Crawfish Boil

Crawfish boil is a delicious main dish believed to have originated in America. Crawfish boil is essentially prepared during Lent which is just after Mardi gras. A very popular dish, this dish is an integral part of the American holiday season. Very popular among kids, this dish is also one of the oldest American dishes. The main ingredients used to make Crawfish boil are crabs, potatoes, corn, Cajun smoked sausage and onions. Often lemons are added to this dish to make it even more sumptuous.

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Enjoy The Seafood With Louisiana Crawfish Festival

Enjoy The Seafood With Louisiana Crawfish Festival On : 25-Mar-2011 By : Antioxidant

The Louisiana Crawfish Festival  is a tradition that has been organized annually since 1975 in the lovely, historical St. Bernard Parish in Louisiana. Louisiana is famous for its bayous, seafood, Cajun food and the blues music. St. Bernard Parish...

How To Eat A Crawfish

How To Eat A Crawfish On : 12-Aug-2010 By : passionIfoodie

Eating crawfish is a delight! Do you want to know how to eat a crawfish ? Well, it’s not that hard trust me! Here’s how to eat a crawfish Things needed for eating crawfish Crayfish Metal claw cracker or knife (optional) How to Eat a...

Great Food Events In April

On : 04-Apr-2008 By : The Tortilla Guy

April 1-3, 2008  International Pizza Expo Las Vegas, Nevada April 1-3, 2008  Prodtech and Foodpack St. Petersburg, Russia Prodtech: Int’l Exhibition for Food Processing & Packaging Technology Foodpack: Int’l...

Cajun Spice

Cajun Spice On : 23-Oct-2008 By : ADITYA SAHOO

There are many Cajun seasoning blends on the market today, all with their own distinct characteristics. Most are boldly flavored and sassy and representative of Cajun cooking in general. A Cajun seasoning blend might include garlic, onion, cayenne pepper,...

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