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Clam Chowder With Milk

If fresh clams are used, scrub them well and place in a pan with about 1 cup water in the bottom. Cover and bring to a simmer; steam about 5 minutes, or until shells open and clams are just tender. Pull clams from shells; strain liquid through a fine-mesh... - 43.0657

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Super Bowl Special Clam Casino Dip

How many times you had issues settling on that perfect super bowl dip for the party? Now this special clam dip is here to get all your worries settled for super bowl menu. Well having said that, even if you are into the game it's a good video worth book... - 92.3969

Outdoor Cast Iron Hartman Family Clam Chowder

Seafood appetizers are good for any occasion rendering immense flavor and texture. Here is a simple recipe to make clam chowder with chopped clams, some vegetables and seasonings cooked outdoor. Enjoy the soup amid fresh natural surroundings! - 122.77

Quick Clam Chowder

Saute" onion in margarine until tender, add clams and chowder. Put clam broth in chowder cans and add enough evaporated milk to fill both cans. Add to onion mixture. Salt and pepper to taste; heat. Garnish with paprika. - 33.3672

Homemade Littleneck Cream Marinara

Summer is indeed the time to experiment in your kitchen with warm-weather ingredients like clams. In this recipe, Ryan Karcher uses his culinary ingenuity to kickoff a classic Italian dish that makes for a healthy, tasty, comforting dinner meal. - 97.455

Potato-clam Chowder

My younger sister Galy loves this healthy potato clam chowder recipe. She is crazy about cooking. When she comes home during holidays,she generally cook this chowder. It is very delicious and my whole family enjoys it. You must try this potato clam chowder... - 35.8934

Clam Linguine

Gardeners will enjoy using fresh herbs to complement this dish of pasta and creamy clam sauce. - 36.8297

Manhattan Clam Linguine

Minced clams and linguine are tossed with a creamy herb sauce for a dish sure to make a big wave at dinner. - 39.7543

Clam Cheese Log

Soften cream cheese to room temperature; blend in lemon juice, mustard, Worcester shire sauce, parsley and onion. Drain and chop pimento. Drain clams; mix with pimen to and saltine crumbs. Blend into cheese mix ture; shape into 8 inch roll. Coatwith chopped... - 34.0865

Salsa Divongole White Clam Sauce

Combine butter and garlic in 1-quart measure. Microwave on HIGH until butter melts. Blend in flour to make a smooth paste. Stir in remaining ingredients. Microwave 4 minutes on '8', or until slightly thickened. Stir half way through. For ovens without solid... - 38.838

Hot Clam Cheese Dip

Combine all ingredients in casserole. Microwave 3 to 4 minutes on '8', or until cheese melts, stirring twice. Serve very hot with crisp corn chips. Can be reheated as needed, or kept warm in a fondue pot. For ovens without solid state heat control, Microwave... - 28.2383