Colorado Springs Food

Colorado Springs food, part of the South West cuisine is influenced by several cuisines of the world.


Popular Foods in Colorado Springs Cuisine

  • Steak-this is an immensely admired Colorado Springs food, which is usually prepared with a cut of beef. However, due to various kinds of influences from several other cuisines, the city is now famous for its varied culinary scene, where a few other foods have become quite famous in the city.


  • Cashew chicken- this food item is highly liked in Colorado Springs, which refers to a food item from Chinese cuisine, where already marinated boneless pieces of chicken breasts, cashew nuts and celery are fried in oil and served hot with sauce prepared from soy sauce, water, and sugar.


  • Bratwurst – this is a dish from German cuisine, which is basically a sausage prepared of pork, beef or veal.


  • Schnitzel– this Colorado Springs food, which is influenced from German cuisine, is popular in the city, where a very thin seasoned veal cutlet is fried in oil after dipping it in batter made up of flour, water, eggs and baking powder.


Famous Places for Colorado Springs Cuisine Food

There are several places in the city which offer a fine dining experience, thus delivering the best Colorado Springs food. A few well known eating establishments in the city include the following:


  • The Briarhurst Manor Estate– this is one of the finest restaurants in the city featuring the cuisine of Rocky Mountain, where all the dishes are highly classical and enriched with unique and innovative flavors, prepared with the help of local ingredients and creative techniques.


  • Fratelli Ristorante Italiano– in this restaurant extensive use of imported and domestic ingredients is made to prepare southern and northern Italian dishes in a traditional way. Each and every dish in this outlet is prepared with great creativity and caution, so as to come up with an authentic Italian dish.


  • Craftwood Inn-this restaurant is famous for regional Colorado cuisine, which features wild game entrees like wild boar, elk, venison, and pheasant. Further, Colorado Springs food is also famous for fresh seafood and hand cut steak, which are the specialties of this restaurant.

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