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Cioppino is the kind of the fish stew that originated in San Francisco. Normally the fresh fish is used in the preparation of this stew. This stew closely mimics the characteristics of famous French stews such as burrida, bouillabaisse, and bourride, which are prepared in French Provence. The culinary experts say that this stew is the cross between burrida and bouillabaisse and it closely resembles to suquet de peix which is prepared and enjoyed in Catalan speaking regions of Cacciucco and Brodetto in coastal Spain. The fish is still aromatic in Mediterranean region but the stew has undergone sea lot of changes in Pacific nations where it has migrated. Though the taste of seafood varies from the Mediterranean regions to San Francisco, so varies the diversity and tastes. The main course Italian dishes such as:  thick Brodetto served at the Marches region of the Adriatic, and Cacciucco of Leghorn are distinct Italian cousins of Cioppino. These Italian soups are idiomatic in all senses because they are prepared using species of shellfish and fish, which are not found elsewhere. 


The word Cioppino is derived from a word ciuppin which in Ligurian dialect means “chop” or “chopped”. This indicates that in earlier times this stew was prepared using the leftovers of that days catch. But some people argue that the stew derives its name from the hues and cries of those Italian fishermen who went to sea. They cried “Chip in! Chip in” which sounded like “Chipino” due to their heavily accentuated Italian accents.



History of Cioppino
The origin of this fragrant stew can be traced back to 1800’s when the migrant Sicilians and Portuguese settled in the coastal regions of San Francisco. These fishermen prepared special fish stew using the fishes, sweet peppers and tomatoes. This basic Cioppino recipe was first conjured by the fishermen as a staple to dip their breads, but later they crept into the menus of the Italian restaurants which flourished around San Francisco. 


Ingredients Prescribed by Cioppino Recipe
The basic Cioppino recipe demands combining various seafoods such as clams, crabs, shrimp, scallops, mussels, fish and squid. The fish is then mixed with tomatoes, onions, garlic, and other vegetables and herbs and are cooked in olive oil and wine. Some chefs have tweaked the basic Cioppino recipe to add sherry or saffron- to lighten the texture of the stew. The base of the stew is prepared using the vegetables and this can be prepared in advance or frozen.


Serving and Eating Cioppino
The basic Cioppino recipe requires that the fish should be cooked in broth and served with crab shell. Normally a crab cracker and crab fork is used to eat Cioppino. This fish stew is normally served with toasted bread, baguette, or sourdough, but it also tastes good when served with rice pilaf and saffron rice. This stew is perfect to be enjoyed during winter evenings. Some of the restaurants serve bibs and damp napkin to avoid the staining of clothes.


Health and Nutrition Information of Cioppino
This healthy fish stew serves Niacin, Iron, Phosphorous, and Vitamin C in significant amounts and it is also a very good source of Manganese, Selenium and Vitamin B12.


Miscellaneous Facts about the Cioppino
• A restaurant in San Francisco is named Cioppino.