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Watch This Man Drink A Gallon Of Tabasco Sauce!

  Do you like Tabasco sauce ? But how much of it would you take? You’d probably add a few drops to your food or drizzle it on salad. Well, but that’s just you! You can’t expect a professional competitive eater to do... -

Molly Schuyler Sets Wing Bowl Record

Molly Schuyler’s appearance is seriously deceptive. One look at her and you wouldn’t ever believe that she could chow down a year’s worth of chicken wings (363, no less!!!) in just half and hour, setting a new Wing Bowl record in the... -

Women Outdo Men In Wings Championship

  If you thought only men could handle food eating competitions, you are wrong! This year’s U.S. Professional Wing Eating Championship proved the fact that women are no less on the task. With several burly and muscular men trying to... -

10-year-old Wins Giant Cabbage Contest

Bob, a 41.9 kilograms cabbage, was declared the winner at the ‘Giant Cabbage Weigh Off’ at Alaska’s State Fair 2013. Surprisingly, the grower turned out to be a 10-year-old boy named Keevan Dinkel from Wasilla, Alaska. He walked away with a cool... -

A Big Fat Sandwich Challenge!

If you are a foodie who loves challenges, then here is one that you may want to try! Josh Stone, who owns Fat Sal’s Deli located in Pacific Beach, challenges you to eat a huge 12-pound sandwich in less than 40 minutes . If you do, then you get it... -

Masterchef India Gets Its First Male Winner

Doyel Sarangi, Navneet Rastogi, and Ripudaman Handa are as different from each other as chalk and cheese but MasterChef India-3, officially named, “ MasterChef India: Kitchen Ke Superstar ,” brought them together in one kitchen. The three finalists... -

Josie Shapiro’s ‘faux-pho’ Wins Manischewitz Cook-off

  The 7th Annual Man-O-Manischewitz Kosher Cook-Off took place on March 21, 2013 and it was San Franciscan Josie Shapiro who took home the top honors as well as the grand prize worth $25,000 for her recipe, Faux Pho . Shapiro’s recipe... -

Hell's Kitchen Season 11 Unveiled

One of the most endearing Reality Food Television staples for Americans is back with a bang. The 11 th Season of the famous reality series Hell’s Kitchen premieres on Fox, Tuesday, March 12, 2013.  Excitement has peaked among food enthusiasts... -

7th Annual Man-o-manischewitz Cook-off

Home chefs of America, here is your chance to win  $25,000 Grand prize package. Win Maytag appliances as well as an all-expense paid trip to Manischewitz headquarters in New York metropolitan area. The opportunity has come knocking in the form of the 7th... -

Uk’s 150-ounce Steak Challenge Remains Unaccomplished

Not a single challenger has been able to overcome the 150-Ounce steak challenge put up by the Duck Inn pub in the UK. The pub, located in Redditch, Worcestershire, thought up this challenge when it started getting too many requests for larger steaks . ... -

Louisiana Sweet Potato Contest Is On

The Louisiana Sweet Potato Commission is on the lookout for participants for its 9 th Annual Sweet Rewards Recipe Contest , which will run through May 31, 2013. The contest is held every year to search for America’s best sweet potato recipes. ... -

Good Food Ireland Contest Will Take You To Ireland

Good Food Ireland (GFI)), the first-ever, all industry network to drive Irish food tourism into a new direction , is taking a step further. It is the “Experience Good Food Ireland” contest, which will give the winner a chance to win a spectacular... -

The Manliest Restaurant In The United States

  A barbecue joint in Kansas City, Oklahoma Joe’s , has earned the recognition of being the ‘ Manliest Restaurant ’ of America. The joint defeated 8 other finalists in the competition  organized by the Men’s Health magazine for... -

Can Cockroaches Kill A Man?

Edward Archbold, a South Florida man, took part in a cockroach-eating contest last weekend, won an Ivory Ball Python, and then collapsed dead. If you hadn't already heard about this tragedy, it did happen as suddenly as it sounds. The contest, “Eat... -

Great British Bake Off Judge Admits Eating 80 Pieces Of Cake Daily

The Great British Bake Off being aired on BBC2 has been a hit, all thanks to the extraordinary baking skills of the contestants and witty comments by the judges. However, the petite 77 year old Mary Berry does not miss the chance to pop in a piece of cake... -

Michelle Obama Wins The Presidential Bake Off

  The result for Family Circle’s, “ Presidential Bake Off ” is out finally. And, Michelle Obama has been declared the winner this time. She managed to edge out Ann Romney by a narrow margin of votes making... -

Sliced Finger Wins Ratings For The Great British Bake Off

  BBC2’s cookery show ‘ The Great British Bake Off ’ involved high drama with a blood soaked hand turning out to be the ultimate focus. The ‘showstopper round’ involved making a delicious strudel but the pastry got bypassed by... -

Honey Boo Boo Recommends Selling Sugary Lemonade To Pay For Beauty Pageant

  The reality show, “Here comes Honey Boo Boo” got a taste of young Alana’s entrepreneurial skills when she decided to sell sugary lemonade in order to meet the expenses of bedazzled dresses and outlandish accessories so necessary for... -

Blind Contestant Becomes Masterchef

  Visually challenged Christine Ha won the MasterChef  Season 3 title by braving all odds. Going about her way, performing her daily chores is an ordeal for her but trying to overcome obstacles in cooking with the aid of... -

Peta Paying You For Going Veg!

PETA, or "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals," is doing a yeoman's service in spreading awareness regarding cruelty against animals. However, its recent initiative, that of paying $1,000 to the US students for going vegan, seems to... -

Bacon Wins At Seattle’s Best Showdown

If you hear imagination and bacon in the same sentence, it is time to roll your eyes! Seriously, bacon has such an all-pervading presence in the American lifestyle that nothing can surprise you anymore. But still, Iowa resident Eileen Gannon managed to do... -

Next Iron Chef Season 5 All About Redemption

The Food Network show, ‘Next Iron Chef,’ has fans everywhere in the world. Those fans would be happy to know that the Network is going to launch Season 5 of the show, which will be called “The Next Iron Chef: Redemption.” As usual, the show will have... -

It’s Seven Contestants Again In Masterchef Season 3

  The MasterChef kitchen contestants have it easy  this Monday as all of them amble up to the gallery as per the instructions of the judges. However, the surprising fact is the entry of the last eight eliminated participants. They are being... -

Olympic Players Prefer To Fast During Ramadan

  London Olympics is just round the corner now and people all around the world are gearing up to watch the greatest sporting spectacle of the world. The sportspersons are also hoping to give it their best shot and win a... -

Foodies Get A Chance To Win Love Via Reality Show

  Reality shows on the tele have been a hit for years. Whatever be the nature of the show, it is bound to notch up a loyal fan list within days of being telecast. NBC     is not going to be left behind here... -

Hungry Cowboys Eat At Masterchef Season 3 Kitchen

  It’s time to cook for the cowboys at the MasterChef competition. The judges arrive with much fanfare at the venue of the event which is Norco, Horsetown this time. Elated from being on horseback Joe Bastianich and Ramsay... -

Cold Fish Removes Tali From Masterchef Season 3

The wannabe Master Chefs had a challenging time this Monday as they came face to face with the ingredient of the day- the sea urchin replete with its poisonous spine. Chef Ramsay Gordon helps them overcome their initial fear as he proceeds to demonstrate how... -

Hot Dog Champions Scarf Their Way To Victory

Sonya ‘The Black Widow’ Thomas and Joey ‘Jaws’ Chestnut – these are not just names – these are the names of two hot dog champions who have, once again, scarfed their way to history. Both, Thomas and Chestnut have got their nicknames because of... -

Michelle Obama Takes On Ann Romney At Cookie Bake-off

  The Presidential election campaign is heating up with the nation being subjected to a number of debates whether its Democrats V/s Republicans or Obama V/s Romney. Well, it’s time now to forget the serious issues and... -

Blind Masterchef Contestant Christine Creates Visually Stunning Dish

MasterChef Season 3 aired on Monday with  16 nervous candidates waiting in the center of a field, watching the US Marine Corps helicopters fly above them. The judges remain poker faced as they instructed the contestants who are scared to bits by the tall... -

Bastianich Blogs About Judging Masterchef

  Joe Bastianich, judge of  MasterChef season 3 ,   has been blogging lately, sharing his experiences of the show and the quality of contestants that it has attracted this year. Viewers can now actually get an insight into the mind of... -

Wicked Tuna Ends With A Bang!

  The most exciting fishing show on television, “Wicked Tuna” saw a fitting end of its first season when the crew managed to catch a whopper of a bluefin tuna. The show had been a regular fixture on the National... -

Blind Cooking On Masterchef Season 3

  Season 3 of MasterChef has only just begun on FOX   but it is already in the news! No, it isn’t Judge Gordon Ramsay’s sarcastic comments or fiery temper that have hooked the viewers. On the contrary, it is a... -

World Food Championships With Adam Richman

If you still haven’t had enough of the cute Adam Richman on TV, here is good news! He will be back, albeit a little late in the year. In November 2012, Richman shall host the "World Food Championships", a large-scale culinary contest, right inside... -

A Phone Call Turns Biggest ‘loser’ Into A ‘gainer’

It took just a phone call from her distressed husband to turn Christine Pickler from being a biggest loser to a gainer and it happened right on the show, “The Biggest Loser.” Quite contrary to Ali Vincent, a big-time "Loser" , Christine took... -

Best New Chefs Of 2012: New Wave In Culinary World

You have already read about the top celeb chefs who are making waves . Now read about the Best New Chefs (BNC) of 2012, who are  creating huge ripples in the culinary industry. The selection process for the chefs was month-long, during which the magazine... -

Battle Over Cuisine With The Big Small Brand Contest

The two American cities constantly found engaged in a battle over cuisine are New York and San Francisco. Recently, the BIG Small Brand contest  added its own element of urgency to this battle between the East Coast and the West Coast, with small food... -

Chef Manish Mehrotra Wins ‘foodistan’ Finale

Judge, noted foodie, and media personality Vir Sanghvi called him “Amitabh Bachchan of the Indian Kitchen” and he remained undefeated in as many as 6 cook-offs on the reality TV show “Foodistan.” However, nothing matched the feeling of elation for... -

And The Winner Of The 6th Annual Man-o-manischewitz Live Cook-off Is- Eric Silberman

All food lovers be it Chefs, foodies or home makers waited with bated breath for the announcement of the winner of the much coveted “Man-O-Manischewitz  Live Cook-Off on the 28 th of March”. Eric Silberman , the finalist by People’s Choice... -

Andy Wrobel Builds 2.5ft High Pancake Stack For Guinness World Records

Australia’s Andy Wrobel loves pancakes. Who doesn’t, you may ask. But then not everybody goes stacking pancakes to set world records, right? That is what Andy Wrobel did recently when he stacked 60 pancakes one atop another and got through into the... -

Hungry Diner Polishes Off 6,000-calories In 26 Minutes

For Robert Pinto, it was the hardest challenge ever but that did not deter him from polishing off a 6,000-calorie breakfast in 26 minutes. The mammoth meal was a part of the Kidz Breakfast Culinary Challenge, for which Pinto traveled 125 miles and, then, ate... -

Japanese “houdini” Wins 20th Annual Wing Bowl Contest

Japan’s Takeru Kobayashi, who was half the size of his competitors, has won the coveted '20 th Annual Wing Bowl' competition by eating a record-breaking 337 chicken wings in a sitting that lasted all of 30 minutes. With this, he also broke the... -

Bittersweet Contest- A Unique Opportunity To Protest Against Child Labor On Valentines Day

Chocolates are known as apt tokens of love and are the easiest way of showering your affection on a child. But ironically, this very sweet delight is manufactured with the help of child laborers   , young kids who are not given a... -

Enter To Win Lorena Garcia's New Latin Classics

To Enter: Visit the Facebook page and click on the Win a Cookbook tab for your chance to win a copy of Lorena Garcia's New Latin Classics which hit shelves on September 27th! Just tell us which, of the choices given, is your... -

Extreme Chef: Pushing You To The Limit

Can you imagine yourself cooking on a car engine? Or cooking with a pair of cuticle scissors or a nail filer? No? Well, here is a television show that will change your opinion about cooking safe and it is called “ Extreme Chef .” The... -

Enter To Win A Copy Of The Deen Bros Get Fired Up, Random House and the Deen Brothers are giving you the chance to win a copy of The Deen Bros. Get Fired Up!       To Enter:  check out the recipes below and leave a comment on this... -

Win A Free Cookbook From & Cherie Kimmons! is excited to give 5 lucky Facebook fans the opportunity to win!   It’s simple, from now until April 29, 2011, leave a comment below with your favorite potluck dish and you’ll be entered... -

Win A Free Ipad From Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen!

    Syfy unveils the future of food with a daring new hi-tech cooking series for the modern age, Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen, featuring Marcel Vigneron, one of America’s most notorious chefs on the cutting edge of the culinary... -

Eatcredibles' Tell You How To Survive An Eating Contest

Let the Eatcredibles' tell you how to survive an eating contest . The Eatcredibles' are a 50 member group of competitive eaters in Hong Kong. The group was started 5 years ago by Taylor Mak. It was when he failed miserably at one of the... -

Aussie Attempt To Restore National Pride In Marmalade Contest

  An unknown contest called the 'marmalade contest' restores the Aussie national  pride. Buninyong is a small town located 75 miles from Melbourne, Australia. The people residing in buninyong have decided to change the... -

Danish Chef Is The Winner At This Year's Bocuse D'or Food Contest

The French city of Lyon hosts a cooking contest twice a year called the Bocuse d’Or. This time the contest was won by a Danish chef by the name of Kofoed Rasmus. This is quite a feat as the participants that compete at this event hail from all over the... -

World Cuisine Contest - Chef Championship

  World Cuisine Contest Chef Championship is going to be held at the Bocuse d'Or in France. Many chefs all over the world are preparing for this World Cuisine Contest which is the world's top most culinary competition. Chefs are... -

World Pie-eating Competition Sets New Record

Pie-eating contests are traditional events at fairs but they are often also a part of family reunions, company picnics and birthday parties.  The world pie eating contest is held annually in Wigan, in the northwest of England. For over 15 years,... -

Contest: Win A Free Pair Of Tickets To The Tasty Awards In Hollywood!

iFood.TV Shows - Average Betty, Food Wishes, and Art of the Drink - Get Nominations for Tasty Awards is proud to announce that three Featured Shows - Average Betty , Food Wishes , and Art of the Drink , have... -

National Gingerbread House Competition

  National Gingerbread House Competition is the perfect plethora to experience the enchantment of gingerbread. I had never wondered that this eminent ingredient of some of my favorite confectionaries could be used otherwise! But as... -

World’s Fastest Pizza Maker Competition

                      The famous pizza place Domino’s recently organized the “world’s fastest pizza making” competition in Las Vegas. Pali Grewal, a pizza maker from Domino’s UK, was crowned as world’s fastest pizza maker among... -

Charleston Contest For Cocktail Creatives

If you are a recreational mixologist, they you dont you think of going for Charleston Contest for Cocktail Creatives, organized by Circa 1886 restaurant . The very famous Charleston Christmas Cocktail Contest for cocktail creatives will be held... -

Prostart Culinary And Food Service Management Skills Competition – For Budding Culinary Geniuses!!

The PROSTART CULINARY AND FOOD SERVICE MANAGEMENT SKILLS COMPETITION is where budding talents from high schools aspiring for a career in the food industry are going to exhibit their culinary intellect. Be there on the 21st of January to watch... -

2009 Alabama Barbeque Championship

  2009 Alabama Barbeque championship making its debut this Halloween weekend comes with huge prize money worth $50,000l luring talented participants from across the globe to flaunt their culinary skills. Scheduled to be launched on October 31 st ,... -

Your Best Pumpkin Recipe Contest

Halloween is around the corner and I bet there are a lot of home chefs and pros who are trying their hand at some new fall dessert or dish this time around. And what is a better ingredient that goes with the fall season than pumpkin?!   So here is a... -

Martini Recipe Contest - Mix N' Win!!

Love drinks? Love mixing them? Well, if you do have a penchant for mixing drinks and whipping up smooth and elegant concoctions then what’s better than a martini recipe contest that lets you strut your stuff!?   ... -

Pietopia Contest! What Flavor Of Pie Describes You?

Pietopia is perfect for those who love to spin yarns about their life through food and make pies! Pietopia is a two year old Portland contest held by Tricia Martin . The object of the contest - You have to bake your own innovative pies that will... -

World Testicle And Aphrodasiac Cooking Championship!

Looks like the chefs are pretty serious about cooking some balls. After all the 6th World Testicle & Aphrodisiac Cooking is upon them and its time to prepare some yummy testicles !! Did I just hear you say....Ugh! That’s not fair! The connoisseurs of... -

Jell-o Mold Competition!

Food competitions seems to be the flavor of the year. Here is another unique competition for all those Jell-O experts who love making and experimenting with Jell-O. The Jell-O Mold Competition is being held in Brooklyn by the The Gowanus Studio. It... -

The World Barista Championships-2009!

The World Barista Championships has crowned Briton based Gwilym Davies as the World Barista Champion of 2009.  But, don’t dream of getting a cup of coffee from Gwilym Davies. He will be too busy touring the world as a representative of the ... -

Win $12,000 - Create New Donut For Dunkin Donut

Dunkin donuts presents the opportunity of a lifetime for all you donut fans. A donut making competition with the prize money a whooping $12000. You also have the honor of having your trademark donuts sold through the popular store. June 5th National Donut... -

Award Winning Cafe' Up For Grabs!

Our production team is following a rather unusual contest.  We interviewed and filmed several finalists for the "Business of the Year" top torch awards for Oregon and Washington for the Better Business Bureau.  One of the finalists in Western... -

Great Giveaway From !! is offering a special opportunity for all our readers out there. We’re giving you the chance to win a gourmet gift with some of our favorite artisanal products from Italy. Not quite a basket but a hand made wine box.... Just click the link... -

Invite A Friend Contest Winners

It was a thrilling contest with nail-biting finish. Nikko of Florida was the leader for a long period of time and appeared all set to be crowned as the leading Community Builder. In fact we were looking for... -

Food Is Fun Contest Winners

It was a great contest. Thanks to all participants and commenter for highlighting benefits of in entertaining way. Special thanks to all of you for forwarding the fun videos to friends and family. It was a tough decision to make. We requested... -

Special Gift For Sharing Thanksgiving Menu

Share what are you eating on Thanksgiving and I will sent u my next contest win. Trust me - it will be much more fun than Nikko's dinner coupon. Hyde likes it blind! (Contests) -

Win Big Screen Lcd Tv & Dinner Coupons - Invite Your Friends To Join is all about having fun foodie experience with friends and family. Thank you for informing your friends and family about our food video community. We are making it fun to invite friends this Holiday season by announcing “Invite a Friend”... -

Win Alice Waters Newest Book-autographed Just For You

Alice Waters is considered the forerunner of waking Americans up to sustainability and healthy eating.   Alice is one of the best-known and most influential American chefs since the 1970s, is credited with single-handedly creating a... -

Ile De France Interactive Paring & Recipe Contest

Foodie Fans - Ile deFrance is having a recipe contest Show your iFood pride and send  in links to your videos on iFood.TV for all to see!   It’s time for a contest for gourmet cheese lovers! ... - Food Is Fun Video Contest invites you and your videomaker friends to create a viral video about food which friends forward to friends. . We are launching “ Food is Fun” video contest. Theme: You choose a theme such as a) Food is Fun b)... -

Eat Chillies Competition

Unique eating competition: Chillies are my favorite. I want to eat as many as you can’t think of… This was what the scene portraying from those contestants taking part in “Eat chillies in one minute” in Indraprastha University, Delhi. There was... -

'eater X' Wins Burrito-eating Contest

A day trader and aspiring pizza chef known as "Eater X" munched through 10 3/4 burritos in a dozen minutes Saturday to win what was billed as the world burrito-eating championship. Tim Janus, 30, of New York City, said he prepared... -

Sweet Sunshine Named Fiery Food Challenge's Best

From Gourmet News :  FORT WORTH, Texas--Beating out 615 other entries, Sweet Sunshine's Sweet Sauce took home Best in Show honors at the 2007 Zest Fest here Sept. 7. Gourmet Conveniences, Litchfield, Conn., makes the Sweet Sunshine's Sweet... -

Prego Contest Could Net You 5k    They're looking for videos!  Right up our alley right?  Explore your passion...  (Contests, pasta sauce, Ponte Vedra Beach Florida USA) -

Recipe Contest

FYI Ile de France Cheese is having a contest... (Contests, San Diego California USA) -

Eating Competitions

16 Recent Competitive Eating Contests in the US Horseshoe Sandwiches (Two pieces of toast topped with ham, French fries, and cheese sauce): Winner ate 6 pounds, 5 ounces of sandwiches in 10 minutes; Illinois State Fair, August 2006 ... -

The List Of Zagat Top Contestants And Their Restaurants

Brian: executive chef at The Oceanaire Seafood Room (San Diego) Camille: chef/owner at Paloma (NYC) Casey: executive chef at Shinsei (Dallas) Joey: executive chef at Café des Artistes (NYC) Lia: executive... -

Joey Chestnut Wins Nathan's July 4th Hot Dog Eating Contest

It's America's favorite July 4th tradition:  The Annual Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, held at Nathan's in Coney Island. And this year's competition is particularly tantalizing: Current champion Takeru Kobayashi has been... -

Recipe Contest List

2007 Recipe, Cook-offs & Food Related Contests for both amateur cooks & professional chefs Most of these contests have very good prizes, some up to $1,000,000 in cash for the grand prize winner. If you like to cook, and have an exceptional... -

Wrap Recipe Contest !!!

Hey all I want to have a contest - for the best 25 wrap recipes I will send out a coupon for a free package of Tumaro's Tortillas  and most retailers do carry them.   Myself and the panel of judges from Tumaro's will judge them and let... -

Vegan Take On Super Bowl: The Great Squash Cook Off At The V-spot Cafe

Not every one was watching the Super Bowl last night. Infact some people had even better ideas. The Intuitive Cook, Ameet Maturu, a holistic health counselor and Danny, the owner of the much talked about V-SPOT vegan cafe in Brooklyn organized the Great... -