Crab Omelette

Crab omelette is one of the most commonly made seafood omelette consists of fried egg combined wit crab meat. Crab meat is either used in fresh form or leftover crabmeat can be included to make this hearty dish. The soft meat of crab combines extremely well with the egg and even produces a delicate sweet flavor while cooking.

There are several crab omelette recipes prevailing in different cuisines. Asian oriental cuisine, Swiss cuisine and Cajun cuisines are the commonly mentioned cuisines that make good use of crabmeat in making omelette dishes. Some of the best crab omelette recipes are crab and spring omelette, Swiss crab omelette and blue swimmer crab omelette.


Crab Omelette Recipe Overview

Quite often, crab meat  is left unused after making the crab cakes or various other crab dishes. The leftover crab meat is the best option for making crab omelette the following day. The crab meat used for making the omelette may be of a number of varieties. Most commonly used species are ‘blue swimmer’ and ‘Dungeness’. However, other crab species may also be utilized for making omelettes and other seafood dishes.


Crab meat is generally available fresh at fishmongers. It is very necessary to check the grade of the crab meat. ‘Handpicked’ and ‘machine processed’ are the two common grades for edible crab meat. Handpicked crab meat is the best choice as it is unadulterated and imparts a good seafood flavor, whereas machine processed crab meat is blown out from the shell by using air and water through machines. This process highly affects the natural flavor of the crab meat.


In addition to crab meat, other ingredients that are used are shredded ginger, spring onion, chopped green chili, shredded cheese and heavy whipping cream. Crab omelette is also flavored with spices and herbs such as black pepper, salt, oregano, parsley, chive, celery and thyme which increase satiety.


To start with the preparation of crab omelette, the crab meat is combined with seasonings, herbs and often with cheese. The egg is beaten in a separate bowl until fluffy. Light and airy egg mixture can also be made with the addition of little milk while beating. Salt and pepper are added to season the egg mixture. A non-stick skillet is used in order to avoid the sticking of egg while frying. The egg mixture is poured in the hot skillet containing butter or oil. The egg is allowed to cook from one side and crab meat mixture is spread evenly on the top of the omelette while the top is still moist and uncooked. The omelette is flipped in the skillet in order to cook it from the other side as well. As soon as the omelette is cooked from both the sides it can be served either folded or as flat omelette. Flat omelette can be served with extra cheese on the top and for folded omelette the egg is folded with little cream and cheese stuffing.


Serving and Eating of Crab Omelette

This delicious and healthy omelette is a nice and filling breakfast dish. It is generally served with toasted bread and a light salad. This omelette is quite often found in light lunch and dinner meals in various cuisines.


Nutritional Value of Crab Omelette Recipe

White crab meat is generally high in protein and low in calories, whereas brown meat has high cholesterol and it is rich in Omega-3 acids. The combination of protein packed crab meat and egg makes an extremely healthy omelette.


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