Crab Bisque

Crab bisque is a creamy and delicious dish that is made using crab legs, clam juice and vegetables. All that needs to be done is to cook these ingredients together till they are done and Crab bisque is ready to be served. This dish originated in Europe but has gone on to become popular all over the world due to its unique taste and flavor. Crab bisque is primarily served prior to lunch or dinner as an appetizer as it goes well with a variety of food items from various cuisines. Sometimes, Crab bisque may also be served as a snack in between meals as it is rich and filling. The process of making this dish is best left to experts with years of experience.

Crab Bisque Blogs

Crab By Any Name Is Good!

Crab By Any Name Is Good! On : 23-Sep-2007 By : shantihhh

Crab is always a favourite speial meal in our house.  We are fortunate to have seasonally our local fresh Dungness crab which is sweet and meaty.  The average crab weighs around 2# and I try to buy the 2 1/4# to 2 1/2# large ones.   We make...

10 Easy Crab Starters

10 Easy Crab Starters On : 21-Jul-2011 By : nithya

  Start your meal off with fresh seafood flavor by choosing crab starters . Ifood presents before you a good collection of this seafood starter. Read to know more…   Top 10 Easy Crab Starters   ...

Valentine's Day Dinner Menu

Valentine's Day Dinner Menu On : 14-Feb-2008 By : Ganesh Dutta

Here I am posting a Delicious Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu. This menu is definitely going to win your Valentine’s heart. So try this menu and make your Valentine’s Day evening special.       Delicious Valentine's Day Dinner...

Shellfish Stock And Fish Stock

On : 07-Mar-2007 By : Vibs

SHELLFISH STOCK This is often used as a base for Bisques and shellfish Consomnes.Whenever you cook crab, lobster, or shrimps you can reserve the shells and use them for this stock.     FISH STOCK ...

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