Cranberry Jello Relish Recipes

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Holiday Special Cranberry-orange Relish Mold

Looking for a delicious, classic condiment to amp up your Thanksgiving table ? Try this zesty, fruity dip. In this video, Betty explains how to make the delicious cranberry-orange relish mold. The gorgeous combo of cranberry sauce, mandarin oranges, and... - 91.0524

Betty's Festive Cranberry - Orange Relish Molded Salad

In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make her lovely Festive Cranberry-Orange Relish Molded Salad. Its a gorgeous combination of whole cranberry sauce, mandarin oranges, and cherry Jello, molded and garnished for the holiday season. - 111.232

Cranberry Ring

First Layer: Dissolve strawberry jello in hot water (1% cups); add cranberry sauce and pour into a 6 1/2 cup jello mold. Chill until firm. Second Layer: Drain pineapple (reserve syrup). Dissolve lemon jello in boiling water (1 cup). Add marshmallows & stir... - 45.7413

Cranberry-fruit Salad

Cranberry fruit salad is a salad made with gelatin while traditionally it is made using jello. This salad is made mostly for the festivals like Christmas or Thanksgiving. It goes with most of the dishes made on these occasions. - 43.6911