserts. - 115.524

Peppermint Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches

1. Stir together ice cream and peppermint extract in a large bowl. Cover and freeze 30 minutes. 2. Spread about 2 tablespoons ice cream mixture onto 1 chocolate wafer; top with another wafer. Place filled sandwich on a jelly roll pan lined with wax paper.... - 22.788

Meringue Ice Cream Sandwiches

1. Preheat oven to 225°. Line 2 large baking sheets with parchment paper or aluminum foil. 2. In large bowl, with electric mixer on medium speed, beat egg whites and salt, until foamy. Gradually beat in 6 tablespoons sugar, 1 tablespoon at a time, until... - 28.7043

Key Lime Ice Cream Sandwich With Marmalade

NOTE: Key limes are smaller, rounder, and brighter than classic (Persian) limes. They are also tarter, with thinner rinds that yield big flavor and less bitter pith. For the Key lime ice cream: Mix the ice cream, lime zest, and juice in a bowl. Cover and... - 35.1828

Brownie Lce Cream Sandwiches With Caramel Sauce

In a heatproof bowl set over a pan of simmering water melt the chocolate and the butter, stirring until the mixture is smooth, and let the mixture cool. Beat in the egg, the brown sugar, and the vanilla and stir in the flour, the cinnamon, and the... - 33.4892

Date Carrot Spread

Grind together or finely chop in blender or food processor the diced carrots and chopped dates. Add orange juice and orange peel. Mix well. Cover and store in refrigerator. Spread on buttered toast or thinly sliced dark nut bread, with cream cheese, if you... - 31.253

Creamy Chicken Spread

Place all ingredients in a food processor; process until coarsely chopped. Use as a sandwich spread or serve on crackers. - 27.2615

Cucumber Sandwiches

Cucumber Sandwiches is a mouth watering side disk recipe. An easy to prepare sandwich recipe wont let you forget its taste forever. So, give it a try and squander its taste! - 33.0497

Exotic Cheese Liver Spread

Exotic Cheese Liver Spread is yum with hot rolls, crackers, sandwiches and chips. You can choose the liver of your choice for the recipe. Check out the recipe for Exotic Cheese Liver Spread. - 35.8296

Betty's Country Ham Salad Spread

In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make Country Ham Salad Spread. This is a terrific appetizer to serve on New year's Eve or New Year's Day. It is festive and *so* easy! - 102.362

Raisin And Mint Sandwiches

Cream the cheese, add celery, mint leaves, cream to moisten. Spread between buttered bread. Trim crusts and cut in fingers. - 19.8014

Chicken Giblet And Egg Sandwiches

Boil the giblets in salted water until tender. Put them together with the hard-cooked egg through a meat chopper. Add the seasonings and cream; spread between buttered slices of rye bread. - 30.0765

Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

Place the cucumber slices in a colander set in the sink. Pour the vinegar and 2 teaspoons of the salt over them. Drain for at least 20 minutes, then remove the cucumber slices from the colander and pat dry. In the bowl of a food processor fitted with the... - 48.3352

Blue Cheese Spread

This Blue Cheese Spread is truly exceptional ! Try this garlic flavored cream and blue cheese blend on your toasts, sandwiches, buns etc. Your suggestions for this Blue Cheese Spread are eagerly awaited ! - 27.9217

Walnut And Watercress Sandwiches

Combine the watercress, walnuts, cream cheese, salt and eggs in a mixing bowl. Blend well and correct seasonings. Butter the bread and spread six of the slices with the filling. Cover with remaining bread slices. - 31.7612

Ribbon Sandwiches

Cut two slices each of graham and white bread at least half an inch thick. Spread liberally with butter. Lay alternate narrow strips of red and green sweet pepper on each slice. Press the slices firmly together, alternating the graham and white slices. Trim... - 32.0313

Peanut Butter-fruit Sandwiches

Grind figs and raisins together; add salt, peanut butter, lemon juice and corn syrup. Mix well. Spread between bread slices. - 30.1476

Classic Club Sandwiches

Classy Club Sandwiches is world famous sandwich. If you like lots of cheeses mixed with meat sandwich then try this Classy Club Sandwiches sandwich, you will just adore it. - 37.4501

Open Cheese Sandwiches

Cream the cheese, add the egg and seasonings and spread on the bread which should be cut about 1/2 in. thick. Place a slice of bacon on each round and bake a few min. in a quick oven of 450° F. till the bacon is done. Serve with a green salad. - 31.2912

Tuna Salad Sandwiches

Tuna salad sandwiches are filling and nutrtious sandwiches made with canned tuna served between bread. A non-cooked sandwich this tuna salad sandwich is prepared along with sweet pickle, sour cream, and butter for more flavor. Simply assembled, this sandwich... - 39.7016