Crab Shrimp Quiche Recipes

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Crab & Shrimp Quiche

Place rack in lowest position in oven; preheat oven to 425°F. Cut 4 slices cheese food into pieces. In large bowl, toss cheese food pieces, onion and pimiento with flour. Add remaining ingredients except pastry shell and cheese food slices. Pour into pastry... - 43.5239

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Seafood Quiche Lorraine

Sift flour into a bowl. Cut in butter with a knife or pastry blender until mixture looks mealy. Make a hole in the center and pour the water and cream into it. Work the pastry with a spoon until it can be formed into a ball. Chill thoroughly. Roll out to fit... - 39.9745

Seafood Quiche In Deep Dish 9 Inch Pastry

GETTING READY 1) Allow the pasty shell to thaw 2) Preheat the oven to 375 F MAKING 3) Into a bowl, add the lemon juice and toss the cooked shrimp into it 4) Into another bowl, crack the eggs and beat well 5) Add in half the cornstarch, salt, dill weed and... - 48.8367

Impossible Quiche

Place all ingredients except cheese and meat in blender and mix for a few seconds to blend well. Pour into greased 9 inch pie pan. Sprinkle cheese and meat over top and push gently below the surface with back of spoon. Pie pan will be full to the rim. Bake at... - 35.6968