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How Much Caffeine Are You Drinking?

Whether you're studying for finals, finishing up a project, or trying to start your day, caffeine is one of the most popular drugs of choice. How does your favorite caffeinated drink stack up against all the other options? This interesting visual by... -

Health Facts Of Coffee

Good or bad? That seems to be a million dollar question as far as coffee is concerned. While most health experts nod their heads and deride the caffeine rich beverage, the morning cuppa still happens to rule American mornings. In fact, statistics show that... -

How To Clean Coffeemaker

Coffee lovers should know how to clean coffeemaker, if they don’t want to compromise on the taste of fresh brew. Coffeemaker often gets dirty after a few brewing sessions and it becomes difficult to clean it with regular soapy water.The build up of... -

How To Clean Coffeepot

Most of us love coffee but very few of us know, how to clean coffeepot and thus we often end up having stale and bland coffee due to impurities and stain deposited on the interiors of coffeepot. Cleaning coffeepot is very simple and it takes few minutes,... -

How To Use Coffeemaker

Knowing  how to use a coffeemaker   is the secret of making a good cup of coffee. You cannot make a tasty cup of coffee unless you are skilled enough in... -

How To Use Percolater Coffee Makers

If you love to have coffee and enjoy serving it to your friends when they drop in, you should ideally know how to use percolater coffee makers , which are ideal for preparing several cups of coffee at once. This is usually done by pouring boiling water and... -

Tata Coffee To Bring Starbucks Into India

        Taking the first step towards its long-awaited entry into India, US coffee chain Starbucks on Thursday said it has signed a pact with Tata group firm for a possible alliance that could include... -

How To Kick The Coffee Addiction

There's nothing wrong with coffee as such. It actually helps you to concentrate better and keeps you on your toes when needed. However, too much of it is not good at all. It can actually be labeled as an addiction, if you are unable to do without it. ... -

How To Use An Enamel Coffee Pot?

Enamel coffee pots are defined as elegant, classic and legendary antique piece which is used for brewing coffee. The best part of using an antique piece like enamel coffee pots is that it keeps coffee hot at one constant temperature for incredible long hours.... -

How To Clean A Coffee Pot Organically

  To get the best tasting cup of coffee , you must clean a coffee pot in a safe and natural way. This is a surefire method to get the best results possible. Organic cleaning helps you clean a coffee pot very nicely... -

How To Remove Coffee Stains From A Corian Sink

    When it comes to removing coffee stains from sinks, coffee is one of the worst beverages that can permanently blemish areas of your home. Eliminating these marks can be tough and sometimes impossible.  However, if you have coffee... -

How To Become A Coffee Connoisseur

  To be a Coffee connoisseur and brew your career all you need to know is a bit about this traditional beverage. Lot can happen over a coffee... I know these words sounds familiar. From being a traditional beverage to... -

How To Use Cocoa Powder Other Than In Coffee

 Do ypu know thatD Do you know that you can use cocoa powder rather than just using it for flavoring your coffee? While all of us know how to use cocoa powder in our kitchen, let me tell you that there are alternate uses of cocoa powder also. You can... -

It Is Time For The Specialty Coffee Shops

The demand for specialty coffee paved way for the specialty coffee shops open up in large numbers and the success rate of such specialty coffee shops are definitely amazing. Here I am just offering you a sneak peek of how successful the specialty coffee... -

Four Steps To Make Your Coffee Taste Better

As an avid coffee drinker, you would definitely try to make it taste better. Making good coffee is really an art, but it does not require you to have master culinary skills. Just take heed of a few tips here and there and you will be able to come up... -

How To Check Caffeine In Coffee

Do you ask for a decaf every time you go to Starbucks? Are you really and truly bothered enough to check caffeine in coffee?   Checking caffeine in coffee is important Now don't be shocked when I tell you that most of the decaf you... -

How To Use Coffee Essence At Home

  ‘Coffeol’ or coffee essence is a concentrated liquid form of coffee and the best way to use coffee essence is to flavor your drinks, ice creams and baking dishes with coffee essence to enhance their taste. It comes packed in small... -

How To Make A Coffee Essence For Yourself

A sip of coffee is undoubtedly so refreshing that it has made coffee everyone’s favorite drink. One of the easiest ways to make a cup of coffee is by using coffee essence. Do you know how to make a coffee essence? It’s a very simple process and you will... -

How To Use Old Roasted Coffee Beans

If your roasted coffee beans get old for more than a month, then you can no longer use this to make your morning coffee. However, when you learn  how to use old roasted coffee beans , you can surely be able to make use of these other than letting them rot... -

Coffee Can Reduce Post-workout Pain In Your Body

If you are worried that too much exercise will cause pain your in your body, then here is a piece of good news for you. According to a research carried out at University of Georgia Coffee Can Reduce Post-Workout Pain In Your Body.   ... -

Welcome Soyfee - An Alternative To Coffee

If you are crazy about coffee and despite knowing its harmful effects are unable to come out from its addiction, Welcome Soyfee – An Alternative To Coffee with no side effects. Soyfee blends the taste of coffee and benefits of soybean consumption. Soyfee is... -

How To Stop Drinking Coffee?

“Coffee-holism” might not be far away from the English dictionary, as coffee-addicts are pronouncing their presence, in many quarters of the globe. An over dosage of anything is harmful so it is with coffee. Here are a few tips on how to stop drinking... -

Is Decaffeinated Coffee Bad For You - Know For Yourself

The coffee that has most of the caffeine removed from it is known as decaffeinated coffee or decaf. The main ingredient in coffee is caffeine which is known for causing addiction. Caffeine affects the central nervous system to overcome fatigue and sleepiness.... -

Learn About The Side Effects Of Decaf Coffee

Coffee addicts generally go for decaf coffee assuming that caffeine free coffee won’t harm them. But drinking decaffeinated coffee is no better than having regular ones as decaf coffee has many side effects on our body and health. Even if the coffee has... -

Various Uses Of Coffee Beans

  There are  various uses of coffee beans . Coffee is truly an indispensable part of modern life. Millions of people start off their day with a cup of coffee every morning.  Making a cup of hot coffee beverage is a common use of the coffee beans.... -

How To Make Coffee In Bulk At Home

  Now forget about making pots and pots of coffee for huge crowd of guests, because I know how to make coffee in bulk at home , its hassle free and you can serve hot coffee to upto 50 guests and still enjoy the gathering. Making coffee... -

Drinking Coffee Before Bed Increase Metabolism

Coffee was once considered to be an unhealthy drink for its high caffeine content, but it is not as bad as it is actually considered. Coffee has several health benefits too.  Newer studies have proved that drinking coffee may have benefits like increased... -

How To Chill Coffee Quick

I had almost given up making iced coffee until I learned some secrets of chilling coffee quickly . By learning how to chill coffee quickly I saved myself from messing up my cold coffee every now and then. Since I have messed it many times, I do not... -

How Coffee With Sugar Increases Attentiveness

If you are a regular coffee drinker and insist that coffee with sugar increases attentiveness, you can claim it right as recent researches showed How Coffee With Sugar Increases Attentiveness. This article will talk about a study conducted by University... -

It Is Time For Peppermint Coffee

Winter is on its way to give us a chill and now it is time for peppermint coffee . For quite a few years, people are more towards selecting their cup of coffee with a special flavor of winter such as peppermint or pumpkin. So, as the cold wind started to... -

How To Make Coffee Froth Designs

  While enjoying a hot cup of coffee at espresso bar, many times you have thought how to make coffee froth designs with perfection ? Making designs with coffee froth is an art by itself. Latte art or the... -

Can Coffee Raise Cholesterol Levels

  When planning a heart friendly or cholesterol friendly diet, coffee is probably the last thing on one’s priority list and questions like, “Can coffee raise cholesterol levels” are rarely asked to a doctor or a dietician. However, your... -

Wake Up To Smell The New Coffee

It is wonderful to wake up to the smell of new coffee, but have you ever spared a thought on how such coffee is grown? We often talk about organic coffee but do we do know how such pure organic coffee smells actually? Perhaps not!   ... -

White Coffee Starts New Trend In Beverages

  Coffee, the refreshing beverage has evolved to many variants representing the ethnic and regional diversity, yet enjoying the unison, of being relished by one and all. Mocha, Americano, cappuccino, espresso and then the... -

How To Choose Coffee Beans – For That Right Taste

If you love your coffee but have been dissatisfied with the coffee you brew at home then it is high time you checked the quality and type of your coffee beans. Choosing the right coffee beans is highly instrumental in whipping together an addictive steaming... -

National Coffee Day - Celebrating With A Cuppa

  The National Coffee Day on 29th September is a favorite day for the coffee lover population of the world. It is not known that who or when this celebration has started. Probably it came out from a group of coffee addicted persons, to honor... -

How To Order Coffee In A Paris Cafe

Before you decide to have coffee in any cafe of Paris, you need to know how to order coffee in a Paris café. You need to know some specific terms and also ways of having coffee so that you can enjoy it the most. In any Paris café, you can have coffee by... -

Top 10 Recipes For Iced Coffee

Here are top 10 recipes for iced coffee which are excellent for your evening parties or anytime you feel like refreshing yourself up. These recipe ideas for iced coffee are easy to prepare and very delicious to have – hope you enjoy these recipes and... -

Learn The Basics Of Home Coffee Roasting

Nothing can give you as much pleasure as to sip a cup of home-roasted coffee. If you don’t have any idea on this, then you can easily learn the basics of home coffee roasting. The flavor and quality of home-roasted coffee is something which you will... -

How To Make A Corn Cob Costume – Stitch In Time, Saves A Dozen Dime

A fancy dress competition  for your child around the corner, or a unique get up for the Halloween? How about a corn cob costume ? The yellow, green, and cream combination, with ‘bobs of kernels’ , would sure make your kid  the cynosure of all eyes. ... -

Types Of Coffee Brewers

Whenever you ask any coffee connoisseur about how to prepare an amazing cup of coffee, you will hear about the beans and its types, roasts and grinds. There are several types of coffee brewers on the market. You will also get to hear that you must use... -

Making Beads From Coffee Beans

Bright, shiny, eco-friendly, recyclable and eclectic, coffee bean jewelry looks great, is very affordable and can be easily custom-made at home! The rich brown color of the coffee beans can be easily varied by different levels of baking, and you could sport a... -

Can Coffee Make Plants Grow Better?

If you are asking – ‘can coffee make plants grow better?’, then, I will give you a resounding ‘Yes’ to this question. Not only can coffee make plants grow better, but, it can also stimulate a faster growth in plants. You can use coffee grounds... -

How To Roast Green Coffee Beans

Now, you can skip your trip to the nearest store and have roasted coffee beans whenever you feel like. Learning the process of how to roast green coffee beans gives you the opportunity to choose your own level of roasting and not relying on someone else.... -

How To Make Iced Coffee? – The Chill Thrill

Coffee, as a beverage, has won a special place in all cultures, cuisine and countries. Though traditionally the beverage was consumed hot, iced coffee avatar is a favorite refreshment, especially on a hot summer day. So, how to make iced coffee ? ... -

How To Brew French Press Coffee? – A Drink Full Of The Beans

Coffee is the chosen beverage by one and all, transcending the barriers of geography, heritage and lifestyle. The aroma of coffee drink and the roasted seeds,  leaves you to wonder as to how to brew French press coffee , the French press coffee maker... -

Your Coffee Reflects Your Personality

Your coffee reflects your personality suggest some studies.    Attention! Coffee lovers. The coffee that you sip does not only have froth on the top and sugar at its bottom but your personality lives there too. Yes, your coffee reflects your... -

How To Properly Cold Brew Coffee?

Traditional method of brewing the coffee would be using hot water. But there is also another method of brewing the coffee, using cold water. This method seems to have its advantages of being more healthier than the hot water brewed coffee since it has less... -

Semifredo Coffee With Chocolate

1 spoon (soup) finely grated orange peel 4 tablespoons (soup) of chocolate liquor 4colheres (soup) of coffee liqueur ½ cup (tea) and coffee to brew strong 2 cup (tea) cream 1xicara (tea) cream cheese ½ cup (tea) sugar ... -

How Much Coffee Is Too Much?

Coffe warms you up on a cold day, helps keeps you going when you're tired, and grinds away the rough edges after a hard night to make the hours at work go by quicker. One or two cups may be beneficial in this way, but how much coffee is too much? ... -

Coffee - Types

It can sometimes be daunting walking into a coffee house and seeing the long list of coffee varieties and drinks on the menu. What’s the difference between a latte and an Au lait ? How does a cappuccino differ from an Americano? I will... -

Coffee Lowers Stroke Risk!

It has been found that the antioxidants in coffee help reduce and lower the chance of a stroke in women who drink 2-3 cups of coffee daily. This hot beverage helps reduce the risk of a stroke by up to 12% in women to drink coffee regularly as opposes to... -

Coffee With A Twist

  Hello friends, I came across a very interesting article on coffee and thought of sharing with you. Here it goes.......... World's priciest coffee comes with a twist If you want a taste of the most expensive coffee in the world,... -

Weekends Of Coffee, Sandwiches, Hummus And More At The B Cup Cafe.

My latest haunt (and almost an addiction now) for some weeks has been a cute, cozy and fun cafe in the east village, the B Cup cafe. At the corner of 13th and Av B, this really cute and cozy cafe rocks (see full review on yelp ). What can one ask from a... -

Coffee Or Water - Which Is Free ?

Living far too long in the US where coffee is free and water is like $5-10 a bottle in any hotel, I was in for a surprise in India. Yes they charge you money - real cash like $5-20 for a cup of coffee. Just like most US hotel bottles have sign in that $10... -

Creativity With Coffee

Recently one of my very nice friendsent me the mail with these some of the most profound picd...the creativity in coffee... hey already i m such a great fan of coffee..and now these pictures..make me crazy for it..!! My dear... -

Gulp Of Joy Or Hook For Forest Habitants..

Some smells reminds some warm memories..and COFFEE did the same.. People are addicted to different things & when it come to make a wonder .. i love coffee- THE Experience...of enriching the thoughts and feeling...moving on... -

Complete Coffee Experience

Coffee A widely consumed beverage prepared from the roasted seeds — commonly referred to as beans — of the coffee plant . It can be cold or hot. A typical 7 fluid ounce ( ... -

Coffee Roasting

Roast Degree Characteristics Light Light brown to cinnamon color Low body and light acidity.  The beans are dry.  This roast is too light and does not allow the coffee to develop to its full potential. ... -

Do You Know Your Coffee?

BIRTH OF COFFEE! TRULY, A REINCARNATION OF MANY SOULS:   According to legend, coffee was discovered by an goat herder named Kaidi. He noticed that his goats become frisky and danced around the fields after chewing on the berries from... -