Corn Taco

Taco corn is a tortilla dish made with the stuffing of sweet corn and leftover meat. Taco corn is a delicious and nutritious recipe. You may add your leftover meat with the corn and other ingredients like cilantro, salsa, capsicum and pepper. Tortilla is stuffed and rolled to make taco corn. It can be served as a great appetizer or snack. In Mexican cuisine, taco corn is a very popular and festive dish. For vegetarians, taco corn can be made with tofu and other vegetables.

Corn Taco Blogs

Gluten Free Taco Health Benefits

Gluten Free Taco Health Benefits On : 21-Oct-2011 By : thot4food

The sight of taco, the popular Mexican delicacy can definitely boost our appetites. However, one may need to be cautious and resort to the gluten free tacos in order to avoid complications especially if you are allergic to wheat or suffer from celiac disease....

Taco Bell- Where’s The Beef?

Taco Bell- Where’s The Beef? On : 12-Apr-2011 By : chockyfoodie

  Taco Bell- Where’s the beef!!?  This question raised by a customer indeed questioned the credibility of the junk food giant which has inspired people to “Think Outside the Bun”.  The customers are...

Taco Bell Threatens Tit-for-tat Over Beef Lawsuit

Taco Bell Threatens Tit-for-tat Over Beef Lawsuit	On : 01-Feb-2011 By : foodjunky

Taco Bell threatens tit-for-tat over beef lawsuit  against one of its customers who had sued the company for false advertisement. Customer named Amanda Obney asserted Taco Bell is giving wrong information about its taco seasoned meat in its advertisements;...

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Taco

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Taco On : 22-Nov-2011 By : Gourmet_lover

Tacos aren’t really the healthiest food on earth, and there is little denying that. However, making a few healthy, nutritious substitutions while making tacos at home and cutting down on the dietary fat content in it will help keep off those unwanted pounds...