Cornish Hen Gravy Recipes

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Cornish Hens With Oyster Stuffing

Cornish hens with oyster stuffing is a filling seafood stuffed poultry preparation. Made with cooked oysters along with vegetables and garlic, herbed with thyme and oregano the filling is flavored with a dash of tabasco sauce. Combined with rice, the hens are... - 49.2771

Solar Cooked Herbed Cornish Hen

We made this for lunch today. - 92.4337

Honey Glazed Cornish Hen

In small bowl combine chopped mint, honey, oil, and garlic. In 8 x 8 x 2-inch nonstick baking pan sprinkle both sides of hen halves with salt; brush mint-honey mixture over entire hen and sprinkle with lemon juice. Bake cut-side down at 400°F until tender,... - 35.4294

Apricot Glazed Cornish Hens

GETTING READY 1.Discard the green leaves of cauliflower and break it into small florets. MAKING 2.Mix the cauliflower with bacon, tomatoes, green onion, cheese, pimiento stuffed olives and mayonnaise. SERVING 3.Seve in a dish. - 39.7057

Crispy Cornish Hens

Remove giblets from Cornish hens and chill or freeze to simmer for gravy another day. Rinse hens inside and out; pat dry. Sprinkle cavities lightly with salt. Brush hens, one at a time, with buttermilk, then shake in coating mix. Place, breast side up and not... - 37.4957

Rock Cornish Game Hens With Wine Sauce

The wine sauce may be made with the same wine you plan to serve with the dinner. Thaw game hens completely. Remove giblet bag from each hen. Sprinkle with salt inside and out and place on a rack in a shallow baking pan.(If you don't have a rack drain the... - 38.6015

Golden Crisp Rock Cornish Hens

GETTING READY 1.Take the giblets out of cornish hens and refrigerate them for the gravy. 2.Wash the hens from within and dry. 3.Put a sprinkling of salt on the cavities. 4.Apply buttermilk on hens one by one and roll them in coating mix. MAKING 5.Take a... - 43.9517

Roast Cornish Hens

Thaw hens if frozen. Preheat oven to 425° F. Remove giblets and discard. Save the necks for making stock. Rinse hens and pat dry. Gently loosen skin from meat on breast and legs by breaking the membrane that holds the skin to the meat and sliding your hand... - 33.2963

Cornish Hens With Oyster Stuffing Mount Vernon

Preheat oven to 350°F. Rinse hens; pat dry with paper towel. Season inside and out with salt and pepper. In medium skillet over medium heat, melt 2 tablespoons butter with 1/2 cup oyster liquor, mace and thyme. Add onion; cook 5 minutes until onion is tender... - 44.7151

Cornish Hens

Place jelly and browning agent in 1 cup (250 mL) microproof measure and heat 1 minute on HIGH. Stir well. Place hens (giblets removed and cavity sprinkled with salt) on rack or inverted saucers in a microproof baking dish breast side down. Brush with basting... - 34.5355

Rock Cornish Hens

Sprinkle the hens amply with salt and pepper. Put the tarragon leaves in the cav ities, for flavor. Heat the oil in the cooker and tan the onion lightly. Brown the hens and remove. Combine carrots, celery, rest of seasonings, and tomatoes with the tanned... - 42.9507

Cornish Hens With Bread Stuffing

Cornish Hens With Bread Stuffing is an irresistible mouth watering recipe which you would love to serve to your loved ones. Try this Cornish Hens With Bread Stuffing dish; I bet you will have a huge fan following for this. - 47.9934

Glazed Rock Cornish Hen Tia Maria

This Glazed Rock Cornish Hen with Tia Maria is an addiction. Just try out this terrific Cornish hen in coffee liqueur and tell me if you like it. your suggestions for this Glazed Rock Cornish Hen with Tia Maria are welcome ! - 45.0242

Roast Cornish Game Hen With Curry

1. Preheat the oven to 400°F. Wash the hens and pat them dry with paper toweling. Split each hen down the back, leaving the breast intact. Press down on the breasts to flatten slightly. 2. In a small bowl, combine the curry powder, salt, and 4 tablespoons of... - 29.195

Cornish Hens With Porcini Rice Stuffing

1. Preheat the oven to 350°. In a heatproof bowl, cover the dried porcini with the boiling water and let stand until the mushrooms are softened, about 15 minutes. 2. Meanwhile, in a medium saucepan, bring the chicken stock to a boil. Add the rice and simmer... - 35.1542

Cornish Hens With Wild Rice Stuffing

This Cornish Hen with Wild Rice Stuffing is makes a sumptuous meal ! Though it takes a bit of an effort to make them as you've got to sew the stuffed birds, it's worth giving a try. Your suggestions for this Cornish Hen with Wild Rice Stuffing are welcome ! - 42.6921

Roast Cornish Hens

GETTING READY 1 Thoroughly wash hens under cold running water; drain. 2 Dry well with paper towels. MAKING 3 For the basting sauce: In a saucepan, melt butter; stir in 1/4 cup wine and 1 teaspoon tarragon. 4 Sprinkle inside of each hen with 1/4... - 45.4885

Stuffed Cornish Hens With Orange Sauce

GETTING READY 1. Cook the long grain and wild rice mix according to instruction, except use 50 mL or 1/4 cup orange juice concentrate for an equal amount of water. 2. Add the bacon to the mixture. 3. Put the stuffing in the hens and tie the legs together with... - 39.9473

Cranberry Orange Cornish Hens

1. Preheat the oven to 450°F. Cook the rice mix according to the package directions and drain. Meanwhile, coarsely chop the livers. In a 12-inch nonstick skillet, melt the butter over moderately high heat. Add the mushrooms, onion, and celery and saute for 8... - 33.8862

Cornish Hens In Mushroom Sauce

The cornish hens in mushroom sauce is prepared with halved cornish hens, roasted with flavors of herbs, wine and yogurt. Cooked with added mushrooms, onions and tomatoes, the cornish hens with mushroom sauce is flavored with garlic and can be served with a... - 49.0376

Fruit-stuffed Rock Cornish Hens

Rinse hens well under cold running water and pat dry. Grate the zest from the oranges (or peel with a zester) and reserve. Cut oranges into halves and rub the cut halves over the insides and outsides of the hens, moistening them with the orange juice. Set... - 43.4998

Game Hens With Apricots

Remove giblets from hens and set aside for other uses. Brush hens with gravy mixture. Place birds, breast side down, on a nonmetallic rack in a 7 by 11 inch baking dish. Cover with wax paper. Microwave on HIGH (100%) for 6 minutes. Turn hens over and brush... - 41.0615

Game Hens With Apricots

Thaw hens as directed on package (set giblets aside for other uses); rinse hens and pat completely dry. Brush hens with about half the gravy mixture; then place, breast side down, on a microwave-proof rack in a 7 by 11 -inch microwave-proof dish. Cover with... - 43.6366

Christmas Cornish With Walnut Apple Stuffing

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven to 350 degree F 2. Wash hens inside and out with cold water. 3. Pat dry with paper towels. 4. Rub oil lightly over hens. 5. Season inside, out with salt, pepper and paprika. MAKING 6. Make the stuffing by combining all the... - 47.4664

Little Red Hens

GETTING READY 1) Preheat the oven to 350F° 2) In a pot, cook the rice, as per the package directions. 3) Allow the rice to cool. 4) In a bowl, place cream cheese and gently fold in the rice. MAKING 5) In a non-stick pan, heat 4 tablespoons of butter and... - 47.4395