Corn Cake

Corn Cakes are simply sweetened corn breads, a sweet variation from the regular pancakes that are served for breakfast. Corn cakes can be fluffy or leavened and are popular in American cuisines. Often served with maple syrup, the dish is also a popular sweet dessert choice of many.

Method & Variations of Corn Cake:

Corn cakes can be pancake like, more commonly termed as corn pancakes or can be leavened. They are also popular as johnnycake. In both these corn cake recipes, the cornmeal batter is usually cooked over a griddle. Corn pancakes involve more ingredients than johnnycakes, where the first type of corn cake is prepared from eggs and the latter one is primarily milk based. Corn pancakes can be either griddle cooked or baked on baking sheets; the latter one can only be cooked over a griddle. The classic corn cake is prepared from cornmeal, butter and heavy cream.

Corn cakes recipe is common for every occasion because of the ease of cooking. Besides maple syrup, corn cakes are also served with frozen corn kernels by its side.

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