Crawfish, also sometimes referred to as Crayfish or Crawdads, is a popular seafood variety, with only a small portion of the edible
body. A large variety of dishes are prepared by Crawfish such as; crawfish étouffée, crawfish pie, crawfish dressing, crawfish bread, and crawfish beignets. A variety of methods are used for preparing crawfish dishes, but boiling is most commonly used method. Crawfish is boiled alongwith heavy seasoning (salt, cayenne pepper, lemon, garlic, bay leaves, etc) and other items such as potatoes, maize, onions, garlic, and sausage.

Crawfish Blogs

Enjoy The Seafood With Louisiana Crawfish Festival

Enjoy The Seafood With Louisiana Crawfish Festival On : 25-Mar-2011 By : Antioxidant

The Louisiana Crawfish Festival  is a tradition that has been organized annually since 1975 in the lovely, historical St. Bernard Parish in Louisiana. Louisiana is famous for its bayous, seafood, Cajun food and the blues music. St. Bernard Parish...

How To Eat Crawfish

How To Eat Crawfish On : 29-Apr-2011 By : foodbuff

  All people who have never had the pleasure of tasting the delightful Crawfish are missing on the real taste of seafood. However, this delicious mud-based delicacy is extremely messy and hard to eat. So, it is very important...

How To Eat A Crawfish

How To Eat A Crawfish On : 12-Aug-2010 By : passionIfoodie

Eating crawfish is a delight! Do you want to know how to eat a crawfish ? Well, it’s not that hard trust me! Here’s how to eat a crawfish Things needed for eating crawfish Crayfish Metal claw cracker or knife (optional) How to Eat a...

Creole Appetizer Ideas

Creole Appetizer Ideas On : 27-Jul-2011 By : healthy_food

Appetizers are always the center of attraction at any party. If you are planning to throw some party for your friends anytime soon, then you must already be thinking about what to make for appetizers. This write up contains many great Creole appetizer ideas...