Coleslaw Recipes

Coleslaw is a traditional salad that consists of shredded cabbage and even shredded carrot may be added in it. In some American places, it is generally called slaw. The Dutch emigrants bought the coleslaw recipe to ... More »
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How To Make Easy Cole Slaw

For all those who are looking for an easy and quick side dish, you should try this chilled cole slaw recipe. The chef here has made it superbly easy to make cole slaw with mayonnaise and apple cider vinegar. It takes only few minutes to put together the... - 129.069

Buttermilk Coleslaw

Creamy and tangy take on a summer classic cabbage salad recipe. - 123.756

My Favorite Easy, Creamy Coleslaw

Coleslaw is one of my favorite side dishes for cookouts! Something about that sweet, crunchy stuff piled high on a burger with BBQ sauce is just so yum! This homemade coleslaw recipe is so easy to make and comes together pretty darn quick. It's a must-have at... - 123.171

How To Make Coleslaw

If you are a person who loves eating different kind of salads. Then you must try the coleslaw. Those following a low fat diet will really enjoy the coleslaw. Watch the video as the chef makes this easy and affordable salad. - 122.74

Raw Food Recipe For Cabbage Coleslaw

It's St. Patrick's Day here in the US, so we decided to do a raw food recipe that's not corned beef or cooked cabbage, just a nice simple cabbage coleslaw. - 119.517

Raw And Vegan Coleslaw

A raw-some coleslaw recipe for those on raw and living foods diet. This "raw slaw" recipe is suitable for anyone on a raw food diet or for vegans too. It would take somebody a million years to figure out that this is not a mayonnaise dressed coleslaw! The... - 118.858

How-to Make Power Slaw

If you are not liking the taste of regular cole slaw, you can go with this power slaw recipe, which is tasty as well as nutritious. Use fresh cabbage in red and green colors, along with other greens, scallions and jalapeno. Spice up the mixture with the... - 117.659

Peanut Coleslaw

You must be familiar with usual coleslaw, but peanut coleslaw is something new and exotic to try with. It is the same coleslaw, with the addition of peanut flavor. Pile it up on your sandwich or serve with the Tuna burgers, it is just awesome. Chef Dani Spies... - 116.374


Showing how I made coleslaw. It tastes a lot like KFC coleslaw. It is so good. - 114.92

Best Cole Slaw For Bbq Pulled Pork

If you're gonna do the Pulled Pork, you gotta have Cole Slaw. - 110.965

Mayonnaise-free Coleslaw

With bar-b-que and picnic season just around the corner, I am sharing the recipe again for coleslaw, this time with a quick video for my subscribers on youtube. Take a look... - 110.481

Turnip And Carrot Slaw With Sesame Ginger Vinaigrette

GETTING READY 1. Cut the ends of the turnip and carrots and peel them, cut both of them into juliennes, using a julienne peeler or a food processor. 2. Once done transfer it in a large bowl and mince the ginger, coarsely chop the cilantro, set... - 109.09

Bbq Pit Boys Country Coleslaw

Why not make a country style homemade coleslaw to accompany your barbecue. The video here brings a super simple coleslaw recipe that can be prepared in just a few minutes. Watch this interesting video, make a coleslaw that suits best to your taste and have a... - 108.406

Betty's Apple Cabbage Coleslaw

In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make Apple Cabbage Coleslaw. This coleslaw is made with Granny Smith apples, cabbage, and carrots and is bound together with a creamy mayonnaise-based dressing. - 108.213

Hot Napa Slaw

GETTING READY: 1. Heat pan. Add butter and oil and let it brown (be careful that it doesn’t burn). MAKING: 2. Add shallot and salt, cook 3-5 minutes. Add garlic and cook 1 minute. 3. Turn heat to low and add cabbage, vinegar, pepper, dijon, and water.... - 107.77

Betty's Creamy Shortcut Coleslaw Recipe-low Cal!

If you are after a super quick side dish, look no further than this simple, creamy coleslaw recipe. Why? Because Betty demonstrates a shortcut way to whomp up this creamy, crunchy treat at home. It's so delish that you won't mind swapping your regular dips... - 104.752

Crunchy Tasty Company Coleslaw

Perk up the meat on your plate with this robust, full-flavored , crunchy coleslaw. Betty shares her own version of a quick and easy coleslaw recipe that promises to liven up your ham, smoked duck or roasted beef and makes for a great salad too. Stream the... - 104.008

Easy Raw Coleslaw

To those who are fond of having different kinds of salads will really like this one. The Chef shows how to make Easy Raw Coleslaw which is tasty and healthy too. - 102.514

Broccoli Slaw With Apples And Walnuts

Broccoli is such a healthy vegetable, but lot of people including kids and grown-ups hate it. If you are among them, may be this recipe will change that. This video shows a wonderful broccoli slaw with some apples and walnuts to make interesting. - 102.477

Weight Watcher's Coleslaw

Is coleslaw your favorite but you are afraid of those calories? Here's a recipe specially handcrafted for you. Watch the chef churn out this super healthy variation of coleslaw that is certainly worth giving a try. Watch it now. - 100.44

Slawsa Clone - Hot Dog Condiment

I saw this condiment on thehotdogman channel and thought it looked really interesting. It's something called Slawsa. I did some research and thought I'd try making it myself. I'm not sure if this tastes like the original but it tastes really good. - 99.9442

Confetti Coleslaw

Crispy, crunchy, fresh and oh-so delicious...that's what this Confetti Coleslaw is all about! It has a lot of beautiful vegetables going in there. You'll love the tanginess of the mandarin oranges in them. Watch and learn how to make this coleslaw from this... - 99.5528

Harvard Hottie Napa Slaw

Recipes with My Sweet Hottie sauce are infused with farm fresh garlic, fresh ginger, peach, local honey and red chilies! This is one of my go-to favorites for an easy salad or tasty side to bbq, tacos, ribs, burgers, pizza and more. Perfect for picnics and... - 99.4317

Quick And Easy Cole Slaw

MAKING 1. Whisk mayonnaise, milk, apple cider vinegar, celery salt, dry mustard powder, sugar, salt and pepper together in the bottom of a large mixing bowl. 2. Put the cole slaw mix on top of the dressing and stir to mix. 3. Refrigerate until... - 98.3849

Coleslaw With Cranberries And Ranch Dressing

Chances are, you are not used to Cole slaw recipes with this much color and flavor. With unusual add-ins like cranberries, Dorothy Delaney's Detox Coleslaw recipe is a memorable delight that will do your body much good. As a bonus, this all natural detox idea... - 97.4977

Picnic Favorite-confetti Coleslaw

The Confetti Coleslaw is definitely one of the most colorful salads that we have seen in a long time. True to its name, it has a variety of vegetables and other ingredients giving it a colorful appearance. Watch and learn how to make that simple recipe from... - 96.822

Organic Raw Coleslaw For Protein Types

This one recipe serves to fulfill everyone's purpose of making a quick, delicious and truly healthy salad. This is a raw and organic coleslaw with carrots, cabbage and cilantro makes for a perfect salad for protein metabolic types. This salad takes only 5... - 94.043

Coleslaw With Mayonnaise

Are you a coleslaw fan, but were not able to make a perfect platter at home. Then take a look at this video to see how easily the chef makes a great tasting Coleslaw combined with mayonnaise and pickle relish. Just a few ingredients and this salad turn out so... - 94.0161

Asian Style Apple Jicama Coleslaw

I love the Asian flavors of this coleslaw. I must say that jicama and apple is a great combination and gives this slaw a wonderful crunchy texture. I made this slaw to serve with spicy asian style burgers and my family loved it. It’s a healthy salad with... - 93.956

Cabbage Slaw

Fresh, crunchy cabbage makes for an excellent base for slaw. Chef Keith Snow shares with his viewers a delightful slaw recipe, believed to be inspired by his mother-in-law and makes for a hearty, healthy indulgence any day. - 92.4284

Chunky Cabbage Slaw

Are you on a diet or considering eating healthy? Try this Chunky Cabbage Slaw recipe. It is a nice alternative for the regular slaw, but without the mayonnaise. It works great as a side, but you can also serve it as an appetizer. Watch the video to learn this... - 87.7241

Anti Aging Vegan Coleslaw

Think coleslaw is now not an option since you have turned vegan? Well, this video is then just the thing for you. Watch and learn to make a vegan coleslaw that is 100% raw and amazingly delicious! - 82.1441

Simple Homemade Holiday Coleslaw - Part 2 Preparation

Looking for a crispy, low-calorie side dish to appease your gut? What better than to whomp up a tasty bowl of crunchy coleslaw at home. So creamy, yet so crunchy, this side dish doubles up as a dip or salad. Follow this recipe to know what a cinch it is to... - 78.5597

Balsamic Cole Slaw

If you have been eating out a lot just because you don’t have enough time to make something for yourself, then you must be watching this video. It’s about how to make fast and easy Balsamic Cole Slaw. It is much faster than you can think and it can save... - 78.3891

Simple Homemade Holiday Coleslaw - Part 1 Ingredients

Want to learn how to make coleslaw from the scratch? Then all you need to do is to tune in to this recipe video to know all about it. The feisty coleslaw is so sumptuous and simple that even your kids can toss this at home using garden fresh veggies and... - 78.0911

Strawberry And Pepper Slaw

A slaw using freshly picked strawberries served with some seared Tuna. The chef whips this salad with absolute finesse! A video to watch on cooking up an elegant gourmet salad! - 76.0635

Quick Cole Slaw

Quick Cole Slaw - A fast and easy snack. Just throw in your leftover chicken and the slaw is ready within 3 minutes. You'll love the tartness of the cheese & chicken, combined with the sweetness of the apple & yogurt. Watch and learn how to make this dish... - 72.9252

Mixed Vegetable Coleslaw

Why not involve you kids to make this easy recipe for a healthy coleslaw. Watch this video that shares a recipe for this quintessential American picnic salad. Serve this coleslaw as a great accompaniment to barbequed meats or roast chicken. Try it out... - 64.5555

Healthy Coleslaw

Coleslaw is your favorite salad but you hate the calories attached to it? Watch this video to learn a healthy variation of the classic Coleslaw. Chef Dorothy shares her version of the salad, watch it now. - 64.495

Vegetable Slaw

Here is a wonderful recipe specially for vegans. This a slaw is made with freshly grated winter vegetables and a flavorful dressing. This colorful slaw is very healthy and looks appetizing too. Try out this delicious vegan slaw and rejoice! - 61.0962

Harvey House Slaw

GETTING READY 1) In large bowl, make layers of cabbage, green pepper, and onion; sprinkle 1 cup sugar over top. MAKING 2) In a saucepan, place together mustard, 2 teaspoons sugar, the celery seed, salt, vinegar, oil and mix well. 3) Bring the vinegar to a... - 50.8938

Holiday Celery Slaw

MAKING 1)In a bowl, mix together salt, sugar, pepper, paprika, oil and vinegar. 2)Using an electric beater, beat until nice blended. 3)Fold in cream and beat until smooth. 4)Add celery and let it sit for about 30 minutes. 5)Stir in pimento and toss to... - 50.1026

Old Fashioned Coleslaw

MAKING 1) In a small saucepan, melt margarine over medium-high heat. 2) To this, add the flour and mix well, quickly. 3) Over medium-high heat, cook this for 1 minute, stirring continuously. 4) Now, add milk to this mixture. 5) Now, over low heat, simmer for... - 49.0933

Apple Cabbage Slaw

MAKING 1) In a small saucepan, combine together the sugar, flour, mustard and celery seeds. Stir in the milk very gradually. 2) Cook the ingredients over moderate heat, constantly stirring, till the mixture has thickened. 3) Take the mixture off the heat and... - 48.7651

Pasta Cole Slaw

MAKING 1) In Dutch oven boil water. Add macaroni, cooking oil and first amount of salt. Cook uncovered 5 to 7 minutes until just tender. 2) Drain out from the liquid. 3) Rinse under cold water and drain again. 4) Transfer macaroni back to pot. 5) Mix... - 48.6598

Green Pepper Cole Slaw

MAKING 1. In a mixing bowl, toss cabbage, pepper and carrot with the seasonings. Keep aside until ready to serve. 2. In a small bowl, combine mayonnaise, vinegar and celery seed. 3. Use a fork to whisk the dressing until well blended. 4. Just before serving,... - 48.563

Scott Street Slaw

GETTING READY 1) Prepare the vegetables by cutting into bite-size pieces. 2) In a bowl, add mayonnaise, wine vinegar, sugar, salt, and pepper to blend into a smooth mixture. MAKING 3) In a large bowl, add the vegetables to toss all together. 4) Pour the... - 48.1718

Two Cabbage Cole Slaw

MAKING 1. Take a large bowl. 2. Mix in it green cabbage, red cabbage, carrots, green peppers and scallions. 3. Take a small bowl and add mayonnaise, yogurt, vinegar, black pepper, and celery seeds. FINALIZATION 4. Pour over the salad and toss well to combine... - 48.1289

Old Fashioned Cole Slaw

GETTING READY 1. Remove and discard the outer leaves of cabbage. 2. Halve and core the cabbage 3. Finely shred the cabbage by hand or in a food processor using the correct blade attachment. 4. Add cabbage to a large salad serving bowl. 5. Finely grate of... - 48.0382

Artichokes With Desert Slaw

Wondering what to attempt today? This Artichokes With Desert Slaw is a great option. Read on!! - 47.9323

Creamy Sweet Sour Coleslaw

MAKING 1. In a large salad serving bowl, combine all the prepared and cut vegetables. 2. To prepare the dressing, in a small bowl, combine sandwich spread, sour cream, vinegar and seasonings. 3. Use a fork to whisk the ingredients into a smooth... - 47.6888

Moulded Coleslaw

MAKING 1) In a large bowl make layers of cabbage, carrot, green pepper and onion. 2) Sprinkle sugar over it. 3) In a small saucepan mix mustard, celery seed, salt, vinegar and oil thoroughly. 4) Boil the mixture stirring continuously. 5) Pour it over... - 47.681

Celery Slaw

MAKING 1 Using a small sharp knife, remove the leaves from the celery. 2 Separate the celery into individual ribs and trim the roots ends with the knife, scraping off the heavy outside strings and any brown blemished areas. 3 Wash the ribs thoroughly... - 47.6007

Pineapple Slaw

GETTING READY 1) In a cup, mix together vinegar and onion flakes. 2) Allow to soak for 5 minutes. MAKING 3) In a bowl, place cabbage, green peppers and pineapple. 4) Stir the cabbage mixture lightly to blend. 5) Sprinkle with celery seeds and curry powder,... - 47.5667

Slaw With Mustard Mold

GETTING READY 1) Soften gelatin in water. MAKING 2) In a mixing bowl, mix sugar, mustard and salt over a double boiler. 3) Add vinegar and eggs. Cook until thickened. 4) Remove the mixture from heat and add gelatin. Mix until dissolved. 5) Now, chill the... - 47.5505

Peppery Barley Slaw

MAKING 1. In a cooking pot boil water. 2. Combine barley and lower the heat. Cover pot and simmer for 50 minutes. 3. In a mesh colander place the ingredients and rinse in cool water. Once rinsed, drain excess water. 4. Slice cabbage into thin slices. 5. Add... - 47.3602

Garden Slaw

Cabbage is one of my favorite vegetables. I make cabbage very often and so this garden slaw recipe is one that I like to add variety to my daily menu. - 47.3168

Cabbage Pineapple Slaw

GETTING READY 1) Chop the pineapple chunks and keep aside. MAKING 2) Take big bowl and mix the cabbage, carrot, onion, green and red peppers. 3) Add the pineapple pieces to the cabbage mixture. 4) Take mayonnaise or salad dressing, sour cream, yogurt,... - 47.2906


In large bowl combine cabbage, carrot, green pepper, onion and salt. Let stand at least 1 hour. Drain. While cabbage stands, mix all dressing ingredients in 1-qt casserole. Microwave at High 4 to 6 minutes, or until boiling, stirring every other... - 47.2762

Red Hot Slaw

MAKING 1) Halve, core and finely shred the red cabbage. Peel and roughly grate or finely shred the carrot. 2) In a large bowl, combine the red cabbage and the carrot. 3) Core and dice the apples, toss in the lemon juice and stir into the cabbage and... - 47.2593

Shrimp Louis Slaw

MAKING 1. In a large saucepan bring water and salt to boiling and simmer shrimp uncovered, for 1 to 3 minutes or until shrimp turn pink, stirring occasionally. 2. Then drain shrimp and rinse under cold running water. 3. With cover chill the shrimp for 2 to 24... - 47.201

Broccoli Stir Fry Slaw

GETTING READY 1) Trim broccoli florets and put aside. 2) Pare broccoli stems and cut diagonally into 1/2-inch slices. MAKING 3) In a wok or heavy skillet, heat the oil. 4) Now add broccoli slices, green onions, bell pepper and mushrooms. 5) Stir-fry about 3... - 46.6324


GETTING READY 1) In a saucepan, mix together vinegar, sweetener, peppers, mushrooms, onion flakes, salt, pepper and herbs. 2) Heat the vinegar mixture to boil. 3) Remove foe heat and allow it to cool. MAKING 4) In a bowl, soak the onion flakes in water to... - 46.5307

Healthy Coleslaw

Busy But Healthy show host Kristine Fretwell shares her quick and healthy version of the classic B.B.Q. side dish, Coleslaw. - 46.0188

Creamy Coleslaw

GETTING READY 1 Wash the cabbage thoroughly and remove the core; cut into small wedges. 2 Wash the carrots well and pare them; cut crosswise in half. 3 Wash the radishes and remove the stems. 4 In a food processor using a shredding disc, shred cabbage... - 45.9691

Old Fashioned Coleslaw

MAKING 1) Into the blender, fill upto 2/3 with cabbage, onions, carrots and green pepper. 2) Cover with enough cold water. 3) Use the Chop blade. Run the blender for about 5 seconds. 4) Strain the mixture. 5) Repeat the process till all the vegetables have... - 45.9101

Christmas Coleslaw

GETTING READY 1) Chop both cabbages finely removing cores. 2) Quarter apples and remove cores. Make thin slices. 3) Chop nuts. MAKING 4) In a large bowl put cabbage, add apples and chopped nuts 5) In a small bowl, blend mayonnaise and oil-and-vinegar... - 45.9023

Summertime Slaw

MAKING 1) In a large bowl, add cabbage, cucumber, and tomato to combine by gentle tossing. 2) In another bowl, mix tomato juice and remaining ingredients. 3) Use a wire whisk, to stir in the mixture. 4) Spread the tomato juice mixture over cabbage mixture. 5)... - 45.7146

Ray's Cole Slaw

Toss the cabbage with the salt in a colander set over a medium bowl. Cover with plastic wrap and place a heavy plate on top. Place in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour, allowing the excess water to drain from the cabbage. Pat the cabbage dry with paper... - 45.2425

Cottage Coleslaw

MAKING 1) In a medium bowl mix thoroughly cottage cheese and mayonnaise. 2) Add vinegar, onion juice, salt, and pepper. 3) Add caraway seeds. 4) Mix cabbage and apple and add green pepper. 5) Pour the cheese mixture over cabbage and toss gently. 6) Place... - 45.112

Carrot And Cabbage Slaw

GETTING READY 1) Peel the carrots and grate them. 2) Finely shred the cabbage. 3) Chop the bacon. 4) Peel the onion and finely chop it, and reserve a few rings for garnish. MAKING 5) In a salad bowl, mix together vinegar, 4 tbsp of the oil, caraway seeds,... - 44.9269

Confetti Coleslaw

Insert slicing disc. Shred cabbage; transfer to a large mixing bowl. Slice onions and add to cabbage. Change to shredding disc. Shred carrots; add to cabbage mixture. Change to metal blade. Chop apples; add to cabbage mixture and stir until thoroughly... - 44.8149

Red And White Coleslaw

MAKING 1) In a food processor bowl with a slicing disc, process the cabbage until sliced. 2) Then add the celery and process until sliced. 3) In a food processor bowl with a shredding disc, process the radishes until shredded. 4) In a large bowl, remove the... - 44.7993

Restaurant Style Cole Slaw

GETTING READY 1) Use a food processor to cut cabbage and carrots into small pieces. MAKING 2) In a salad bowl, add the sugar, salt, pepper, milk, mayonnaise, buttermilk, vinegar and lemon juice to combine. 3) Beat the mixture until smooth. 4) Add the... - 44.7627

Creamy Coleslaw

MAKING 1) In a large bowl, place together mayonnaise, horseradish, sugar, lemon juice, onion, salt, and paprika; mix well. 2) Add in cabbage, carrots, and 1/2 cup radishes. 3) Toss until vegetables are well coated with dressing. 4) Cover the bowl and place... - 44.7279

Cole Slaw

MAKING 1. In a bowl, take cabbage, carrots and green pepper. 2. In another bowl, take mayonnaise. Add water and vinegar to it slowly. 3. Add sugar, salt, pepper, celery and mustard seeds. Mix well. 4. Pour this dressing over the vegetables. Toss until it... - 44.7038

Cabbage Walnut And Apple Slaw

MAKING 1) In a bowl, mix cabbage, walnuts, apples, sea salt and ginger. 2) Transfer into a large glass bowl. 3) In a small bowl mix mayonnaise, vinegar and honey. 4) Pour the mixture over the slaw. 5) Toss lightly. 6) Chill in refrigerator. SERVING 7) Serve... - 44.5264

Summer Slaw

Assemble Salad Maker with Thin Slicer Disc and large bowl. Process cabbage and onions. Stir to separate slices into rings, then mix lightly with cabbage. Combine all remaining ingredients except oil and tomatoes in saucepan. Bring to a boil, stirring until... - 44.5172

Coleslaw With Tomatoes

MAKING 1) Take a large bowl and place layers of cabbage, green pepper, and onion alternately in it. 2) Add 1/2 cup sugar to this. 3) Take a small saucepan and combine rest of the ingredients and bring to a boil. 4) Pour this mixture over the layered... - 44.4504

Salmon Cole Slaw

GETTING READY 1) Flake the salmon. 2) Shred the cabbage 3) In a serving dish, spread shredded cabbage MAKING 4) In a mixing bowl put salmon, add cucumber and salad cream. Mix it well. FINALIZING 5) Season the mix with lemon juice, salt and pepper as... - 44.4473

Coleslaw Relish

MAKING 1. In a medium sized bowl, combine pimiento, carrots and cabbage. Mix well and keep aside for 3 hours. 2. In a heavy bottomed pan/ Dutch oven or casserole pot, combine rest of the ingredients and mix well. 3. Add carrot- cabbage mixture and mix well.... - 44.4291

Sunset Symphony Slaw

GETTING READY 1) In a small bowl, combine sugar, oil, vinegar, salt, dill weed, mustard seed, and celery seed to blend all together. MAKING 2) In a large bowl, add cabbage, onion, green pepper, and red pepper to toss. 3) Pour the dressing over the vegetables... - 44.3737

Cabbage Slaw

Combine chilled vegetables. Combine remaining ingredients for dressing. Just before serving, combine slaw and dressing; toss lightly. Serve in leafy cabbage bowl, if desired: Select a large cabbage head with curling leaves. Loosen leaves and spread out, petal... - 44.3141

Emma's Cole Slaw

Combine the cabbage and the salt in a colander, cover with plastic wrap, and place a heavy plate on top. Set the colander over a large bowl and place in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour, or up to 4 hours, allowing the excess water to drain. Remove the... - 44.3084


Prepare Creamy Coleslaw Dressing; set aside. Bring water to a rapid boil in a heavy 2 quart saucepan. Add salt and oil. Gradually add macaroni, being sure water continues to boil. Cook macaroni uncovered until tender but firm, stirring... - 44.2168

Tomato Aspic On Slaw

MAKING 1. In a large bowl, tip in the 1/4 cup cold water and add gelatin and stir to dissolve. Then add 1 cup hot water. 2. Add lemon juice, tomato paste, vine- gar, 1/2 teaspoon salt, pepper and celery seed to taste. Pour into 6 individual molds and chill... - 44.1342

Winter Coleslaw

1. Remove the hard core from the cabbage with a small knife and shred finely. 2. Slice the onion finely and coarsely grate the carrot. 3. Place the raw vegetables in a large bowl and mix together. 4. Cut the celeriac into thin strips and simmer in boiling... - 44.055

Coleslaw With Tomatoes

MAKING 1) In a large bowl, make layers of cabbage, green pepper and onion. 2) Spread 1 cup sugar over top. 3) In a saucepan mix mustard, 2 teaspoons sugar, the celery seed, salt, vinegar and oil thoroughly. 4) Stir and boil. Pour over slaw, stirring. 5)... - 43.896

Raisin Sun Slaw

GETTING READY 1) Shred the cabbage and carrots well. MAKING 2) In a mixing bowl, blend together all the ingredients for the dressing. 3) Add raisins and sunflower... - 43.8283

Nut Crunch Slaw

GETTING READY 1. Wash, dry and chill the cabbage. Use a sharp knife and shred the cabbage finely. 2. Chop shallots, peppers and celery. MAKING 3. In a large size bowl, place the cabbage and add in shallots, peppers, celery and carrot. 4. Cover the bowl and... - 43.774

Bean Slaw

MAKING 1) In a medium sized mixing bowl, add the apple and lemon juice. Toss well to coat the apple pieces. 2) To this, add the remaining ingredients. Toss well. 3) With a plastic wrap, cover the bowl. 4) Keep in the refrigerator for an hour. The flavors... - 43.7349

Hot Slaw

MAKING 1) In a large ovenproof bowl, combine the cabbage, onion, carrot and nuts. 2) On high power, cook for 2 minutes. 3) Mix well and then cook for another 2 minutes, or until the vegetables turn slightly soft. 4) In a small cup, combine the yogurt, sauces... - 43.614

Cabbage Apple Slaw

GETTING READY 1) Arrange the ingredients. MAKING 2) In a mixing bowl, combine together the cabbage, apple, carrot, and mayonnaise, sour cream, or yogurt, toss well. 3) Seasonwith lemon juice, salt, and pepper, as needed. 4) Taste and adjust the... - 43.5942

Cottage Coleslaw

MAKING 1. In a mixing bowl combine mayonnaise and cottage cheese. 2. Mix onion juice, seasoning, caraway seed and vinegar. 3. Add cabbage, apples and green pepper. 4. In a large bowl, place the dressing lined with cabbage leaves. 5. Chill SERVING 6. Serve... - 43.4224

Confetti Coleslaw

MAKING 1) In a large bowl place the cabbage. 2) In a small saucepan, add vinegar, oil, mustard, celery seed, and salt. Stir well. 3) Boil the mixture over medium heat. 4) Add the cabbage to it and keep aside for 1 hour. 5) In a saucepan add 2 cups water and... - 43.3348

Overnight Cabbage Slaw

MAKING 1. In a food processor bowl, position disc with slicing side up. 2. Slice cabbage, onion and pepper uniformly to get a visually appealing salad. 3. Tip the sliced veggies into a large salad bowl while you work making sure that the processor bowl is not... - 43.1384

Brat Hoagies With Coleslaw

Place bratwurst and water in a skillet; cover and cook over medium heat for 10-12 minutes. Uncover; turn bratwurst and cook 13-17 minutes longer or until browned and centers are no longer pink. Cut bratwurst in half lengthwise; set aside and keep... - 43.1163

Three Cabbage Slaw

MAKING 1) Using a sharp knife, finely shred the cabbages. Transfer them to a salad bowl. 2) In a blender, make the dressing by blending scallion, cornichons, egg yolks, celery seeds, vinegar, mustard, and salt. 3) As the blender runs, pour the oil, drop by... - 43.115

Coleslaw With Caraway

Coleslaw With Caraway is a tasty salad that will definitely captivate your taste buds. I love the flavor and texture of this wonderful salad. Serve the Coleslaw With Caraway at home and see how tempting it is for yourself - 43.0965

Smorgasbord Slaw

Combine sugar, vinegar and water. Boil 5 minutes. Cool. Sprinkle salt over cabbage. Let stand 1 hour. Add peppers, celery, mustard seed and celery seed. Add cooled vinegar mixture. Mix well. Chill. - 42.9976

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