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Color Palette Cocktail

The colors of your palette are only limited by your imagination. For this frozen potion I used raspberry liqueur, blue curacao, apricot liqueur and creme de cassis but mix it up any way you like. The idea originated when talking to my friend and artist, Beth... - 115.826

Azure Colored High Tide Cocktail

There are countless cocktail recipe, but this one truly stands out. Wonder how? Well, this drink lets you appreciate the complexity of blue Curacao, while at the same time not overlooking the orange and pineapple tints. Great texture, neat color, and... - 114.734

Halloween Cocktail: Glow In The Dark Cocktail

Happy Pre-Halloween, we bust out the glow-in-the-dark cocktail, which probably doesn't actually glow in the dark but you would think it could given the color. Of course, activated with Midori, this cocktail brings the color and the sweetness. - 104.542

Easter Cocktails - The Easter Egg

We are shooting for beautiful colors in this cocktail. This recipe really highlights Blue Curacao as a flavor componen - 108.552

Phoenix Down Shooter, Video Game Cocktail

The video game cocktail for the Phoenix Down shooter. It is a cocktail that mimics the color of the phoenix feather from Final Fantasy. - 113.869

Skittle Pumpkin Patch Cocktail

The Skittle Pumpkin Patch Cocktail uses skittle orange vodka to build out a seasonal delight custom designed by us. The design brings a neat layered approach for the autumn months which represents that of a pumpkin patch or the colors of the fall leaves. You... - 117.677

43 Black And Blues Cocktail Recipe

The 43 Black and Blues Cocktail recipe is a pre-cursor to the Citrus Spice and Everything Nice cocktail a few weeks ago. It has a few of the ingredients used to create that layer but mixed together in a single really cool colored cocktail. Tasting notes:... - 117.984

Skinny Gladiator Cocktail

MAKING 1. Mix Disaronno Amaretto, peach nectar and orange juice with ice in a cocktail shaker. 2. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. 3. Top with the chilled soda. SERVING 4. Garnish with a slice of fresh peach and a small sprig of mint for an extra splash... - 108.989

Bacardi Cocktail

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Cover and shake well. Add 1 drop red food coloring, if desired. Strain into cocktail glasses. - 27.8618

The Fourth Martini, 4th Of July Cocktails

Happy 4th of July! Today we're making a cocktail for the fourth that fits the color and brings some taste too. If you like citrus this one should sit well with you. - 101.491

Bacardi Cocktail

MAKING 1) In a cocktail shaker, combine all the ingredients together; cover and shake thoroughly. 2) Add 1 drop red food coloring, if desired and strain into the cocktail glasses. SERVING 3) Serve the Bacardi Cocktail immediately. - 33.6307

Ectoplasm Cocktail / Ectocooler, Who You Gonna Call?

Let us blast back to the 80's with the color for this ectoplasm cocktail. But, you will find out quickly that this isn't a sweet easy drinking cocktail as it will drive focus of gin into your facehole. - 103.16

Jolly Rancher Cocktail With Jolly Rancher Vodka

We are using Jolly Rancher Apple Vodka to create the Jolly Rancher cocktail. A brilliant color, a pucker-like tart bite in the late fourth quarter of the sip. - 102.348

Blue Sparkler - New Years Cocktail

Welcome your guests into the New Year with this signature cocktail, the blue sparkler. It's a cocktail that is smooth and is sure to please a wide variety of pallets. - 114.235

Blue Lagoon Cocktail /mocktail With Desi Citrus Twist

Blue Lagoon Cocktail /Mocktail With Desi Citrus Twist is a tantalizing drink that would surely add a colorful sparkle to all summer parties. Sweet lime and lemon squash imparts an exciting cool blue color to the cocktail/ mocktail and a real Desi substitute... - 34.5696

Ginger Fruit Cocktail

ginger fruit cocktail is a dessert cum beverage prepared with fruits, strawberries and ginger ale. Served chilled, this juicy blend is a treat for fruit lovers and ideal for the hot summer days as a welcome respite from the heat. - 35.0557

Revived Ward Eight

Classic cocktails are always a great companion for lighter moments and Bridget adds her own twist in this revived ward eight recipe and shakes it up in her way. It looks fabulous with its vibrant orange color and all those citrus juices makes it a real... - 120.259

Fruit Cocktail Salad

Blend buttermilk into pudding mix using mediumspeed of mixer. When smooth, blend in Cool Whip. If consistency of mixture seems too thick, add a little more buttermilk. Fold in fruit cocktail and mandarin oranges, reserving half a can of oranges for... - 34.5418

Blizzard Cocktail

Stir all ingredients together. Color with grenadine if desired. - 29.0781

The Pearl Harbor Cocktail

A classy classic cocktail with creative yellow and green colors. Really easy to make, garnish is exceptionally tasty. - 117.473

Fruit Tingle #2, How-to

The Fruit Tingle #2, a cocktail that has a crazy color, sweet taste and reminds us of a citrus driven Shirley Temple. Loving it. - 112.34

Blue Hawaii Cocktail

You may know the Elvis Presley movie, Blue Hawaii, but this cocktail was created several years before the King ever swiveled his hips Hawaiian-style. In 1957 bartender, Harry Yee at the Hilton Hawaiian Village was asked by Bols to create a new drink to... - 112.705

The Sour Feet Cocktail

Yeah, the sour feet cocktail, not a clue why it has such a name. The color isn't all that impressive but the taste does remind us of the Long Island Iced Tea a bit, with the cola and the sour bite from the citrus. - 106.37

Rambutan Cocktail

1 Combine fruit and liqueur. 2 Place egg white and sugar on two separate plates. Invert six dessert glasses and dip rim into egg white, then into colored sugar. Fill glasses with assorted fruit and liqueur. Cover with sparkling wine. Serve chilled. - 29.083

Blue Bugs Bunny Cocktail

The Blue Bugs Bunny cocktail, exploits the flavor of grapefruit juice and gives us a weird color result. Tasting notes: citrus and subtle grapefruit that gets a bit less subtle as you sip, a good blue curacao will come through and give you a little bite as... - 119.554

Sharknado Shooter, From Wink & Nod

The Sharknado, a cocktail that brings the grey color to your glass. This cocktail is all about driving the tropics to your palate while maintaining the grey theme of the design. A unique recipe designed to be served at Wink & Nod in Boston. We are joined by... - 112.546

The Guild Cocktail Recipe

The guild cocktail recipe, a custom recipe design provides a flavorful taste along with an epic color design. Look straight down into it and there is a purple circle where the layers of red and blue meet. Mellow fruit punch flavor drink with good... - 115.533

The Blended Leprechaun Cocktail

Not only is this a Coole Swan recipe, custom tailored for the show, but it is a custom everyday drinkers recipe created by Jennifer. This recipe is designed to fit the needs of the UK and others that have a very limited alcohol selection - 109.35

Rainbow Shots

How to make the rainbow shots, a series of shots, poured quickly, that result in a rainbow of colors from shot to shot. It's been seen on a few short video's but rarely tried and explained by others. We try. The Rainbow shooter will take practice so plan to... - 117.991

The Ocean Cocktail

The colors of the ocean are relaxing, why not drink them sans salt! That's the ocean cocktail, do you like blue freezie pops? Maybe the ocean is for you after all! - 113.923

Bar Therapy: The Bad Santa Cocktail

The color is deep, dark red with a contrasting candid white. The scent is led by the cinnamon spice notes and the taste is warm, silky and very smooth. Perfect cocktail to compliment any occasion! - 108.68

The Radioactive Ooze Cocktail

This one is all about color, we already know its going to to taste fine no matter what proportions! - 112.879

Easy shrimp Cocktail

Remove shells and veins from shrimp. For small shrimp, take off head. For large shrimp, cut into 1 inch pieces. Rinse in cold water. In a baking dish, put butter, garlic and white wine. Cook for 2 minutes. Stir mixture and place shrimp in dish without... - 35.5004

Watermelon Cocktail

MAKING 1.Using a vegetable cutter make small balls out of pineapple, make sure they are bright pink in color 2.In a bowl, place the pineapple and sprinkle with sugar and add lemon juice 3.Chill thoroughly in the refrigerator 4.Now pour the pineapple mixture ... - 36.7015

Wasabi Infused Caesar Cocktail

Bring a little twist to your regular cocktail by adding some special herbs or spices. The wasabi caesar cocktail is a nice fusion of Oriental and Canadian styles. The muddled wasabi makes the classic Canadian caesar cocktail completely irresistible. Watch the... - 125.874

Midori Sex On The Beach Cocktail

Sex on the Beach is a highball drink loved by people around the world, and this version is with Midori. Possibly the first ever Sex on the Beach was created in America in the 1990s. It's one of those cocktails with a playful name, and people around America... - 112.685

Halloween Cocktail - The Vampire Bite

The Vampire Bite, our first real Halloween cocktail of the season 2012. The flavor profile is definitely unique and intense and the color fits the theme of the month. The flavors of sweet grape juice, a hint of blackberry and a dry bite of cranberry juice... - 115.805

The Brandy Crusta, Classic How-to

Brandy Crusta, or as I would call it, the Brandy Sour. A sour cocktail that tastes much like a margarita with brandy instead of tequila. It has a nice elegant color with an intense sour bite. - 118.371

The Fuzzy Blue Gobbler

A cocktail that looks like a bottle of hpnotiq but has none in it. A honey, citrus and peach combination with a pretty color. - 110.095

Morlacco Julep

In the area around Padua, Italy, where Luxardo produces its liqueurs and confectionary products, over 22,000 cherry trees line the hillsides. It is from these trees that the famous Luxardo Maraschino Cherries are harvested and the Luxardo Cherry "Sangue... - 108.894

Thai Tini

This is a refreshing drink ...The color is light orange; the perfume is strongly dominated by the Caribbean essence of lime, the sweetness of the delicious Orangecello and well balanced from the delicate Cardamom fragrance. The drink is thick and pulpy, very... - 113.266

Bar Therapy: The Avocatini

The color is pastel green. The nose is full of the citrusy delicious orange & lime peel fragrances. The taste is refreshing and creamy. Its for sure a unique and tasty summery drink and remember, avocados are heart healthy so DRINK UP! This martini will be... - 112.337

Bar Therapy: Blackberry Thyme Caipirina

This is a refreshing drink inspired from a famous one of Brazilian tradition "the Caipirinia". The color is purple, with dark veins; the perfume is strongly dominated by the Caribbean essence of lime and balanced from the delicate thyme fragrance. The drink... - 109.824

The Rotten Banana Cocktail

Oh yeah, come here you rotten banana, you bad boy! This recipe isn't as rotten as you'd think, from the color. - 111.168

Rosy Fruit Cocktail Slices

Soften cream cheese; blend with mayonnaise. Fold in next four ingredients. Add few drops red food coloring to tint pink. Pour salad mixture into two 1-quart round freezer containers. Freeze firm, about 6 hours or overnight. To serve, let stand out a few... - 29.6822

Rosy Fruit Cocktail Slices

Rosy Fruit Cocktail Slices is one of my favorites and is a pretty easy salad to prepare. This Rosy Fruit Cocktail Slices is rich with the flavors of heavy cream, marshmallows and fruit cocktail. Check out the recipe of rosy fruit cocktail slices. - 35.0946

Fruit Cocktail Cobbler

1. Combine brown sugar and cornstarch in saucepan; stir in fruit cocktail. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until thickened. Mix in orange peel. Spread evenly in un-greased 9 x 9 x 2-inch baking pan. Set aside. 2. Sift together flour, baking powder... - 34.0142

Cocktail Sauce

Whip the cream until thick but not stiff. Add the milk, mayonnaise and ketchup and continue beating for 2 minutes. Stir in the Tabasco sauce, confectioners' sugar, vineaar, cinnamon, sarlic salt and curry powder. The sauce should be light pink in... - 34.2838

Rosy Fruit Cocktail Slices

Soften cream cheese; blend with mayonnaise. Fold in remaining ingredients. Pour salad mixture into two 1 -quart round ice-cream or freezer containers, or other containers shown at right. Freeze firm, about 6 hours or overnight. To serve, let stand out a few... - 33.3286

Rosy Fruit Cocktail Slices

MAKING 1) Soften the cream cheese and blend with the mayonnaise until smooth. 2) Fold in rest of the ingredients, mix well. 3) In two 1-quart round ice-cream or freezer containers, pour the salad mixture and freeze for about 6 hours or overnight, until... - 36.7541

Blended Leprechaun Cocktail

Another really great St Patrick Day signature cocktail that is made with really great ingredients. Derrick seems to really like Cool Swan Irish cream and he has a huge repertoire of drinks based on it. We do suggest you take a look at this great version. - 123.427

Apple Cocktail

Cocktail time is the time to mix up some of the favorite drinks, extracts or juices to come up with a sizzling new drink. The chef shows how to male Appletini or an Apple cocktail using an apple extract as the base drink. Rocking over any party! - 113.502

Spicy Cocktail Meatballs

Mix ground beef, taco seasoning mix and egg. Shape into 1-inch balls; place in single layer in 10-inch square casserole. Microwave at HIGH (100%) until meatballs are firm and lose their pink color, 7 to 10 minutes, stirring once or twice during... - 44.7326

Christmas Cocktail

Jay Kordich, "The Father of Juicing", makes a great drink for the holidays, "The Christmas Cocktail": - 101.083

Jello Cocktail Shot

Jello shots can also be served in a sort plastic cups but I like to have my Jello shot in a shot glass.Jello shot served in a shot glass looks far more attractive & all the colors come through beautifully. - 34.9939

Mint Julep Dessert Cocktail

I take on another one of BraveTart's amazing recipes. This one combines a mint panna cotta, a mint syrup, and a brown sugar and bourbon chantilly. Garnish with a candied mint leaf and a crunch component (I use tuile). This is a fantastic way to usher in a... - 103.646

Idli - Cocktail Idlis And Dhokla Sandwich

If you're in the mood to have South Indian cuisine then do try out these idlis. For making the cocktail idlis the chef has used green and red chutney. The idlis can be served with hot sambhar. Watch the video for the easy recipe of making idlis. I'm sure - 96.9509

Ginger Cosmo

This delicious cocktail features two flavors of the holiday season: ginger and cranberry. Its vivid red color will immediately grab the eye of your party guests. Why try ours? We have made a pitcher-sized version so your guests can serve themselves and you... - 110.146

Bar Therapy: Jacopo's Margarita

Nothing can look so refreshing ........a nice chilled glass with a bright green rim and a dark pink drink....The essence is dominated from the spice/acidic characteristic of the ginger. The mouth is a mix of opposite sensations of spice (ginger) and Sweetness... - 109.626

Copper Illusion Martini

This copper-colored martini can create the illusion that you are sophisticated and rich. Well, maybe you already are. - 104.368

Truffle Rita

The color is pale yellow, the floating parsley gives the drink a sexy and refreshing look. The scent is saturated by the dominant truffle oil mixed with the sweet notes of the fresh whipped cream. The taste is like unlike anything you have ever had! The... - 112.705


Created in 1948 by Harry Cipriani at Harry's Bar in Venice, Italy, this sophisticated drink was named for the 15th-century Venetian artist Jacopo Bellini, a painter Cipriani much admired. Apparently, the wonderful faint pink hue of the Bellini reminded him of... - 30.4991

Chocolate Grasshopper

MAKING 1) In a small sauce pan, heat chocolate, sugar, milk, cream, liqueurs and food coloring, being careful not to boil. 2) Into mugs, fill the cocktail and float whipped cream on top. SERVING 3) Serve immediately on garnishing with mint leaves and... - 37.2876

How To Make A Mango Margarita

How to make margarita in few minutes. - 87.2046

Carrie Cosmo

Mix 2 parts Prairie Organic Vodka, one part St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, one part Organic Cranberry Juice and juice of a half lime. Mix well and serve in a tall cocktail glass, garnished with a lime wedge. Cranberry is there just to lend some color to the... - 20.1818

Lemon Lime Refresher

MAKING 1) In a jug, add lime juice, lemon juice, mint and sweetener. 2) Combine well. 3) Add pinch of food coloring. 4) Place inside refrigerator to chill. SERVING 5) In each of the 4 tall glasses, place 2 ice cubes. Distribute lime mixture among the... - 40.0438

Heavenly Ambrosia Martini

If you are a martini lover, then you will love this flavorful, aromatic drink. A cocktail of taste and aroma, this is one perfect drink to booze on when chilling at the porch or patio. Just follow the video, stock up on the booze and get mixing this drink. - 105.415

Chilled Glogg

MAKING 1) In a saucepan, add brewed tea and spices. 2) Place over high heat to bring a boil. 3) Add sweetener, extracts and coloring, after removing from heat. 4) Allow cooling at room temperature and then place inside refrigerator to chill. SERVING 5)... - 45.9781

Apple Malt

GETTING READY 1) Core the apple without peeling off the skin. Cut into small pieces. MAKING 2) In a blender container, add the apple pieces, milk powder, water, cinnamon, salt and food colouring. 3) Process all the ingredients, until the apple is smoothly... - 44.1577

Bob Marley Shooter

The Bob Marley Shooter, in the colors of the Rastafari movement: green, yellow and red. Also the Ethiopian Flag and this shot can only be a variant of the Traffic Light Shooter (with different ingredients for the most part). Bob Marley is credited with both... - 118.944