Cream Chicken

Cream chicken is a delicious non-vegetarian dish which is consumed all over the world. Cream chicken is believed to have originated in America, but it is more commonly prepared in European countries. Very easy to make, this dish is mostly consumed as a side along with noodles or rice. The main ingredients used to make this dish include chicken, heavy cream, sour cream, onions and plenty of seasonings. Often pepper and oregano is used to garnish this yummy side dish. The dish is best consumed when it is steaming hot. It is mostly prepared on a stove and is prepared very commonly during winter time. Cream chicken is characterized by a smooth creamy texture and tender chicken pieces. This being a very elegant side dish, it is often served during special occasions like parties or festivals. This dish is also commonly made during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Cream chicken is also very commonly consumed in Eastern and Asian countries. Though the dish is high on nutrients like fibre and proteins, it is also very high on fats and calories. This dish is not suggested to people on a diet to lose weight.

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