Classic Christmas Appetizer Recipes

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How To Make Chicken Meatballs- Simple Classic Chicken Meatballs

Learn how to make simple classic chicken meatballs. Perfect for holiday entertaining or to make in bulk in advance for when family is coming over. These meatballs freeze well, refrigerate well and can be used in variety of different recipes. - 113.968

Elegant Antipasto

Elegant antipasto is a lovely appetizer platter that is prepared in Italian style. Prepared with vegetables like asparagus, onons, peppers and artichokes, chilled with cheese, the antipasto is served with sliced salami pieces and drizzled with the vegetable... - 43.0638

Easy Sausage Cheese Balls (without Bisquick)

Classic sausage cheese balls made without bisquick. Super easy and super delicious! Great last minute appetizer. These sausage balls are have the perfect texture and pairs great with many different dipping sauces. - 121.818

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