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5 Easy Papaya Cocktails

Be it a summer barbecue party, a wedding brunch party, or even the most formal of the meetings, papaya cocktails are ideal choices. You can indulge in a guilt-free drinking experience along with the cocktails that are  loaded with the goodness of papaya... -

5 Easy Kumquat Cocktails

There is rarely a time when you would say no to cocktails, especially when it is the season of exotic fruits. The easy kumquat cocktails outlined here are a few such drinks to which you would relate. Being a citrus like fruit, the cocktails infusing kumquat... -

5 Easy Fig Cocktails

If you are looking out for some irresistible and amazing drinks to pep up your spirits during fall, then these fig cocktails are the right choice. This wonderful dry fruit makes a great choice in the form of liqueur as well. Here are some ideas of creating... -

5 Easy Guava Cocktails

Go novel! Try something new! If you have this attitude, then the guava cocktails are for you. Loaded with fresh guava or guava juice, these alcoholic drinks are colorful embellishments among other  holiday cocktails . Be it a wedding party or a casual... -

5 Easy Cinnamon Cocktails

Even a pinch of the aromatic spice c innamon  can zest up a dish. Cocktails are no exceptions. The cinnamon cocktails outlined in this blog makes use of cinnamon, either as such or in its liqueur form. They make great warmers for a classic winter... -

5 Easy Plum Cocktails

If you want to sway to the peppy tunes at your summer dance party without being affected by the scorching sun, these classy and easy plum cocktails are the ideal choices. The freshness of this summer fruit loaded cocktail renders a revitalizing touch to... -

5 Easy Passion Fruit Cocktails

There is nothing better than a cocktail to set in the romantic mood. Give your taste buds a treat with these classic passion fruit cocktails, made using the whole fruit or freshly squeezed juice. The alcoholic fruit drinks are sure to be crowd pleasers. Here... -

10 Easy Apricot Cocktails

Complex, yet subtle, the apricot liqueur makes a wonderful base for a wide number of cocktails. Along with rendering a bright orange hue, the brandy gives a refreshing fragrance to the apricot cocktails too. Here are some such exotic cocktail ideas for you…... -

10 Easy Blackberry Cocktails

The purplish black blackberries render an elegant touch to the cocktails, especially when blended with a citrus fruit. Refreshing, yet intoxicating, these blackberry cocktails can be served as  signature drinks at any party. Here are the top 10 alcohol... -

10 Easy Tomato Cocktails

Be it for a robust crowd or for a light brunch, there is no dearth to the variety of tomato cocktails. Right from the classic and the most popular Blood Mary, these drinks are as many in number as the shades of this wonderful summer fruit. Add a refreshing... -

5 Easy Avocado Cocktails

Avocado, despite not being a very popular choice for cocktails, renders a fresh appeal to drinks. Be it a martini or a daiquiri, avocado cocktails have a class of their own. Refreshing and revitalizing, they can make for excellent starters as well as cool... -

Top 5 Sunday Cocktails

Refreshing, yet light and  slightly intoxicating – that is the way ideal Sunday cocktails should be. There are countless drinks you can choose from; but the key is to pick something that  goes  perfectly  with your Sunday meal. Here are a... -

5 Easy Vanilla Cocktails

Irespective of the form it is used -   essence or ice cream or liqueur,  vanilla cocktails have managed to carve a niche for themselves among  party drinks. It is of no wonder therefore that they make a classic choice for  festive occasions. This blog... -

5 Easy Pear Cocktails

Pear, like other fruit, can be added to alcoholic drinks in various forms. While fusing the fresh fruit into pear cocktails can be a tough task, drinks infusing the nectar, juice, or pear-flavored alcohols are relatively simpler to make. The nectar is... -

10 Easy Citron Cocktails

Absolut citron, the lemon flavored vodka, itself makes a classic drink when served on the rocks or chilled. The citron cocktails can be mixed easily and are quite refreshing to drink. Give your party a new touch of vitality with these citron-infused drinks…... -

10 Easy Blueberry Cocktails

  Blueberries, in the frozen, fresh, juiced, or liqueur form, make fabulous ingredients for cocktails. Subtly sweet, yet delectable & intoxicating, the blueberry cocktails make a great choice for a summer cocktail party. This write-up is... -

10 Easy Grapefruit Cocktails

Grapefruit adds a wonderful citrus flavor to the cocktails along with an equally addictive color. The grapefruit cocktails make use of fruit juice or at times, the grapefruit flavored vodka. Whichever way the ingredient is used, this sharp citric flavored... -

10 Easy Pomegranate Cocktails

Pomegranate, in the form of liqueur, vodka, or fresh juice, is a great ingredient to play in order to get a unique flavored cocktail. Reap the reputation of this ruby red fruit’s super healthy benefits by sipping on those exotic pomegranate cocktails.... -

5 Easy Watermelon Cocktails

Watermelon is not new to the field of cocktails. In fact, it is a classic addition to tasty drinks the world over, with or without alcohol. Being naturally succulent and mildly sweet, this fruit adds a unique touch to the cocktails. If you are already thirsty... -

5 Easy Raspberry Cocktails

Raspberries render a wonderful color and flavor to the cocktails, making them delightful party drinks. The chilled raspberry cocktails are perfect toasts for your spring party as well as for a warm BBQ. Be ready to indulge in an intoxicating journey with this... -

10 Easy Pineapple Cocktails

Pineapple is one of the exotic fruits that render a distinct flavor and appeal to the drinks. The pineapple cocktails outlined in this write-up are sure to uplift your party spirits along with taking you on a trip down a beautiful island,. Below you will find... -

5 Easy Lychee Cocktails

  Lycheee, a quintessential part of French Lichido Liqueur, renders a beautiful pink hue to the cocktails. This write-up talks about some tastefully prepared lychee cocktails, which incorporates lychee juice or lychee liqueur. Read on to know... -

5 Easy Mango Cocktails

  Mango, the king of fruits, is one of the classic ingredients you can pick for mixing a superb cocktail. There is no better way to cool yourself during scorching summer than relaxing at a beach and sipping on exotic mango cocktails. Read on to... -

5 Easy Grape Cocktails

Give the party cocktails a tasty twist and transform them into signature drinks for your next party by making use of grapes. Wine, the most favorite drink, is a rich, grape drink. The grape cocktails mentioned in this write-up are sure to give your party an... -

10 Easy Coconut Cocktails

Coconut, when added to the cocktails in the form of  juice, cream, or rum, renders a tropical touch to the drinks. Undisputedly bombastic, these coconut cocktails are sure to become instant hits at any party. Catch a glimpse of 10 such tipsy drinks here… ... -

10 Easy Cocoa Cocktails

  Cocoa is one of the classic flavors that you can add to any food and is frequently used to enhance cocktails too. While some have chocolate and cocoa infused in them, others make use of the cocoa liqueur. Be it  a hot drink for winter or a... -

10 Easy Banana Cocktails

If you are in search of creative drinks for an entertaining party, then banana cocktails can be the perfect choice. You can add the yellow-colored aphrodisiac fruit as such or in the form of a liqueur. Feel your excitement levels moving up as you browse... -

10 Easy Peach Cocktails

    Peach is one of the most popular summer fruits which renders a cool and refreshing touch when added to the cocktails. The peach cocktails outlined in this write-up are sure to take your taste buds on a great summer trip. Gear up for a... -

10 Easy Cherry Cocktails

Maraschino cherries, along with being popular garnishes for drinks, are also used as a core ingredient in many of the cocktails. All the cherry cocktails, irrespective of the form of cherry, have a special place in the list of party drinks. Here are ten such... -

10 Easy Strawberry Cocktails

Strawberries and alcohol – the combo is not quite a popular one. Nevertheless, the strawberry cocktails have a special place amidst the party drinks, especially during summer. The versatile nature of strawberries enables them to be infused easily to yield a... -

10 Easy Lemon Cocktails

  Lemon juice adds a citrus flavor to your favorite holiday cocktails; plus it renders a delightful sparkle! The lemon cocktails outlined in this write-up are so versatile that you can enjoy them whenever you want to! It is now time to catch... -

10 Easy Cranberry Cocktails

  Cranberry juice renders a beautiful red hue to the cocktails, making them inevitable choices for parties and celebrations. While preparing cranberry cocktails, always choose the fresh juice over canned ones for added zest. While Cape Cod and... -

10 Easy Apple Cocktails

Apple juice, like orange juice, has been a favorite cocktail mixer. Be it the classic apple juice, apple brandy or the apple cider, apple cocktails make tasty drinks , ideal to warm up the winter nights. Here are some great cocktails containing apple in... -

10 Easy Orange Cocktails

Orange juice, along with adding a delightful orange hue to the cocktails, gives them a slight tangy flavor too. This, in fact, could be considered as one of the most essential core ingredients for a tasty drink. This blog presents some of the most exotic... -

Top 5 Mardi Gras Cocktails

Get ready to take your Fat Tuesday festivities to a new level with these festive Mardi Gras cocktails. They  are sure to let you experience the spirits of New Orleans wherever you are in this world. Read on to know more about these intoxicating drinks… ... -

Top 10 New Year Cocktails

Music, dinner, and  New Year cocktails – these three help to make 31st December evening truly special. Of these, cocktails are definitely an element where you can have fun by mixing and matching different drinks together. Here are a few such interesting... -

Top 5 Easter Cocktails

Welcoming spring during Easter with a cocktail in hand is an ideal way of celebrating the renewal & rejuvenation  of life.  However, you must remember to take care that your Easter cocktails  are  refreshing enough to reflect the festive spirits. Here... -

Top 10 Thanksgiving Cocktails

A component of Thanksgiving meal is a nice cocktail that has the potential to entice everyone and boost the party spirits.  The turkey is ready; so is your favorite pumpkin pie! Now for the drinks! Here are 10 wonderful Thanksgiving cocktails for you…... -

Top 10 Christmas Cocktails

Cocktails are interesting and integral components of celebrations and Christmas is no exception to this rule. Forget the classic drinks and try something new! Welcome the spirit of this occasion with the fabulous Christmas cocktails mentioned here. ... -

Top 10 Movie Cocktail Drinks

Many times we have seen our favorite movie stars sipping their favorite cocktails from martini glasses, but we rarely think about its concoctions. Here are the top 10 movie cocktail drinks :           ... -

3 Cocktails With An Exquisite Secret - Wanna Know?

3 cocktails   with an exquisite secret – wanna know? This information is about different cocktails with an exquisite secret which have something very common in them. These three cocktails are sake, beer and gin. Two of these... -

Best 5 Holiday Cocktails With Vodka

Here are a list of the best 5 holiday cocktails with vodka for this holiday season. Although you can prepare cocktails using many drinks, vodka makes the cocktail very special as it is considered best among all other drinks. Slippery Santa:  ... -

Best 5 Champagne Holiday Cocktails

The bubbly is never in dearth of spirit because you don’t need rhyme or reason to celebrate the “all-season” champagne. Here are the best 5 champagne holiday cocktails to shake or stir to make your holiday fun, bouncing along with the fizz of the drink.... -

Top 10 Easy Holiday Cocktails

Holiday is the time to celebrate; holiday is the time to enjoy! You should have this handy list of top 10 easy holiday cocktails, so that during the holidays you can spend some fabulous time with your friends and family members. These easy holiday cocktails... -

Top 10 Mixed Drinks - Old Is New

"Here are top 10 mixed drinks - old is new " - announced the article that appeared in culinary magazine. Actually I was never hooked with the idea of mixed drinks because I rarely gave importance to what I drink. But after reading the article on... -

How To Add Holiday Flavors To Your Cocktails

This year how about going that extra mile to add holiday flavors to your cocktails? The best known mixologists from L.A have some wonderful recipes up their sleeves and are letting out the best tips on how to add holiday flavors to your cocktails to get your... -

Best 5 Holiday Cocktails To Serve At Holiday Parties

Spending the holiday season without a drink in your hand is quite unthinkable. It is, therefore, important to conjure up the best 5 holiday cocktails to serve at holiday parties now before it is too late. Holiday parties demand that you serve holiday foods... -

How To Make A Cherry Limeade Cocktail

A cocktail is made up by mixing liquor, juice, sugar, water and whatever else you may want to add. Cocktails are usually made at home following our own recipes and taste prefrences.  But if you want to try something go read further to know how to make... -

Top 7 Fall Cocktails To Enjoy

Apple, pumpkins and some mulled wine - sounds like the perfect recipe for a Fall evening. In fact, the best way to warm yourself on a chilly Fall evening is to indulge in some hot cocktails. Here’s presenting the Top 10 Fall Cocktails To enjoy the entire... -

Nutmeg Cocktail Recipes For Holidays

This thanksgiving, while you plan to serve special cuisines to your guests, you must think of some special cocktails also. These nutmeg cocktail recipes for holidays are just perfect to go with the fine delicacies of your thanksgiving gourmet preparations.... -

What Are The Top 6 Winter Cocktails

I often wondered about the winter cocktail recipe ideas which could turn the chilly evenings enjoyable, and after much research and experimentation I have come up with the top 6 winter cocktails   which can be served at different... -

Top 10 Cocktail Drinks For Beginners

If you are planning to mix the drink for the first time in your life, then here is the list for top 10 cocktail drinks for beginners. Cocktail making is not just about mixing all the drinks together; you have to maintain the correct measurements and shake... -

Top 5 Tropical Cocktail Drinks

Would you rather sit on a tropical beach drinking a Margarita rather than working in a cramped office space? Bring the beach to your town and indulge yourself with our guide on top 5 tropical cocktail drinks.               ... -

How To Host A French Cocktail Party

My husband was stuck on the idea of a French cocktail party for our first anniversary.  But, the problem was that I had no idea how to host a French cocktail party. From the food and drinks to the ambience, I was completely clueless, until a friend of mine... -

Menu Suggestions For Your Cocktail Party

I love hosting cocktail parties as not only is it easy to host but it is also simple to plan and prepare for. The most attractive part of the cocktail party is the menu and mind you I never had a problem getting my hands on some exciting menu suggestion for a... -

Top 10 Popular Vodka Cocktail Recipes

  You will find a big bunch of vodka cocktail recipe ideas, if you are really interested on this. Here is my list of top 10 popular vodka cocktail recipes, which you might like to taste.   Anouchka ... -

Haunting Halloween Cocktails

  Sure, Halloween may be the time for kids to get dressed up and go trick-or-treating, but that doesn't mean adults can't have fun too! It's time to drink and celebrate! Here is a list of the top 10... -

Top 10 Dessert Cocktail Recipes

  All those desserts and cocktail lovers out there, here is a list of top 10 dessert cocktail recipes just for you. These creamy cocktails are bound to cure all your sweet tooth cravings but indulge yourself with caution.       ... -

Cocktails To Go With Your Brunch Party

Why cocktails should be served only for dinner? In my opinion, you can enjoy the cocktail at any time of the day, provided you have the right ambience. Here are some great recipes of cocktails to go with your brunch party . Among these brunch cocktails ... -

How To Create A Drink Menu For A Party At Home

  How to create a drink menu  for a party at home? This question might really bother you, if you are hosting a cocktail party at home for the first time. It might be tough for you to decide what... -

Top 8 Drinks & Cocktails Made With Pumpkin

  With barren trees, and yellowed leaves welcoming the arrival of Fall, there is an orange delight found in the form of pumpkins. Although there are plenty of ways pumpkin can be used, have you ever tried using it in a cocktail?. Take a peek at... -

How To Pair Food With Cocktails

Knowing how to pair food with cocktails requires a lot of knowledge on the various types of foods and drinks. Not everyone knows how to pair food with cocktails. But at the same time, pairing food with cocktails is an art in itself and not definitely, a simple -

Top 10 Coffee Cocktails

Coffee lovers all over the world would definitely like to gather information on recipe ideas for coffee cocktails. Here I have collected exclusive recipes on top 10 coffee cocktails, which will certainly encourage them to drink more coffee in various ways. -

New Springtime Cocktail From Tasmania

Do you have an idea about the new Springtime cocktail from Tasmania? I had an acquintance with the same during my traveling time. While I was travelling to Hobart in Tasmania a few days back, my first halt on the arrival was at Lark Distillery – a cozy... -

Indian Inspired Cocktails

I love India food.  And though Riesling is my favorite pairing with Indian food, sometimes a cocktail is just what the doctor ordered.  Here are some suggestions for Indian cocktails using Sub Rosa Spirits Saffron vodka.     ... -

Cocktail Demystified.

Have you ever been to a cocktail party?  A few years ago I was invited to a party which said Cocktail Attire? What in the world is that? I know cocktail drinks but dress? I thought mixing to outfits was ridiculous.  Well I had to wear something formal... -

Delicious Oyster Cocktail

Our next door neighbor invited us for dinner and came up with something that was absolutely delicious - Oyster Cocktail. It was perfect... just added the right touch to the Oyster Festival  in South Carolina, which I had been reading about in the morning. N -