Colored Rice Recipes

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Colorful Fried Rice

Colorful Fried Rice is a delicious and easy to prepare rice dish. My family loves this yummy vegetable rice and so I serve it quiet often. Try the Colorful Fried Rice! - 50.3692

Colorful Rice Salad

The colorful rice salad is a vegetable rice salad. Prepared with eggs and cheese along with vegetables, the colorful rice salad is dressed with mayonnaisde and is chilled to serve. Served for brunch or brunch parties, this salad is a great hit. - 35.9349

Tri Color Rice

–  In 2 separate saucepans, pour 1 1/2 cups (310 ml) water and cook white rice and brown rice separately for about 20 minutes. (Add a pinch of saffron to white rice.) –  In a third saucepan filled with 2 cups (500 ml) water, cook wild rice for 20 to 30... - 32.0569

Tri-colored Carrot Rice Pudding

Indian rice pudding or kheer as said in the local language is the most frequently made traditional sweet dish festive offering. Tricolored rice pudding laced with carrots and green gram is the tweaked form of this classic dish to mark the Republic Day... - 61.8287

Colorful Rice Noodle Soup - Part 1: Ingredients & Preparation

On days when you feel like being a little experiment in your kitchen, this lip-smacking soup should help your get started. This colorful soup not only makes for an excellent appetizer. But also adds colors and flavors to your dinner table. This video presents... - 73.6265

Colorful Rice Noodle Soup - Part 2: Preparation Cont.

There's something highly comforting about slurping down on a bowl of piping hot rice soup on hungry nights. Kimberly tweaks up the traditional rice soup by incorporating ingredients of different hues to the soup to make it a yummy fare. Try it at home and... - 73.3763

Spanish Colored Rice With Tuna And Vegetables

Won't you like to try some Spanish style rice with tuna and vegetables. This impressive video is here to show how simple it is to prepare this dish at home. Watch the video and make this unique rice to amaze your guests in your next party . - 83.5514

Five Color Rice Balls (오색 주먹밥)

GETTING READY 1. In a bowl, add the ground beef, bulgogi sauce, green onion and sesame seeds. Mix until well combined and set aside to marinate until the other ingredients are prepared. 2. On a chopping board, place the zucchini, carrot and using a sharp... - 123.749

Sizzling Rice With Colorful Vegetables

1. Heat oil in wok over high heat. Add ginger and garlic, stirring for 10 seconds. 2. Add all vegetables and stir-fry for 1 minute. Add remaining seasoning except cornstarch. Cover and cook over medium heat for 2 1/2 minutes. Thicken with cornstarch solution... - 33.452

Colorful Vegetable Rice Toss

In small saucepan, combine all sauce ingredients. Cook over low heat until sugar is dissolved and mixture is bubbly, stirring occasionally. Set aside. Bring water to boil in large saucepan. Add frozen, peas and corn. Return to a boil, stirring... - 44.2248

Tomato Rice- Tangy And Colorful

Tomato rice is spicy and tangy. It is more like a combination of rice and curry, but dry like the fried rice. It goes well with raita. - 43.0681

Green And Yellow Rice

Prepare rice. Melt butter, add to rice. Set aside. Beat eggs and grate cheese. Add milk to eggs; then stir in cheese, spinach and mix well. Stir in onion, seasonings; combine entire mixture with rice. Place in a 2 quart casserole dish. Set in a pan of water... - 41.0004

Saffron Rice

Clean, wash and drain rice. Heat ghee in a thick bottomed deep pan and saute the cloves for 10 seconds. Add the rice and sauté till the grains turn translucent. Pour in the coconut milk and 3 cups of water and cook on a low flame, stirring In another thick... - 40.6833

Easy Decorative Vegetable Dishes

Who doesn't like colorful vegetable dishes that not only looks appealing to the eyes, but is also appeasing to the taste buds? Bale Dave uses multicolored seasonal yields to make a string of dishes like khichdi, carrot salad with rice, and sandwich. - 40.5713

How To Cook Black Rice In Thai Rice Steamer - Black Rice Salad

Black rice is a familiar food in Thai and other Asian cuisines and here is a recipe to cook it. Check out the chef tossing Black Rice with other ingredients after cooking the rice in a rice steamer to make a salad. Interesting experience! - 82.6133


This video is in Filipino. - 85.0846

Pigeon Peas Rice

This a classic puertorrican recipe usually served during xmas with pork. It is a great side dish for any protein especially fried pork chops!!! I love this recipe, this is my favorite type of rice!! For more spanish recipes visit - 42.2611

Chinese Fried Rice

Brown meat in hot oil; add mushrooms, rice, onion, and soy sauce. Continue to fry over low heat 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add the well beaten egg and continue to stir fry for 2 to 3 minutes or until egg is set. Add additional soy sauce if you prefer... - 32.0311

Healthy Green Beans With Rice

Healthy green beans Recipe with Salad. - 28.2027

Fried Rice With Herbs

MAKING 1) Chop the onion into thin slices and fry them in a little oil till they are tender. 2) Add the chopped herbs, rice and seasoning. SERVING 3) Serve hot with tamari. TIP 2 teaspoons of turmeric can be added for extra color. - 33.9247

Chinese Fried Rice

thinking of a better way of cooking a left over rice? try this tasty chinese fried rice! - 39.1435

Cajun Steamed Rice

For the Cajun Kitchen, here's bringing to you a rice dish with some sausage pieces cooked! A flavorful and rich rice dish being shown by Chef David! See the video for more. - 109.524

Betty's Amazing White To Brown Rice

When looking to eat something healthy for dinner, brown rice can tot up as a great meal option. Full of flavor and crunch and low in fat, brown rice is a super healthy alternative to white rice. Betty presents a quick and easy recipe to get you through the... - 112.27

Spinach Rice (healthy Protein Rich Green Rice)

This is a great lunch box idea, quick to make yet really tasty. Spinach rice is filled with the nutrients from spinach and paneer(Indian cheese). - 125.425

Asian Yellow Rice

Rice is a versatile dish that goes along most dishes! This rice is an Indonesian rice that is usually served on occasions! See the video on more on how to make this simple rice dish! - 105.582

Dry Fruit And Walnut Rice

Dry fruit and walnut rice is an exotic way of turning a simple steamed rice into an exotic, rich and tempting dish. No matter what you eat with this rice, it tastes all the more better as the rice changes its flavor. Watch the video for simple steps of... - 114.697

Hamburger-rice Dish

This Hamburger-Rice Dish is an excellent dish for your weekend luncheons. This mouthwatering and succulent meat and rice preparation is incomparable. Try this wonderful Hamburger-Rice Dish recipe. - 35.5873

Beef And Rice Casserole

Preheat oven to 325 °F. Cut bacon into strips; fry in skillet until crisp. Remove to large casserole. Cut meat into cubes; brown in bacon fat. Transfer to casserole, using slotted spoon. Add onions and rice to remaining fat. Stir until rice begins to... - 43.5625

Sweet Rice By Tarla Dalal

An easy version of the traditional meetha chawal. It is a good version than the regular sweet. . . It will surely be loved by all adults. - 96.3143

Classic Dirty Rice

In a small saucepan bring water and uncooked rice to boiling. Reduce heat. Cover and simmer about 20 minutes or till rice is done. Set rice aside. Cut chicken livers and gizzards into pieces. Use the coarse blade of a food grinder to grind livers and... - 43.1209

Yangchow Fried Rice

Cut off skin and fat of Smithfield ham. Boil the ham in water for about 15 minutes. Dice ham when cool. Defrost shrimp and then rinse with cold water. Pat completely dry with paper towels. Marinate in wine, tapioca starch, and salt for at least 15... - 43.276

Stir Fried Rice Cakes

Soak the dried rice cake slices in cold water overnight or at least 12 hours. Drain before cooking. Soak the mushrooms in hot water until soft. Discard stems and shred the mushrooms. Defrost and rinse the raw shrimp. Pat dry thoroughly with paper... - 43.0297

Chinese House Fried Rice

If you are looking for something that can be served with the egg flower soup or egg drop soup, here is a quick and inexpensive recipe for Chinese House Fried Rice. These rice go well with the soup and are often served together at Chinese joints. Now you can... - 121.594

Pork Fried Rice

Chinese cooking has an unlimited number of variations in the ingredients, and the flavorings, and the way it can be cooked. Bits of roast pork, a variety a vegetables and a flavored Basamati rice make this recipe one of the best examples of true Chinese... - 38.8817

Temple Fried Rice

GETTING READY 1) Cut the carrots in half lengthwise. After laying the halves flat and cut in half, lengthwise, once again. Grasp the pieces firmly together and cut crosswise into small, fan-shaped pieces about 1/8-inch in thickness. Cut enough carrots to... - 44.416

Leftover Mutton Curry Fried Rice

Well we have all heard of fried rice, but this one is a no brainer! A perfect way to utilize leftovers and give a classic make- over to the ingredients. Mutton curry is always cooked in excess in our house and we end up eating it for two days. To be honest,... - 32.9982

Saffron Basmati Pilaf With Currants And Almonds

When entertaining guests, one side dish that always goes well with any braised or stewed meat dish is delicious and exotic rice dish. This basmati and saffron pilaf recipe is so quick and will fill your home with a delicious sweet aroma and invitingly call... - 103.587

Garlic Saffron Rice

Heat butter in a flameproof casserole, add rice and garlic and stir. Cook until rice begins to color. Remove from heat and stir in saffron, salt, pepper, parsley, stock and wine. Cover and cook over medium coals for 25-30 minutes, until moisture is absorbed... - 35.4737

Rice Vada - Left Over Rice

Looking for some tasty Indian snacks, then definitely check out this recipe. It's delicious to eat and simple to make. It is called Rice Vada in India and is made from left over rice. You can serve it with chutney. So don't forget to check out the video. - 97.4675

Steamed Pork & Rice Chrysanthemums

In a medium-size bowl, wash rice thoroughly in cool water. Pour off milky water and add fresh water. Continue washing rice and changing water until water is clear. Drain rice and divide between 2 medium-size bowls. Add 1 cup of water to each bowl. Add red... - 44.6827

Easy Homemade Spanish Rice Made With Brown Rice

Homemade Spanish rice is easy to make. If you would like to make it as healthy as possible, then this recipe is for you. - 132.779

Spanish Vegetable Paella

1. Cook vegetables (except peppers and zucchini) in a saucepan of boiling, lightly salted water, for 1 minute. Rinse under cold water to chill; drain well. 2. In the same saucepan, bring stock to a boil. Add saffron and red pepper flakes; season with salt to... - 32.1751

Saffron Rice

Saffron Rice is eay to prepare. The saffron gives the Saffron Rice the prefect color and taste. Must catch it. - 21.3576

Rice With Peas And Whole Spices

Heat oil in a 3-quart heavy-bottomed pot (with tight-fitting lid—to be used later) over medium heat. Add cloves, peppercorns, cinnamon, and cardamom. Stir for about 10 to 20 seconds, until spices begin to expand and change color. Add the rice, peas if using... - 46.9011

Lentils With Rice

MAKING 1) Take a saucepan and add water to it. Add lentils and salt. Cover and boil for about 10 minutes. 2) Wash the rice and add it to lentils along with onion, stir to mix well. 3) Cover and cook over low heat for about 45 more minutes or longer. 4) Take... - 39.1879

Delicious And Beautiful Jeweled Rice

This vegan rice pilaf fits all of the criteria and it is so colorful that we call it “The Rainbow Rice” at my restaurant. - 95.8185

Tuna And Rice

Melt butter, add onion, and cook until lightly colored. Add rice and stir for 3 minutes. Put saffron in 1/2 cup of the bouillon; add remaining bouillon to the rice. Cook over low heat, stirring occasionally. When the liquid is absorbed, add saffron-flavored... - 37.9125

Fried Rice With Water Chestnut

MAKING 1) In a pan, saute the onion in the oil, until lightly colored. 2) Stir in the rice and saute over a low heat for 2 or 3 minutes. 3) Stir in the meat, water chestnuts, mushrooms , mix thoroughly. 4) Stir in the soy sauce, eggs, and seasonings, stir... - 44.1775

Plain But Perfect Pilaf

1. Break vermicelli into 1-inch or 2-inch pieces and brown in 1/2 cup chicken broth until it takes on a golden color. 2. Add rice and stir lightly until rice is crisp. 3. Pour in hot chicken broth. Cover. Simmer over low heat for about 60 minutes. - 23.6277

Saffron Rice

Try this delicious version of Saffron Rice. An easy to prepare boiled rice recipe, Saffron Rice is a dish that you would love to talk about with us! - 37.6969

Rice East Indian

1. Mix the rice with the coconut and almonds. 2. Arrange mounds of rice in the center of 4 hot serving plates. Arrange some of the sliced chicken around each mound. 3. Sprinkle the rice with paprika for color and garnish with parsley and olives. - 30.0897

Black Gomoku Rice Balls

This recipe once became an actual onigiri product and sold at convenience stores nationwide in Japan. The rice is cooked with 5 black-colored ingredients: black pork (local specialty in Kagoshima prefecture), sliced kelp, black rice, black sesame seeds, and... - 98.2885

Rice With Potatoes And Cumin Seed

Peel potato, dice into 3/4-inch cubes. Heat oil in a heavy-bottomed pot (with tight-fitting lid—to be used later) over medium heat. When very hot, add the cumin seeds, and after they have begun to change color and "pop" (about 10 to 20 seconds), put in the... - 38.9998

Mixed Seafood Fried Rice

Wondering what to do with leftover rice, then take a look at this fried rice recipe combined with seafood’s to make a luscious dish in no time. Watch the video to see step by step instructions. Try making at home with your favorite combination of seafood. - 86.2606

Classic Lemon Rice

The aromatic lemon rice can be an ideal meal for your lunch or dinner. All of you, who have tasted this rice preparation, must be knowing, how fabulous it is. You can easily recreate the similar lemon rice with the perfect guidance of chef Sanjay. Go through... - 125.132

Spicy Turmeric Rice

This rice is spicy and aromatic. It has a pale yellow color and is very good accompaniment with any meat dish of choice. - 24.7014

Chicken And Egg On Rice

To make plain rice All recipes call for short-grain rice. When planning a meal requiring rice, allow at least 1 hour for washing, soaking, boiling, and standing. Use a heavy, tight-lidded pot with a capacity roughly 3 times the volume of uncooked rice. (Pot... - 44.0269

Skillet Chicken And Rice

GETTING READY 1) Cut the chicken breasts into 3 inch strips. MAKING 2) Take a large skillet and heat oil in it. Add chicken and cook over high heat for about 5 minutes or until it turns light brown in color. 3) Add all the other ingredients except rice and... - 45.0533

Chicken Rice Soup

In 1-qt casserole combine green pepper and onion; cover. Microwave at High 2 to 4 minutes, or until tender, stirring once. Remove stock from container and place in 2-qt casserole; cover. Microwave at High 15 to 22 minutes, or until boiling, breaking apart 2... - 34.8662

Chinese Fried Rice

Brown meat lightly in oil. Add mushrooms, rice, onion and soy sauce. Continue to fry over low heat for 10 minutes. Then add beaten egg and continue to fry and stir for another 5 minutes. If color isn't dark enough, add more soy sauce. Makes 6 servings. - 35.4431

Sour Cream Pilaf

Place chicken stock, lemon juice, salt, pepper, bay leaf, and 1/4 cup of the butter in the top of a double boiler; heat over direct heat until stock starts to simmer. Add rice, cover, then cook over boiling water for 35 minutes, or until rice is tender and... - 38.3727

Spiced Fried Rice

GETTING READY 1 Wash the rice thoroughly. 2 In a bowl soak the rice in enough water. MAKING 3 In a pan, heat the oil. 4 Add in onions and fry till golden brown color. 5 Add in all the other dry ingredients and mix well. 6 Stir in the rice and fry for ... - 42.5377

Chicken Rice Casserole

One hour before serving, remove 1 container Cooked Chicken from freezer. Dip container into very hot water just to loosen; Place frozen block in large saucepan. Cover tightly; heat, stirring occasionally, until thawed. Remove from heat. Heat oven to... - 40.9241

Cuban Rice And Chicken

This traditional West-African dish is a breeze to make and tastes oh-so-good. Juan Montalvo shows you how to whip up this African one-skillet favorite at home with a few simple ingredients. Besides, this dish is a great option for busy weeknights when you... - 99.9244

Thai Green Rice By Tarla Dalal

A colorful rice preparation with a refreshing flavor, the Thai Green Rice has strong hints of lemon grass and mint. Since it does not involve boiling vegetables, it can be tossed up quite soon -- you just need to spare enough time for the rice to cook, and... - 123.813

Aarroz Caldo

This lugaw is usually served during breakfast. I remember seeing several well-lit carts complete with chairs and tables along Edsa (a major road in Manila) serving this congee with Goto and lugaw. Several tapsilogan and karinderya also carry this in their... - 101.881

Saffron Crusted Rice

In a 5- to 6-quart pan with a nonstick surface, bring 5 cups water to a boil. Add rice; cover and cook over medium-low heat until rice is tender to bite and liquid is absorbed, about 20 minutes. Season to taste with salt. Spoon rice out of pan and set... - 35.5418

Kesari Pulao

GETTING READY 1 Wash the rice and soak in water for 25 minutes. MAKING 2 In a pan, heat sugar along with 1 cup water until syrupy. 3 In another pan heat the ghee with cloves and cardamoms,. 4 Add in the rice, orange color, water and cook on a low heat... - 49.5925

Sweet Zarda Rice

Want a delicious sweet rice to serve with your Asian meat curry? Zarda rice would be the best combination for a scrumptious meal. Chef in the video is showing the simplest method for preparing this dish which actually looks like a gourmet and difficult dish... - 121.971

Rice With Whole Spices

Peel onion and slice into fine rounds. Halve the rounds. Heat the oil in a 3-quart heavy-bottomed pot (with tight-fitting lid—to be used later) over medium heat, put in the onions, and fry, stirring, until they are brown and crisp (but not burned)—about 8... - 44.5391

Tuna And Rice Supper Dish

Cook rice in butter in large frying pan until lightly browned in color. Combine next 8 ingredients and blend into rice with fork. Bring to boiling point fluffing once or twice with fork but do not stir. Then cover and simmer over low heat for 10 minutes. Add... - 38.6645

White Rice

In a wide frying pan, place rice, oil, garlic, and onion. Slowly brown rice over low heat, stirring occasionally. When rice is wheat colored, pour off most of the oil (leave about 1 tablespoon) and remove garlic. Dissolve bouillon cubes in water and pour over... - 30.8592

Yellow Rice With Raisins

This yellow rice with raisins will be perfect for you. It’s very simple to make and you can serve it as a side dish with a great chicken stew or any other meat stew. The rice’s golden color gives you a bon appétit. Let’s get into the cooking. - 35.4829

Tricolor Jeera Rice

Rice is a staple food in many countries including India and there are many ways of preparing rice. Tricolor jeera rice is a classic example jazzing up a plain rice dish that is appetizing as well as appealing to the eyes. One can find this dish on all special... - 137.654

Curried Rice

In a medium-sized pot, stir together 1 ¼ cups rice and 4 ½ tablespoons melted butter. Place over medium heat and cook while stirring, until the rice is a golden color. Add 1 teaspoon curry powder, 1 ½ teaspoons salt, and 2 ¼ cups chicken broth. Bring to a... - 18.541

Persian Rice

Soak the saffron in the cold water thirty minutes. Add the rice gradually to the boiling salted water. Return to a boil and cook until the rice is half done, about ten minutes. Drain the rice in a colander. Add the butter to the kettle in which the rice... - 42.8049

Rice Pudding

Simmer rice in water and milk for about 45 minutes or until sauce is thick and rice is soft. Beat egg yolks and sugar until thick and pale in color. Gradually stir in rice pudding, mix well, and return to saucepan. Add salt and cook over low heat for about 2... - 32.7237

Rice Pudding Mould With Cranberry Rum Sauce

Oil a 6-cup mold. Cook rice with water and salt according to package directions for half the basic recipe, omitting butter. In a large saucepan, combine gelatin, kirsch liqueur and cranberry sauce. Heat over low heat until gelatin is dissolved. Stir in cooked... - 45.7157

Thai Mixed Vegetables And Egg Fried Rice

Thai mixed vegetables and egg fried rice is an excellent fried rice recipe. Here the mixed vegetables and egg makes the dish all the more colorful. The chef here makes it look all the more easy to cook it at home. Simply whisk in egg and stir in a few fresh... - 84.324

Indian Vegetable And Basmati Pulao

Some substitute vegetable pulao for a biryani. However this pulao is much lighter than its rich and heavy counterpart. It is a pulao bursting with flavor of herbs, spices and the basmati rice gives it an irresistible fragrance. Chef Sanjay Thumma uses a rice... - 130.518

Busy-day Rice Ragout

This Busy-Day Rice Ragout comes handy when you have very less time to cook ! You can cook up this rice tomatoes, ground beef and veal dish in a jiffy. Just try and let me know how you've liked it! - 44.3606

Shrimp Fried Rice Cantonese Style

Defrost the shrimps, rinse with cold water, and pat dry thoroughly with paper towels. Mix the shrimps with wine, salt, and tapioca starch. Set aside. Beat the eggs with 1/4 tsp salt. Heat 2 Tbs oil in a wok over high heat. Stir in the marinated shrimps and... - 46.3476

Thai Fried Rice

MAKING 1. Take a large skillet and heat oil in it and sauté garlic and onions until onions turn soft and transparent. 2. Add pork and stir fry for a few minutes until its color gets changed. 3. Add shrimp and fry until it gets pink. 4. Force the... - 47.4781

Ferocious Fried Rice

What’s a dude to do with those leftover Chinese takeout cartons of rice? Make Ferocious Fried Rice, duh! And it’s super easy, even a guy like Adam could maybe do it. Maybe. Plus, it’s made mostly with stuff you probably already have around the house and... - 109.733

Carrot Pulao

GETTING READY 1 Wash and soak the rice for about 15 minutes. MAKING 2 In a pan, add sugar, 1 cup water and grated carrots. 3 Cook until half tender. 4 In a pan, heat the ghee, and add in the soaked rice, cardamoms, yellow color and 5 cups water. 5 Cook... - 48.5269

Mixed Rice

To prepare 1. Wash mushrooms. Soak in 3 cups warm water until soft (about 1 hour), keeping them submerged by covering with drop-lid, flat pan lid, or saucer. Drain, reserving soaking water. Discard stems and cut caps into slices 1/4 inch (3/4 cm) wide. 2.... - 43.2896

Green Rice Souffle

Preheat oven to 375°F (19rC). Butter a 2-quart souffle' dish or deep, round baking dish. Sprinkle bottom and sides evenly with about 2 tablespoons Parmesan cheese. Cook rice with water, 1 teaspoon salt and 1 tablespoon butter or margarine according to... - 44.5882

Spanish Seafood Paella

Here is a great recipe for all of you, who loves to eat authentic paella. Traditional paella is prepared by adding plenty of seafood, which actually enhances the flavor. Watch this video and try your hand to cook this by yourself. Serve a delicious Spanish... - 115.51

Cheddar Crusted Chicken Breasts

Bring the onion, sage, broth, and water to a boil in a large saucepan. Add the boneless chicken breasts. Bring back to a simmer, simmer for 2 minutes, cover, and remove from the heat. Let stand about 10 minutes. Remove the chicken breasts to a plate and cover... - 45.5868

Spanish Rice

This is so easy to make, you'll wonder how you ever made tacos without this savory side dish - 41.4279

Busy Day Rice Ragout

Use medium to large skillet; stir onion and green pepper in oil until soft. Add meat, salt, and pepper; stir until meat loses pink color. Add remaining ingredients; stir until well blended. Reduce heat; cover skillet. Simmer just 15 minutes. - 35.7876

Real Texas Spanish Rice Part 2

Part 2 of 3 where Ramona will show you how to make Real Texas Spanish Rice. - 72.239

Real Texas Spanish Rice Part 3

Part 3 of 3 where Ramona will show you how to make Real Texas Spanish Rice. - 72.2962

Real Texas Spanish Rice Part 1

Part 1 of 3 where Ramona will show you how to make Real Texas Spanish Rice. - 72.1974

Mushroom Rice

GETTING READY 1) In a saucepan, place rice and pour in water. 2) Wash mushrooms in cold water. Discard the stem ends. MAKING 3) Place over heat and bring to a boil. 4) Simmer, by reducing heat and covering, for about 20 minutes or until all liquid is... - 42.3352

Mixed Pilau

The Mixed Pilau is a lovely dish that often serve as a meal in itself! The unique and incomparable taste of this dish is mouthwatering. This Mixed Pilau recipe is fantastic. Try it! - 50.4836

White Veg Pulao

Normally we cook pulao which we cook along with vegetables which makes color of the rice little bit yellowish.This is easy way of making veg pulao along with retaining white color of the rice which helps to retain color of the vegetables. - 133.274

Thai Mixed Vegetable Fried Rice

If you've never made Thai vegetables fried rice,you're in for a surprise.This simple dish,fravored with corn,carrot,green bean,and peas,makes a colorful tasty dish....Try it .you'll love it..... - 115.669

Probiotic Rich Curd Rice (butti)

What do you prepare when you have nothing but left over rice at home and kids are super hungry? Curd rice is the ultimate quick fix for all such situations that a busy mother faces. A South Indian traditional dish that can be a main course, side dish,... - 35.1391

Chicken And Chinese Sausage Rice

Using a cleaver, cut the chicken into 1 by 1 1/2 inch (2.5 by 4 cm) pieces. Marinate the chicken slices for at least 1/2 hour in the scallion, ginger, wine, soy sauce, salt, and sugar marinade. Slice the sausages diagonally into 1/4 inch (1 cm) pieces. Soak... - 45.4393