Classic Rich Italian Beef Recipes

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Classic Pasta Braciole With Beef Steak And Italian Tomatoes

If stepping into the super classic domain unnerves you, hold your horses. It is going to be different after you go through this recipe. An elaborate Sicilian classic dish that requires you to slog it out in the kitchen for a good hour or so but in the end you... - 124.101

Classic Lasagna

This video is in Filipino. - 92.6894

Moms Hearty Meat Ragu

A classic hearty ragu that pairs perfectly with a wider shaped noodle like fresh taglietelle or a dry noodle like penne. Make sure you let this sauce sit overnight so the flavors become more pronounced. - 108.541

Jumbo Shrimp And Scallops With Baby Arugula And Blood Orange Vinaigrette

Winter is Blood Orange season and what an incredibly delicious citrus fruit it is! It's a sweeter, slightly spicier orange than some of the more common varieties and they have a beautiful ruby color that beefs up any presentation. The vinaigrette's purpose is... - 42.4021

Spaghetti Fegato

Sample this classic recipe for Spaghetti Fegato made with pork sausage and ground beef liver. Generously seasoned and granished, this Spaghetti Fegato is my family favorite and is simpe to make. - 49.2342