Cottage Cheese Cucumber Recipes

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Cottage Cheese On Cucumber Slices

Wash the cucumbers thoroughly in warm water to remove the wax coating. Dry and cut into slices about 1/4-inch thick. Arrange on a platter and sprinkle with the salt. Wash, dry and dice the zucchini. Score a cross in the round end of the tomatoes, set them in... - 42.3029

Cottage Cheese Cucumber Filling

MAKING 1. Mix all the ingredients to blend well. SERVING 2. Spread between bread layers and serve. - 29.6094

Cottage Cheese Cucumber Mixture

MAKING 1. Mix all the ingredients and blend thoroughly. SERVING 2. Spread on bread slices, top with minced chives and serve. - 29.2452

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Cottage Cheese-cucumber Spread

Cottage Cheese-Cucumber Spread is an amazingly delicious recipe version. An easy to make recipe, you will simply find this Cottage Cheese-Cucumber Spread both mouth-watering and amazingly tempting. - 22.6003

Cottage Cheese-cucumber Mixture

Try out this soothingly cooling Cottage Cheese Cucumber Mixture. It's so easily made that you just need to blend the ingredients together. Give it a try, coz it's worth it! - 23.5217

Cottage Cheese Cucumber Salad

The flavors of cottage cheese and cucumber in this salad is just yum. This is an anytime salad and you can prepare it with ease. Check out the recipe of the rich and flavorsome Cottage Cheese Cucumber Salad. - 36.7588

Cucumber Cottage Cheese Mold

The cucumber cottage cheese mold is a gelatin based mold. Combined along with cucumbers and their juice, the cucumber cottage cheese mold is made with grated onions and spiced with paprika and white pepper. Chilled and best served in a watercress bed, the... - 40.1796

Cottage Cheese And Cucumber Salad

MAKING 1) In a saucepan, heat, sugar, and seed to boiling. 2) Stack cheese onto greens. Place cucumber slices crosswise in the cheese. SERVING 3) Transfer dressing over top. Chill before serving. - 29.3975

Cottage Cheese Cucumber Salad

Advance preparation: Dissolve gelatin in water. Add juice and onion. Chill till partially set. Beat till light and fluffy. Fold in cheese and cucumber. Pour into individual molds; chill till firm. - 35.4343

Cucumber With Cottage Cheese Salad

Cucumber with cottage cheese salad is a salad lovers delight. People who love cucumbers in their salad cannot resist this one. When cucumber with cottage cheese salad is served chilled it tastes amazing. Add some tomatoes and herbs and serve it with Italian... - 50.1365

Jellied Cucumber Ring With Cottage Cheese

Dissolve gelatin in boiling water; add vinegar and salt. Cool; add onion and cucumber. Pour into oiled ring mold; chill until firm. Fill center with cottage cheese seasoned with chopped chives. Garnish with sliced cucum bers and lettuce. - 30.1364

Cottage Cheese Summer Salad

GETTING READY 1) Grate the carrots, dice the cucumbers and chop the onions. MAKING 2) In a medium bowl, combine cottage cheese with carrot, cucumber, and green onion; mix until well blended. 3) On a serving platter, place mixture on lettuce leaves. 4) Keep... - 39.3415

Herbed Cottage Cheese Salad

MAKING 1) In a bowl mix together cheese, cream, cucumber, green pepper, onion, basil, pepper, and tarragon. 2) Lined 4 serving plates with the lettuce leaf. 3) Fold the cheese mixture well together. 4) Spoon the cottage cheese mixture equally on... - 46.0786