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Penne Pasta With Sun-dried Tomato Cream Sauce

Lynn demonstrates how to make a simple pasta dish, Penne Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomato Cream Sauce that is great for dinner. You can add roasted chicken, if desired. - 111.089

Penne With Shrimp And Vegetables In Gorgonzola Cream Sauce

MAKING 1. Place skillet over medium high heat for a minute. Pour olive oil and spread it all around. 2. Spread shrimp in skillet, keeping in mind that they do not touch each other. Cook for 1 minute until they are caramelized. Then toss and cook for 3... - 108.236

Penne With Soju Cream Sauce

A former ESL teacher from Chuncheon, South Korea, creates another East meets West pasta dish, this time drawing inspiration from Italy, Russia and Korea. This is a Koreafornian adaptation of Penne ala Vodka, replacing vodka with soju for a Korean kick. - 98.9862

Penne Pasta With Cherry Tomato And Cream Sauce

Here is an excellent recipe to help you make a classic Italian dish, just like the one you get in restaurants. The chef here has showcased ideas to make Penne pasta with cherry tomato and cream sauce. Though a great recipe, but the chef misses on explaining... - 98.5995

Penne With Vodka And A Spicy Cream Sauce

If you dig for something light and flavorful for your dinner, the penne pasta cooked with vodka and a light creamy sauce would wholly appease you. Homemade sauce lends this penne pasta a fabulous flavor while vodka kicks up its tace two-fold. So sumptuous... - 81.3669

Penne In Orange Bell Pepper Cream Sauce

Cream gives this sauce a silky consistency, and the vibrant yellow and red bell peppers give it it's warm orange color. The fresh basil compliments the bell peppers making a great sauce for penne pasta. brought to you by Mestolando, - 15.7291

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