Corn Recipes

Corn is the common name of maize. Corn is a kind of cereal and grown as a grass that is domesticated for eating purposes. Basically, ‘corn’ is the common term for maize in UK and Ireland. Usually, corn ... More »
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Honeyed Polenta Cakes With Fresh Tomato Chutney

My honeyed polenta cakes with fresh tomato chutney are a great way to help incorporate a healthy Mediterranean flair to your diet which can be a keystone in the fight to prevent cancers as well as illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease, doctors say.... - 133.364

Grilled Corn With Spiced Butter

Grilled corn is absolutely fantastic! In this recipe we added some spiced up butter for an even better result! This is easy to make and I promise you will love it. - 131.953

How To Make Popcorn On The Stovetop

This video shows you how to make popcorn on the stove top, and I share 3 reasons why I prefer stove top popcorn over microwaved popcorn. - 130.453

Easy Homemade Caramel Corn

It's so fun and easy to make your own homemade caramel corn when you're at home watching a movie or some TV! Popcorn is coated in a brown sugar caramel mixture and it gets nice and crunchy when it cools. - 130.127

Basic Grits Porridge

All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast and this grits porridge recipe will take you there! The beautiful colors and flavors of grits make this traditional porridge extra special. This creamy porridge is the perfect breakfast treat and will get the... - 129.681

Easy Grilled Corn On The Cob- Sweet And Smokey

Grilled corn on the cob, yes, sign me up!! This is one of my favorite summery side dishes. I wouldn't even mind making it a meal, that's how much I love it. anytime I got to the state fair it's a MUST that I get me a fresh roasted ear of corn so that I can... - 128.431

How To Make Spicy Summer Corn Salad

If you are crazy about spicy corns, then here is something delicious for you. In the recipe of spiced up corns, fresh corns are tossed in a combination of honey, jalapeno and lime juice, along with other ingredients. So, try this out and it is going to spice... - 127.423


MAKING 1. In a large pot boil 3 cups of water. 2. Add polenta, salt and olive oil. 3. On low heat simmer for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. 4. Remove from heat and transfer the polenta into a greased 9 inch pie pan and pat down. 5. Chop the onions... - 127.357

Easy S'more Popcorn Balls-ultimate Halloween Treats

These s'mores popcorn balls comes together super quick with minimal mess! Even popcorn ball haters tend to love this recipe including me! - 126.437

Scalloped Corn Supreme Recipe - Happy Thanksgiving

Planning a thanksgiving party and need a quick side dish idea? Then look no further, the chef here has provided super easy instructions to jazz up your creamed corn with basic ingredients and add that little extra something to make a great tasting scalloped... - 125.974

Gardenpalooza Corn Salsa

GardenPalooza is being held at Fir Point Farms and the new owners of Fir Point are really bringing something new to the table, and we are talking food! Jessica and Jack Romaine are the owners of Country Grains in Wilsonville and they are known for their... - 125.747

Perfect Holiday Popcorn

Looking for a super simple holiday snack recipe that has big flavor and is good for you? You'll love this holiday popcorn recipe and I'll also teach you how to cook popcorn perfectly every time. - 124.767

Campfire Corn With Herb Butter

How many of you expect to munch on grilled fresh corns, while enjoying a campfire with your friends? All of you can make your campfire more attractive by preparing the herb butter to brush on the grilled corncobs before serving. Doesn't it sound interesting?... - 124.606

Popcorn Extravaganza

Popcorn extravaganza is simply a show off of culinary creativity and how you can yank these all time favorite munch into a triple pleasure snack. Watch on this video to find the secret of turning ordinary popcorn into a salacious snack. - 123.77

Sautéed Corn And Peppers

Just in case you are looking for a vegetarian dish that is quick and easy, here is a corn and peppers dish for you. The chef in the video prepares this simple dish for dinner. You can serve the dish all alone or even with other dishes. - 123.415

Betty's Microwave Corn On The Cob -- Easter

In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make Microwave Corn on the Cob. There are only 4 ears of corn used in this recipe, but you may make more, as needed, by increasing the microwave cooking time a bit. - 123.013

Polenta Tuna Cake

If you like mixing ingredients from two cuisines in your cake, this one is for you! Polenta tuna cake uses ingredients from Italian and Asian cuisine to make a simple, cheap and fast dish. What is more this dish can be made ahead of time and stored in a... - 121.81

Sweet Caramel Popcorn

Want a really delicious homemade treat for Halloween? Try making Caramel popcorn, it's a tried and tested recipe by Chef Tawnya's mother and here in the video Tawnya is going share her family recipe with the rest of the world. It’s such an easy recipe, you... - 121.434

Creamed Corn With Crab Croquettes

GETTING READY 1. For creamed corn, in a large bowl, cut and place corn kernel. 2. Using knife back, scrape out corn cob, and extract milk. Put it in bowl. Keep it aside. 3. For crab croquettes, cut crab cake into bite size pieces and shape it into nice oval... - 121.388

Garlic Truffle Popcorn

This easy to make at home popcorn is unique and gourmet by using flavors of garlic, truffles, and parsley. You'll never eat plain ol' buttered popcorn again...this is a game changer. - 120.296

Roasted Corn With Lime And Parmesan

Tired of boring old corn on the cob? Craving something new and delicious? This is the best corn recipe…ever. A must try! This is so easy and just packed with flavor. - 119.32

Corn Saute

Chef Keith Snow demonstrates a delicious way to prepare your fresh summer corn with zucchini and tomatoes. - 117.742

Italian Goat Cheese Polenta

Take a look at this incredible video that shows you how to make goat cheese polenta at home. See the video to make this simple side dish that can be paired with any barbecue, chicken or meatloaves. Try out this recipe for goat cheese polenta and enjoy! - 116.643

Cheesy Corn Salad

Corn lovers can have a feast with this quick healthy salad. This video shows salad that is an absolutely quick salad with loads of taste. It has tangy tomatoes, cheese and crunchy onions to build up the taste. Season the corn salad to your taste with... - 116.427

Delicious Cheesy Corn With Green And Red Peppers

Betty shows us how to make Cheesy Corn with Green and Red Peppers. It is a vibrant side dish for your Christmas table. So yummy! Watch and learn, folks! - 116.14

How To Make Sweet And Salty Popcorn

Welcome to the SimpleCookingChannel. Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that's just what a person needs. I hope you like my recipe for sweet & salty popcorn. - 115.646

Homemade Creamed Corn

Welcome to the SimpleCookingChannel. Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that's just what a person needs. I hope you like my recipe for creamed corn. - 115.507

Snowball Popcorn

Barry & Phoebe make a fun twist on homemade popcorn - it's all white ingredients with meringue nests, white chocolate & marshmallow! - 114.476

Basil Flavor Polenta With Vegetables

Easy Italian meal. This video prepares a rich and cheesy polenta with loads of farm fresh vegetables. A quick baked polenta topped with a creamy sauce is very easy to make and is a truly fantastic meal in making. The basil flavored corn omelette makes a... - 112.696

Sweet Caramel Popcorn

Would you like to try a sweet variation of the good old popcorn this weekend for the game? This video is just apt or you. Watch the chef share this super delicious sweet popcorn recipe that is totally worth trying. - 112.654

Cheddar And Bacon Popcorn Balls

Inviting friends to watch a game together on television? Here's a great snack idea that might come handy. Watch the video to learn how you can prepare these Cheddar and Bacon Popcorn Balls which will certainly impress your guests. - 112.42

Corn Serving Tip

Chef Keith Snow demonstrates a creative way to prepare corn "off the cob" - 112.188

Grilled Corn On Cob

Wegmans Executive Chef Russell Ferguson and Nella Neeck show you how to turn a few ears of fresh corn into a grilled masterpiece in less than 10 minutes. Shuck, oil, grill! It's quick enough to toss on the grill while you're setting the table and it's easy... - 111.982

Classic Sauteed Corn And Sweet Onion

The Flex Cook show us how to prepare this quick and healthy side dish. I tried this myself and I can say with confidence that it would compliment any main course dish. I loved it with turkey. You've got to try this folks! - 111.472

Homemade Caramel Popcorn

In this video recipe Barry is asked to show you how to make homemade caramel popcorn, it's super delicious, super quick and quite fun to put together! Of course making your own homemade popcorn is great because you can customise it and add pretty much... - 111.294

Cookies And Cream Popcorn

I hope you like my recipe for cookies & cream popcorn. - 111.223

Betty's Zesty Pepper-jack Cornsticks

These cheesy, hot corn sticks are a great way to sneak in on some Southern flavors. Be it Thanksgiving or after holiday parties and events, you spread is incomplete without cornbreads. And Betty's feisty, fiery edition of this classic favorite is something... - 110.77

Grilling Corn On The Cob

Corn on the cob is a favorite with all. The chef here has shared a quick and easy method of grilling corn on the cob. Just butter, season, wrap and grill, here your corn on the cob is ready in a few minutes. It's perfect for holiday barbecues and good times... - 110.705

Caramelized Popcorn

Wondering what tasty treats you can offer your children. You must surely try this caramelized popcorn. Also a wonderful Halloween treat, these popcorns just melt in the mouth and can be so much fun. - 110.523

Herbed Corn On The Cob In The Microwave

Enjoy Lisa's quick and easy Herbed Corn on the Cob with any meal. As always, it's best to use fresh, but frozen corn can be used for this recipe. - 110.488

Honey Caramel Popcorn

Are you bored having the same old popcorn? Try this Honey Caramel Popcorn made in minutes in your own kitchen. This video will guide you through the simple steps of preparing this crunchy munchy snack. Happy Munching! - 110.452

Vegan Caramel Corn

GETTING READY 1. Preheat oven to 250°F. 2. Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper and set aside. MAKING 3. Divide the popcorn between 2 large bowls. 4. In a large saucepan melt the margarine over medium heat. 5. Stir in the sugar, corn syrup and salt... - 109.726

Betty's Crackerjack Attack

In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make Crackerjack. This is just like the traditional sweet treat that you can buy in a box with a toy (but no toy!). - 109.542

Corn On The Cob With Compound Butters

These three compound butter recipes will make your summertime corn on the cob sing! - 109.509

3 Ingredient Chocolate Marshmallow Popcorn

Welcome to the SimpleCookingChannel. Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that's just what a person needs. I hope you like my recipe for 3 ingredient chocolate marshmallow popcorn. - 109.482

Deep Prep | Mini Corndogs

In this episode my 3 year old daughter and her bestie Gia take over the kitchen to show you how to make mini corn dogs with lil' smokeys! - 109.301

Cheese Popcorn

Kids love to eat popcorn, so here a delicious variation of popcorns. Weelicious host is making cheese popcorns for her son and his friends. They are inexpensive, high in fiber and delicious. Its super easy to make, just add a quarter cup of nutritional yeast... - 109.199

90 Second Grilled Corn With Chipotle Lime Butter

Grilling corn can be easier than you think. Watch and follow the steps. - 108.78

Fresh Corn And Tilapia

For all those who found corn and tomatoes combo to be hot, here is a simply irresistible dish. The pan roasted tilapia takes with it the all time favorite combination of fresh corn and tomatoes for those special weekend dinners. Watch the video to learn the... - 108.512

Reese's Popcorn

Sweet and salty is always a perfect combination. Reese's Pieces, chocolate, honey and popcorn is the perfect for Friday movie night or for a party snack. - 108.359

Rosemary Popcorn - Instructional

MAKING 1. In a pot add in the butter and melt. 2. Add in the corn kernels and dried rosemary. Stir for few seconds on medium – high heat. 3. Once rosemary starts to smell, cover the pot. When corn starts to pop, stir the pot. 4. Once the popping slows... - 108.241

Fun Halloween Popcorn Trail Mix

Want something crunchy, munchy and mostly healthy to fill the kids up before a night of trick or treating? Let the kids get involved making Popcorn Trail Mix and watch it quickly disappear! - 107.73

Corn O' Brien

Corn O' Brien is a perfect recipe for Thanksgiving. This a simple healthy dish with fresh tomato, onion, corn, pepper and bacon that is simply flavored with seasoning and garlic. This colorful and delicious corn recipe is simply amazing and a must try! - 107.268

Crazy Corny Concoction

MAKING 1. In a mixing bowl, combine corn, tomatoes, cucumber, lemon juice and avocado. Toss it well. SERVING 2. Serve it as an appetizer. - 107.119

Polenta Shapes For Children

Cookie cutters are obviously great for cookies, but kids have such a blast baking with them that I wanted to use them to help introduce kids to new foods in a fun way. So I came up with these polenta shapes. The recipe is really easy and it’s perfect... - 106.783

Homemade Popcorn Balls

Looking for a munching snack for your kids, then do check this out. The Chef shows how to make popcorn balls. This is a yummy snack to munch. Most of all it is quick and easy to make. So don't forget to check out the video. - 106.743

Assorted Popcorn

Wanna spend some fun and quality time with your kids? Involve them in this project of serving popcorns in 4 different flavors. All you need is to prepare the popcorn in your oven and then add different flavors to spice them up. Watch the video to know more... - 106.663

Chocolate Orange Chilli Popcorn

Barry creates a unique twist on popcorn. - 106.435

Famous Chocolate Popcorn

Are you looking for a sweet treat for Halloween must try this recipe. Watch the video to know how quick and easy it goes. The chocolate popcorn is enjoyed not only by kids but adults too. - 105.124

Healthy Low Calorie Flavored Popcorn

Make your movie night all the more special with Betty's flavored popcorn recipe. It's so crunchy and flavorful that not just the kids, but even the adults will fall for it. Betty's version of this low-calorie snack is so sumptuous that you simply can't resist... - 105.098

Mexican Grilled Corn

GETTING READY 1. Turn grill to medium to medium high. MAKING 2. In a ramekin, combine mayonnaise and yogurt. 3. Add chilli powder, and mix it well. 4. Place corns on grill, and cook for 8-10 minutes, turning occasionally. 5. Spread mayonnaise mixture on... - 104.336

Party Favorite Sweet Chocolate-coated Popcorn

Chocolate-coated popcorn makes for a tasty party snack the guests are likely to dive in for. Here's the best chocolate corn recipe you will ever taste. Tasty, crunchy and sweet, you should make an extra batch for yourself so that you have some more popcorn... - 103.863

Corn On The Cob

Corn On The Cob is a simple yet wonderful dish with a Mexican twist. Amelia prepares one of her favorite recipes from Mexico corn on the cob with fresh creme and cotija cheese. This treat is sure to please your family and friends! - 103.72

Gluten Free Baked Treat

Wanna have some gluten free baked treat…so this video is surely meant for you. Make the gluten free dough easily and enjoy topping it with your favorite cheese and sauce along with your kid and relish some gluten free bites. Trust me they make a great... - 103.404

2 Ways With Fresh Corn On The Cob

Robin is back from a corn field with loads of freshly cut corn cobs. In the video, she is preparing 2 butters that are to be served with the corns, that are freshly grilled. Also don’t miss out the before-grilling corn tips to ensure the right product. - 103.389

Summery Herbed Corn On The Cob

It's hard to beat the taste of warm, delectable, butter cob of corn on a summer day. And Betty takes the bet further by adding a spicy, herby lick to make the most of the bumper corn crop in summer. A great side dish to spicy chicken or grilled barbecues,... - 103.384

Corn Maque Choux

Here is a traditional south Louisiana side dish, combined with the flavors of Vidalia onion, red bell peppers and chicken broth along with rich heavy cream which gives it a an excellently flavorful and superbly delicious taste. Watch the video to see step by... - 103.267

Old-fashioned Sweet Caramel Popcorn Balls

Ditch the buttered or spiced popcorn! This movie night, sweeten up your hours with old-fashioned sweet caramel popcorn balls. Crunchy, chewy, and satisfying, this treat makes for a delectable indulgence for all popcorn lovers. Stream the video recipe for more... - 102.97


Here's how you make and how you eat polenta the traditional way. - 102.809

Popcorn On Stovetop

When it comes to popcorns, popcorns on stovetops are anytime better than the microwave ones. In this video, simple chef is making his popcorns and shows the recipe for popcorn on stovetop. The only hard and fast rule is to cook them in a heavy bottomed... - 102.727

Diy - Microwave Popcorn

Lynn demonstrates how to make your own Microwave Popcorn. This is super easy, less expensive and healthier than microwave popcorn purchased at the grocery store. You can add salt, melted, butter, spices, Parmesan cheese, or whatever you desire on your popcorn. - 102.5

Homemade Organic Caramel Popcorn

GETTING READY 1) Preheat oven to 325 degrees. MAKING 2) In a cooking pan set over medium heat, combine coconut oil, honey and maple syrup. Mix well. 3) Add salt and stir the ingredients together. 4) Keep stirring till the ingredients are all mixed well... - 102.055

Party Favorite Sweet-salty Caramel-coated Popcorn

Get your party rolling with bite-size, easy and fun to make caramel coated popcorn. This sweet tasting popcorn is a refreshing change from the old-fashioned popcorn and makes for a great munch-time snack. Trail the video recipe to make this yummy popcorn. - 101.245

Caramel Corn On The Cob And Italian Corn On The Cob

GETTING READY 1. Soak the cobs in water for an hour. MAKING 2. Grill the cobs with the husks on for 15-20 minutes. 3. Turn the corn around frequently. 4. For the Caramel corn: In a bowl, mix the butter, brown sugar, salt, pepper and butterscotch snaaps. 5.... - 101.005

Cheesy Corn With Smoky Bacon

Got company coming over for thanksgiving and you are on a look out for a nice side dish recipe? Then take a look at this Cheesy Corn with Smoky Bacon recipe. Watch the video to see how the chef combines sweet corn with melted Cheddar cheese and smoky bacons... - 100.479

How To Make Caramel Popcorn/puffcorn Video

These homemade caramel popcorns are sure to be a hit with your friends and family. This is an excellently made video to help you prepare delicious caramel popcorn with paper bag and with minimal hassles. You can either serve these popcorns as a snack or even... - 100.276

Triple Corn Creamy Polenta

Most of us know how to make polenta with cornmeal that cooks into a mush, but here is Chef John’s recipe using corn in three different ways to make polenta. He uses dried and ground, which of course is the Polenta part and then uses fresh corn, but cooked... - 99.4959

Summer Special Sweet Corn On The Cob

When warmth hits the air, what better way to make the most of the season than to gorge on corn. In this video, Betty tells you how to perfectly cook corn on the cob. A great accompaniment with a full lunch or dinner meal, this corn recipe is all you need to... - 99.4379

Polenta Fritta

In this video I'm showing how to reuse left-over polenta. - 99.1692

Cauliflower Popcorn

Nothing like a cheesy and spicy cauliflower popcorn to snack upon. Watch this amazing video to make a healthy and nutritious snack at home. The video is very interesting so that this simple popcorn can be easily made and served anytime to surprise your family... - 99.1171

How To Grill Corn-on-the-cob In The Husks

Web chef, Kimberly Edwards shares with you How to Grill Corn-on-the-Cob in the Husks! - 99.0107

Grinding Cornmeal

MAKING 1. In the blendtec place the corn. 2. Press the manual button on blendtec, highest speed 10 and blend until powdered consistency. SERVING 3. Use the cornmeal to make cornmeal bread. - 98.9082

Diabetes: Sweet Corn With Sesame Herb Crust

Diabetes can stop you from eating your favorite foods but there are always healthy and delicious alternatives. Sweet corn with sesame herb crust is a recipe or diabetics which is naturally sweet and has healthy sesame seeds flavored with freshly chopped... - 98.9076

Two Way Corn On The Cob

Want to know the different ways to enjoy your corn on the cob? Then this video is a guide to get your corn done two ways! See the video for more! - 98.4509

Garlic Fried Baby Corn And Mushroom

Vegetarian Chinese recipes? Baby corn and mushrooms are a great combination and one that is commonly used in Chinese dishes. Crispy fried first and then into a sauce, this is a delicious dish that works great as an appetizer. A little bit of Hindi language... - 98.2766

Corn On The Cob

Corn can make a quick and easy snack during summer holiday activity time for kids. Check out Tamra Davis cooking delicious Corn on the cob with fresh corn and serving them with few simple flavors. Delicious and healthy snack to serve kids! - 98.2484

Homemade Popcorn

If you haven't tried making popcorn at home, watch this video recipe of Homemade Popcorn and give it a try. You will be surprised to find out, how delicious this homemade stuff tastes. Now you know what you have to do when you have craving for popcorn. - 98.0381

Corn And Black Bean Salsa Sauce

Want to prepare a great side dish that goes well with your main dish? Check out the yummy and delicious Corn and Black Bean Salsa Sauce. A great sauce that goes well with pork, meat, fish, tacos or tortillas. - 97.9135

Grilled Corn

Pair them up with your beef steaks, devour them as hors de oeuvres, or just toss them in your nachos, grilled corn is one versatile dish that brims with the goodness of summer. Snazzy, savory and full of flavors, grilled corns is one great way to enjoy the... - 97.8156

Corn Salad

This fresh corn salad is made with black beans, roasted red peppers, basil and scallions with an orange vinaigrette dressing. This salad can be served with meat, poultry, or as in this case, seafood. Using canned beans is just as good as using dry ones. The... - 96.9621

Crackled Corn

MAKING 1. Heat a skillet and add the diced bacon and fry till crispy. 2. Drain some of the bacon fat. 3. Add the corn into the skin and stir and cook for a few minutes. 4. Turn off the heat and add black pepper and mix. 5. Next, add the gorgonzola cheese and... - 96.4412

Cooking With Socalgrrrl05: Sliced Steak With Crispy Polenta

Would you like to have a simple healthy and delicious meal. Have a look at this amazing video which shows a recipe for grilled steak that serves as a fantastic meal with crispy polenta and colorful vegetables. Try out this wonderful low cal dish that is great... - 96.2408

Crispy Polenta Triangles

Why cook polenta any other way when the soft and creamy cornmeal just soaks up all the gravy or juices on the plate and fills your stomach with warmth. These pan-fried polenta triangles are irresistibly delicious and reason enough to take the extra effort.... - 96.0005

Grilling Recipes - Grilled Corn On The Cob

Grilled Corn On The Cob is fun and lovely side dish that kids of all ages enjoy. - 95.741

Crunchy Hush Puppies

Crunchy, crispy hush puppies are the best choice of appetizers for your unexpected guests. You can prepare them any time and it does not require any special ingredients. Just follow the direction and cook up these spicy tit-bits. Serve with your choice of dip... - 95.1072

Microwave Popcorn

MAKING 1. Pour popcorn kernels into a brown paper bag. Fold over the top of the bag twice to secure it closed. 2. Pop the bag in the microwave for 2 minutes or until Popcorn Kernels stop popping consistently. 3. Pour contents into a bowl and add seasoning... - 94.9771

Creamy Corn And Vegetable Soup

A nice hot bowl of creamy corn soup on a cold winter day will warm your heart and soul. This soup makes a delicious and nutritious meal. Whole sweet corn added to a cream soup base with onion, potato, mushrooms and green pepper, cooked in a chicken broth. - 94.8518

Creamy Sweet Corn Custard

If you are looking for a side dish to accompany barbecues, grill steaks or salmon, this creamy corn custard is a perfect match. It has got a really smooth, luscious and light texture with a sweet, rich taste but is not too heavy. This recipe is so easy to... - 94.24

Cancha - Andean Corn Nuts

MAKING 1. In a pan heat oil and add in the corns. Cover the pan and keep stirring. 2. Take out the popcorn over a paper towel and season with sea salt. SERVING 3. Serve popcorn with salsa and nachos and enjoy. - 94.1952

Caramel Snack Mix

If you are looking for a unique snack recipe with caramel then this recipe is just perfect for you. The caramel popcorn snack mix is absolutely simple and delicious with plenty of pecan halves, rice cereal squares and miniature pretzel twists. Take a look to... - 93.6635

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