Cocktail Sauce Vinegar Recipes

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Cocktail Sauce For Sea Food

MAKING 1. In a bowl, combine vinegar and salt and stir until sugar dissolves. 2. Add the sauces and catsup and whisk until well blended. 3. Add the horseradish and stir well. SERVING 4. Use the sauce for seafood cocktails. - 34.1036

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Bitter Seafood Cocktail Sauce

Mix all sauce ingredients together and chill. - 24.877

Gourmet Salad With Smoked Duck And Preserved Gizzard, Red Wine Vinegar Dressing

Preserved duck gizzard Clean the gizzard well and marinate in salt for 3 hours. Clean again in water, then cook slowly in duck fat with some garlic, thyme and bay leaf, in a covered saucepan, for 5 hours at a temperature of 80°C. Salad Wash the 'mesclun'... - 42.9033

How To Make A Bloody Good Balsamic Mary Cocktail

A special, infused vodka and homemade mix give this Bloody Mary a kick! Chef and mixologist Kathy Casey encourages you to get creative with your garnishes with this "brunch in a glass" cocktail! - 123.441

Cocktail Sauce

In a small bowl, mix all ingredients. - 15.1391

Tangy Tomato Juice Cocktail

Mix all the ingredients together and leave to stand for 15 minutes. Strain through muslin or a fine strainer and chill. - 29.6542

Sauce For Shrimp Cocktail

Mix well and marinate with shrimps. - 23.2702

Cocktail Sauce

Combine all ingredients except whipped cream, mix well. Fold in whipped cream. - 28.0453

Shrimp Cocktail Sauce

Mince garlic clove, scallion tops & parsley. Mash egg. Combine all ingredients, mix well. Chill before using. - 32.6736

Cocktail Sauce For Shrimp

MAKING 1. In a bowl, combine all the ingredients. 2. Use a wire whisk or a fork to whisk until well blended and smooth. SERVING 3. Use the sauce for seafood cocktails. - 33.6807

Shrimp Cocktail Sauce With Mustard

Combine all ingredients and blend well. Chill, and serve with cooked, shelled, deveined shrimps. - 29.3278