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Golden Syrup Coffee Cream

This easy to make recipe for sonny's coffee creams is guaranteed to come out great by BakingMama. Enjoy sonny's coffee creams yourself or share with friends and family. Make sure to let me know. - 36.8578

Coffee-walnut Pudding With Coffee Cream Sauce

Chop the walnuts coarsely and put to one side. Cream the margarine and superfine sugar until soft and fluffy . With the motor running, add the eggs, one at a time, with a little flour, through the feeder tube. When they are incorporated, switch off the... - 41.6887

Coffee 'n Cream Pie

The coffe and cream pie is a coffee flavored dessert pie that is chilled instead of baking. Prepared with gelatin and coffee powder along with eggs, milk, sugar, and heavy cream, flavored with a dash of vanilla, the coffee cream pie is a great summer dessert. - 45.3112

Coffee And Cream De Cacao Delight

Butter a 9 inch square pan and sprinkle with chopped walnuts. Melt marshmallows in milk over hot water; cool. Whip cream and fold into marshmallow mixture. Fold in creme de cacao and instant coffee. Pour into pan, decorate with walnut halves. Chill... - 34.6967

Coffee Cream Slice

Line a 13x9-inch (33x23-cm) cake pan with waxed paper; grease paper. Preheat oven to 375°F (190°C). To make cake, beat yolks and half the sugar until thick. Beat whites until stiff; beat in remaining sugar. Fold into yolk mixture. Sift flour and baking... - 46.3606

Coffee Cream Angel Cake

Make Angel Cake, using recipe on Swans-down Cake Flour box. Cut cake into 3 layers. Spread between layers and ice. Melt marshmallows in the coffee in top of double boiler. Beat to mix, and set aside to cool. Add cooled mixture to whipped cream, and beat until... - 29.4727

Basic Coffee Butter Cream

Cream butter in large mixing bowl with electric mixer until light and fluffy. Add half the sugar; beat until smooth. Add egg yolks; blend well. Mix in remaining confectioners' sugar. Pour in coffee syrup; beat until well combined and fluffy. - 22.9597

Chocolate Coffee Cream

Heat milk in the top of a double boiler. Add chocolate-drink mix and instant coffee. Stir to completely dissolve. Cool thoroughly. Pour into ice-cream maker. Freeze to desired consistency. - 27.0135

Frozen Coffee Cream

Place milk and light cream in a small saucepan and sprinkle gelatin over surface; let stand at room temperature 10 minutes. Mix in coffee powder and sugar, set over lowest heat, and heat, stirring, 20-25 minutes until gelatin, coffee, and sugar are dissolved;... - 37.2967

Ricotta Coffee Cream

In a food processor fitted with the steel blade, combine the ricotta, coffee or espresso, sugar and nutmeg; process for 2 minutes, stopping once to scrape down the sides of the bowl with a rubber spatula. Turn into 4 serving dishes or glasses and freeze for... - 21.4559

Frozen Coffee Cream

This frozen coffee cream recipe is going to be bigger hit than avatar movie. Just try it once, and you'll no doubt want to prepare this for your friends again. - 27.6188

Coffee Cream Mold

GETTING READY 1) Grate the chocolate for garnish. 2) In a basin, measure the water, sprinkle in the gelatine and set aside to soak for 5 minutes. MAKING 3) In a saucepan, heat the milk over low heat until almost boiling. 4) Using a wooden spoon, cream the... - 43.0214

Coffee And Cream

Combine sugar, water and salt. Simmer 5 minutes. Remove from heat, add coffee and stir to dissolve. Cool and chill. Divide this mixture among four 10-oz. chilled glasses at serving time. Add 2 tbsp. milk to each glass and fill 3/4 full with soda. Add a scoop... - 37.4555

Classic Coffee Cream

Add the coffee essence to the custard and leave for 1 hour, stirring occasionally. Beat the cream till thick. Add the sugar and beat again. Add 11/2-cups of this to the custard mixture and use the rest for decoration. - 24.5479

Arabic Coffee Ice Cream With Nutella!

In this video Blanche shows you how to make ice cream using only 4 ingredients! She combines her favorite flavors, Nutella and coffee to create a creamy dessert with the best quality ingredients. - 123.665

Coffee Tapioca Cream

Scald 3 tbsp. coffee with milk, strain and proceed as in Tapioca Cream. - 12.9498

Coffee Cream

Coffee Cream is a wonderful and addictive dessert that coffee lovers like me will drool over! I surprised my husband with this yummy Coffee Cream dessert last week for his promotion celebration and he loved it! Try it! - 36.4189

Coffee And Cream

Combine whipped-topping powder, lemon juice, water, aspartame sweetener, and instant coffee powder in a blender. Process until foamy. Add ice and process using the off/on switch until smooth. Add ginger ale and nrocess on low until blended. - 26.2512

Coffee Cream

Beat egg and sugar replacement until light and fluffy. Combine milk and coffee and heat just to boiling. Blend milk mixture into egg mixture, and pour into well greased individual baking cup. Place cup in shallow pan; add water to pan until about halfway up... - 25.4228

Muscovado Coffee Cream

Muscovado Coffee Creams is sure too add a touch of royale perfection to your party menu. The exceptional flavor of muscovado sugar blended with coffee granules and cream makes this dessert a must try. I would recommend you make this for the upcoming Labor Day... - 45.2806

Coffee Cream

Combine 1/2 cup of the milk, coffee extract, and cornstarch. Beat in egg yolks. Set aside. Put the remaining milk, sugar, and butter into the top of a metal double boiler. Bring to a boil over direct heat. Half fill the bottom of the double boiler with water;... - 34.4557

Vanilla Flavored Coffee Cream

Mix coffee, milk, half the sugar; add the gelatine and heat in a double boiler until the gelatine is dissolved. Add remaining sugar and salt. Add the egg yolks, slightly beaten. Cook mixture, stirring constantly, until mixture coats the spoon. Remove from... - 33.6519

Coffee Nut Cream

Mix milk, coffee and sugar and bring to the boil. Mix cornflour with a little cold milk and stir in until mixture thickens and is well cooked. Remove from stove, add vanilla and cool. Fold in the stiffly whipped cream and the almonds. Turn into wet dessert... - 30.5261

Coffee Bavarian Cream

Coffee Bavarian Cream is a delicious dessert recipe. Try this effortlessly prepared mouth watering Coffee Bavarian Cream; you would always love to serve to your loved ones. - 34.413

Frosted Coffee Cream

Cream shortening; add sugar replacements and continue beating. Beat in melted chocolate and eggs until fluffy. Sift together flour, salt, baking soda, baking powder and nutmeg. Add to creamed mixture alternately with cold coffee. Add vanilla extract. Spread... - 41.3025

Meringue Coffee Cream Torle

Preheat oven to 250°. Grease two baking sheets and dust with flour; trace an 8-inch circle in flour on each; set sheets aside. Prepare beaten egg white mixture. Using a pastry bag with plain tip (or a spoon and spatula), pipe or spread half the mixture onto... - 38.9882

Coffee Butter Cream

MAKING 1 In a bowl, beat the butter until light and fluffy. 2 Gradually beat in the icing (confectioners') sugar along with coffee and water. 3 Thoroughly beat until smooth. 4 The cream is ready to use at this stage and can be frozen by transferring... - 32.8661

Coffee Butter Cream

MAKING 1 In the top of a small double boiler beat egg yolks slightly,beat in milk and sugar. 2 Cook, stirring constantly over simmering water for 10 minutes, or until custard thickens and coats a metal spoon. 3 Remove from the heat. Stir in instant coffee... - 30.822

Iced Coffee Cream

MAKING 1) In a bowl, with boiling water stir in gelatine until completely incorporated. 2) Mix in milk powder coffee powder, extract until well blended. 3) Crush the ice. 4) Slowly add the crushed ice. 5) Let the mixture rest for 5 minutes, to blend the... - 37.2218

Coffee Peach Cream

Early in day: In double-boiler top, soften gelatin in 1/2 cup cold water. Set over boiling water; Stir until dissolved. Stir in sugar, next 3 ingredients. Refrigerate. Stir gelatin frequently until consistency of unbeaten egg white. Fold into cream with... - 41.7978

Coffee Butter Cream

First make a creme anglaise custard by beating the egg yolks in a heatproof bowl with 125 g (4 oz) of the sugar. Bring the milk to the boil and pour onto the beaten egg mixture, stirring continuously. Return the mixture to the pan and stir over low heat,... - 33.9203

Berry Cream Coffee Cake

Cut cream cheese and butter into biscuit mix till crumbly. Blend in the 1/3 cup milk. Turn onto floured surface; knead 8 to 10 strokes. On waxed paper, roll dough to 12x8-inch rectangle. Turn onto greased baking sheet; remove paper. Spread preserves down... - 30.0313

Coffee And Peach Cream

1. Cut the peaches in half and remove the stones. Place the peaches in a large bowl, cover with boiling water and leave for 2-3 minutes. 2. Drain the peaches, then carefully remove the skin. Using a sharp knife, halve the peaches. 3. Place the caster sugar in... - 45.3192

Berry Cream Coffee Cake

With a pastry blender, cut cream cheese and butter into biscuit mix until mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Stir in milk just until moistened. Turn onto a floured board; knead 8-10 times or until dough is smooth. On waxed paper, roll dough into a 12-in.x... - 39.1579

Coffee Cream

Make very strong coffee of the ground coffee with a little water. When the coffee has been strained, add sugar and continue cooking until it thickens. Blend the thick, cooled coffee into the basic butter cream and beat until smooth and fluffy. Boiling down... - 24.3678

Coffee Cream Dessert

This Coffee Cream Dessert is a must for all coffee lovers! Try yourself to this rich and tasty Coffee Cream Dessert with a bit of Jell-O surprise! - 30.1003

Spirited Coffee And Cream Punch

I usually serve the Spirited Coffee And Cream Punch at parties. They never fail to cheer the guests uo and light up the party. You just cant miss this wonderful Spirited Coffee And Cream Punch! - 26.4553

Coffee Yogurt Cream

1. Mix the black coffee with sweetener to taste; add the yogurt and milk. 2. Dissolve the gelatine in the 3 tablespoons water and add to the coffee mixture; mix thoroughly. 3. Pour into 1 lightly oiled large fluted mould, or 4 individual ones, and chill for... - 27.5488

Coffee Spanish Cream

Combine gelatin, sugar and instant coffee in top of double boiler. Beat egg yolks and blend with cold milk. Pour into double boiler. Cook over low heat until mixture thickens slightly. Remove from heat and stir in almond extract. Chill, stirring occasionally... - 38.0393

Coffee Cream

Beat egg yolks. Then add sugar, salt, and coffee, while continuing to beat. Heat over a low heat, while stirring. Then add the gelatin which has been soaked in the cold water for 5 min. Stir until dissolved, then add the orange rind. Chill until beginning to... - 37.1183

Coffee Cream

MAKING 1) In a bowl, beat together cream, 10X sugar, instant coffee powder, and vanilla until stiff. 2) Unroll the cake, and spread evenly 1/2 of he cream mixture, over the cake. ) roll and frost with the remaining cream mixture. 3) Dredge with chocolate... - 32.2851

Coffee Cream

Soak gelatine in water for five minutes. Mix coffee powder and boiling water and pour it on gelatine. Add salt and sugar. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Place in refrigerator to set when partially set, remove from refrigerator and beat with a beater. Beat... - 35.7681

Coffee Cream Roll Cake

Put cracker crumbs into bowl with sugar and almonds. Make well in center. Add coffee and vanilla; mix to soft dough. Sift a little extra sugar onto large sheet of grease-proof paper. Roll out mixture onto paper to rectangular shape about 9 x12 inches. Spread... - 31.7401

Simple Coffee Cream

Beat the eggs and sugar until liquid. Heat the milk almost to boiling-point and pour over the egg mixture. Strain the egg and milk back into the pan, and cook gently until thick, stirring all the time. Allow to cool. Soak the gelatine in the water for 5 min.,... - 34.908

Coffee Cream

Combine water and sugar in a small saucepan. Heat, stirring until sugar is dissolved. Bring to a boil and boil, without stirring, to 238 degrees or until syrup falls in a 6-inch thread from the tines of a fork. Beat egg yolks in a small bowl until thick a - 30.4694

Coffee Cream Budapest Style

MAKING 1. In a bowl, whisk the cream, confectioner's sugar and vanilla extract until stiff 2. Dissolve coffee in water, let cool and then beat it into the cream 3. Separate the yolks and whites and beat the egg whites till stiff. 4. Fold it into the cream 5.... - 44.5004

Coffee Cream

GETTING READY 1) Place 2 6-ounce glasses inside refrigerator to chill. MAKING 2) In a 2-cup liquid measure or small bowl add all the ingredients. 3) Combine all by stirring until sugar is dissolved. SERVING 4) Pour the drink in chilled glasses and garnish... - 33.5359

Coffee Cream

GETTING READY 1. Let the oven heat to 350°F (180°C/Gas 4) and grease 2 baking trays. 2. Cream the lard and sugar together until soft and fluffy. 3. Put in the syrup and beat the mixture well. 4. Put in the egg and the coffee and beat again, using a... - 43.13

Coffee Cream Profiteroles

1. Preheat the oven to 220°C/425°F/ Gas 7. To make the pastry, sift the flour and salt on to a sheet of baking parchment and set aside. Put the butter into a pan with the coffee. Bring to a rolling boil, then remove the pan from the heat and tip in all the... - 41.6021

Angel Cake With Coffee Cream

Prepare and bake angel cake according to package directions. Cool thoroughly. Whip cream with the sugar, coffee, and vanilla till mixture will hold in peaks. Frost top and sides of cake. Garnish with chocolate shot or toasted almonds. Or buy a 10 inch tube... - 32.0122

Coffee Cream Pie

Place marshmallows and coffee in a 2 casserole dish. Microwave 3 to 4 minutes or until marshmallows soften. Stir until marshmallows melt. Refrigerate until mixture resembles the consistency of egg whites. Fold whipped cream into cooled mixture. Pour... - 31.5539

Coffee Cream Pie

The coffee cream pie is a rich and creamy coffee flavored pie set in a brazil nut pie shell. Cooked and poured in the pie shell, the coffee cream pie can be served warm or chilled. Delicious and sinfully sumptious, the coffee cream pie is a great dessert... - 44.7623

Coffee Cream Cake

Dissolve coffee powder in a little boiling water; cool. Follow the recipe for Beaten Sponge Cake adding dissolved coffee powder to egg yolks and sugar before beating. Cut cooled cake horizontally into 2 layers and fill with jam. To make frosting and... - 44.5068

Danish Coffee Cream Puff Muffins

The Danish Coffee Cream Puff Muffins is a delicious muffin. I serve this for my children all the time! Don’t miss out on this brilliant Danish Coffee Cream Puff Muffins recipe. - 43.4005

Coffee Cream Brownies

Looking for a yummy dessert recipe that everyone is sure to love? Then try these tasty baked brownies, guaranteed to please everyone's taste buds! These are simple to bake. To ensure that the brownies turn out perfect, watch the video carefully. - 123.137

Coffee Bavarian Cream

Substitute 1/2 cup strong coffee for 1/2 cup milk in the recipe for Bavarian Cream - 13.1668

Malai Coffee With Cream

MAKING 1)In a saucepan, add coffee and little water and make a paste. 2)Add the rest of the water and boil for 20 minutes. 3)Stir in cardamom and sugar and mix well. SERVING 4)Top the coffee with cream and serve hot. - 31.6534

Coffee Cream Filling

Dissolve coffee in hot water. Cream butter and sugar together; add egg yolk, beat thoroughly . Add coffee liquid. Beat again until fluffy - 26.0306

Chestnuts With Coffee Cream

Chestnuts with coffee cream is a cooked dessert served with coffee cream. The chestnuts are cooked with sugar and water. Chilled and served in sherbet glasses, I love this dessert for the slight crunch to it. delicious and refreshing, the chestnuts with... - 30.8193

Coffee Cream Filling

After beating cream until stiff, add sugar slowly. Fold in stiffly beaten egg white, salt and vanilla. Now add strong coffee drop by drop until the desired coffee flavor is reached. These fillings are very versatile. They may be used for puffs, tarts, pies... - 26.8162

Coffee Cream Filling

1. Combine cream, instant coffee and 10X sugar in a medium-size bowl. 2. Beat ingredients with electric mixer, until stiff. Chill until ready to use. - 22.6668

Velvety Coffee Cream Filling

Beat cream cheese with sugar and liqueur. Gradually add whipping cream, beating until thick enough to hold a shape. Spread between layers of Telegraph Hill Chocolate Cake. - 25.6439

Coffee Granita With Cream

MAKING 1 In a medium size bowl, combine all the ingredients except whipped cream. 2 Allow the mixture to cool. 3 In an ice cream maker, process the mixture as per the manufacturer's instructions. 4 Or into a large pan, turn the mixture and freeze... - 32.0445

Coffee Cream Pie

It is true I was a lil' hesitant about how will Coffee Cream Pie will turn out when the first time I ever tried it! But, believe me, this recipe for Coffee Cream Pie is can make u so confident, coz it is very easy and simple with no scope of turning out to be... - 37.4

Coffee Nut Cream Pie

Combine pudding mix, milk, and coffee; cook as directed on the package. Cool and fold in cream. Pour into baked pie shell and sprinkle with nuts; chill. - 28.1188

Almond Coffee Cream

Heat milk in small saucepan just until bubbles form around the edges. Stir in strong coffee and 1 teaspoon sugar; cook until piping hot, stirring occasionally. Taste; add more sugar, if you wish. Remove from the heat and stir in almond flavouring or... - 31.1275

Caribbean Coffee Cream

Place the milk, 25 g/1 oz (2 tablespoons) butter, cornflour (cornstarch) and coffee in a pan. Heat, whisking until the sauce thickens. Continue to cook, stirring continuously, for 1 minute. Cover and leave to cool. Cream the remaining butter with the sugar,... - 45.8421

Turkish Coffee Cream

Moisten the coffee with a little water and put onto a muslin square with the cardamom pods and cinnamon stick, then tie securely with kitchen string to make a bag. Put the cream into a heavy saucepan with the muslin bag and bring to the boil, then lower the... - 44.173

Elegant Coffee Cream Dessert

Crumble macaroons, and place on a baking sheet, bake at 400° for 5 to 8 minutes or until golden brown, stirring occasionally. Cool completely. Set aside 1/3 cup macaroon crumbs. Combine remaining macaroon crumbs and rum, let stand 30 minutes. Press into... - 34.1258

Coffee Cream Sauce

1. Blend the dried egg and water to a smooth cream in a basin. Stir in the coffee and place the basin over a pan of boiling water. Add the sugar. Cook, stirring occasionally, until the sauce is thick enough to coat the back of a wooden spoon lightly. 2.... - 25.7146

Coffee Bavarian Cream

MAKING 1) In the top of a double boiler, combine skim milk and egg yolks and beat well. 2) Sprinkle gelatin over the mix and allow to soften. 3) Mix in 2 tablespoons of the honey and coffee, set over hot, not boiling, water. 4) Till the gelatin dissolves... - 42.9684

Raspberry Cream Coffee Cake

In medium mixing bowl cut the cream cheese and butter into biscuit mix until crumbly. Stir in 1/4 cup milk. Turn onto a lightly floured surface. Knead 8 to 10 strokes. On waxed paper, roll dough to a 12x8-inch rectangle. Invert onto a greased baking ... - 45.1534

Coffee Cream Mousseline

MAKING 1 In a saucepan, put the sugar and water together. 2 Slowly bring it to the boil, making sure the sugar has dissolved completely before it comes to the boil. 3 Allow it to simmer gently for about 10-15 minutes or until the mixture forms a... - 34.0894

Choco Coffee Cream

Heat milk and chocolate in top of double boiler until chocolate melts. Combine sugar, flour and salt. Add eggs, beat thoroughly. Combine with chocolate mixture and cook over direct heat until mixture thickens, stirring constantly—about 2 minutes. Strain and... - 37.1053

Coffee Cream Layer Cake

GETTING READY 1 Preheat the oven to 275° F. 2 Lightly grease a 3 round layer cake pans with butter. MAKING 3 In a bowl, beat egg whites until they form soft peaks. 4 Add 1 packet sugar substitute and beat until stiff. 5 Divide the whites equally... - 44.6569

Puff Pastry Cream Slices With Coffee Icing

GETTING READY 1 Turn a 1514 X 1014-inch jelly-roll pan upside down, and cut a piece of parchment paper to fit the underside. 2 On a lightly floured work surface, roll out the pastry slightly larger than the paper, and slide it onto the paper. 3 ... - 46.2236

Coffee Cream Punch

GETTING READY 1) Use a casserole to mix coffee and 4 cups of water. MAKING 2) Microwave at HIGH for 4 minutes. 3) In a bowl, put ice cream and pour in hot coffee. 4) Stir to melt in ice cream. SERVING 5) Pour the ice cream into cups. Sprinkle nutmeg on top... - 34.1094

Coffee Cream Cake

Preheat oven to 425°F (220°C). Prepare Sponge Cake batter. Spread batter evenly into greased and lined jell roll pan. Bake for 10-12 minutes. Turn cake out onto wax paper and remove lining paper. Leave to cool, then cut into 3 even strips lengthwise. Blend... - 41.5753

Coffee Cream Cheesecake

Sieve cheeses into a bowl, beat well. Soften gelatine in cold water, add boiling water, stir until dissolved. Add to cheese mixture with lemon rind and juice, continue beating until smooth. Whip cream until stiff, fold in coffee essence. Beat egg-white,... - 41.949

Coffee Cream Roll

Crush biscuits very finely; place in mixing bowl with sifted icing sugar and ground almonds. Mix well, make a well in centre, stir in coffee and vanilla. Mix together well to form a soft dough. Sift a little extra icing sugar on to a large sheet of... - 38.8898

Coffee Flavored Hazelnut Cream

Coarsely crush the nuts in the grinder attachment of a blender or using a pestle and mortar. Dissolve the gelatine in the water. Scald the milk with the nuts in a saucepan. Remove from the heat. Beat the egg yolks and sugar together until the mixture is pale... - 41.4551

Coffee And Banana Cream

Blend together the flour, sugar, cornflour and milk in a 1.7 1/3 pt bowl. Whisk well and cook for 7—7 1/2 minutes until thick. Whisk vigorously every 2 minutes. Lightly beat the egg yolks and add 90 ml / 6 tbsp of the custard mixture. Blend it well and add... - 31.2005

Coffee Topped Cream Puffs Or Eclairs

1. Make Cream Puff Paste. 1. Combine water, butter and salt in a saucepan. 2. Heat to the boiling point. 3. Add sugar if used, and all the flour. 4. Stir rapidly until paste leaves the sides of the pan and clings to spoon. 5. Take off the heat and cool 2... - 43.3914

Coffee-cream Punch

This coffee cream punch is a recipe that lets you make a wonderful drink for a large gathering. Have a blast with friends and family. Coffee and ice cream…a wonderful way to celebrate. - 31.9712

Coffee-cream Royale

Coffee can actually make any dish special. A dash of coffee and the dish comes alive. Add the much needed zing to your cooking. This coffee-cream royale is a wonderful treat that you would love to make over and over again. - 34.5786

Coffee-cream Cake

Coffee can actually make any dish special. A dash of coffee and the dish comes alive. Add the much needed zing to your cooking. This coffee-cream cake is a wonderful treat that you would love to make over and over again. - 51.7092

Coffee Cream Flan

GETTING READY 1) In a bowl combine the crushed biscuits and butter together. 2) Then press into the bottom and sides of a 8 inch fluted flan ring placed on a baking sheet; refrigerate until the crust is firm. MAKING 3) In a bowl, beat the egg yolks and... - 44.1691

Java Spice Chocolate Cake With Roasted Coffee Cream

Heat the oven 180C/fan 160C/gas 4. Butter and line the base and sides of 2 x 18cm loose-bottomed cake tins with baking parchment. Mix the cocoa powder, ground cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. Reserve 3 tsp, and mix the rest with 200ml boiling water Cream the... - 48.3482

Coffee Cream And Walnut Cupcakes

GETTING READY 1) Set your oven to preheat at 180C/fan 160C/gas 4. Prepare a shelf in the middle of the oven. 2) Use a 12-hole bun tin to line with fairy cake cases. 3) In a large bowl, combine butter, sugar, flour and eggs with 4 teaspoons of coffee and a... - 47.0582

Coffee Cream Nut Pie

Pour gelatin into 3 tablespoons of evaporated milk. Let sit 5 minutes. Add coffee. Over low heat, stir until gelatin and coffee are dissolved. Stir in 2 tablespoons of the evaporated milk and the salt. Stir until it is very smooth. Stir in remainder of... - 43.5942

Coffee And Cream Chiffon Pie

Prepare Vanilla Wafer Crust. Press mixture onto bottom and sides of 9-inch pie plate. Chill. In saucepan mix 1/3 cup sugar, coffee crystals, gelatin, and salt. Stir in milk and egg yolks. Cook and stir till slightly thickened; remove from heat. Stir in... - 45.1665

Coffee Cream Buche De Noel

Beat egg whites until foamy. Add cream of tartar and beat until stiff. Gradually beat in 1/2 cup sugar, 1 tablespoon at a time. Beat egg yolks until thick and lemon-colored. Beat into egg yolks remaining 1/2 cup sugar, the orange rind, and sherry. Fold... - 45.353

Baby Guinness Shooter With Irish Cream And Coffee Liqueur

Planning a last-minute cram session or a movie-splurge with your friends, this shooter will carry you through. Meant to be consumed in one shot, Irish cream is the focus of this coffee liqueur drink, which oddly brings a yogurt like texture to the drink.... - 98.7039

Irish Coffee Gobs With Bushmills & Baileys Irish Cream Filling

This recipe came about when I was asked to come up with a signature coffee-flavored gob for a new coffeehouse in San Francisco. In my first attempt, I used brewed coffee in the batter, but dark hypno-swirls of java could be seen on top of the baked gobs.... - 45.1172

Blueberry Coffee Cake – Part 5 – The Final Touch

This is the fifth and final part of the video recipe, Blueberry Coffee Cake. Dust the icing sugar over the cake and your cake is ready to serve, finally! - 79.7597

Blueberry Coffee Cake – Part 1 - Blending The Ingredients

For all those who love desserts, here is a dish that smells as well as tastes good! Blueberry Coffee Cake video recipe has been broken down into five parts. This is the first part of the recipe which is all about blending the ingredients. - 82.5974

Blueberry Coffee Cake – Part 2 – Making The Batter

This is the second part of the video recipe, Blueberry Coffee Cake. This part talks about making the batter. This is a very important step to get it right in order to have a great tasting dish. - 82.0828

Blueberry Coffee Cake – Part 4 – Making The Icing Sugar

This is the fourth part of the video recipe of Blueberry Coffee Cake. This talks about making the icing sugar. All you need to do is grind the sugar. - 81.739

Blueberry Coffee Cake – Part 3 – Baking

This is the third part of the video recipe, Blueberry Coffee Cake. This part is all about baking the batter. Watch this video for more inputs. - 79.3973