Cinnamon French Toast

Cinnamon French Toast is a diet-pleasing version of the popular French Toast. It uses cinnamon bread, which contains low-fat and has better health implications. Cinnamon French Toast can also be made otherwise, by dusting ground cinnamon on white bread or any other bread used for making the toast. A variety of toppings goes with Cinnamon French Toast like maple and other fruit syrups, fruit sauces, butter etc. Some sprinkle the Cinnamon French toast with pepper to make it spicier!

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French Toast And Hugs

French Toast And Hugs On : 28-Aug-2008 By : vikas kumar

  Today is the first day of the rest of your life, start it right with french toast! – says the home page of . It’s an initiative that was started by Shyam Yadav some years ago. He celebrates love and friendship by...

What’s French About This Toast?

What’s French About This Toast? On : 20-Mar-2014 By : thot4food

So, you are in a mood for some French toast this morning? Check out your kitchen for the supplies and count your eggs before they get hatched. Why? You have to use eggs in their shells not the chickens that come tumbling out of them, you dud!   ...

French Toast With A Difference

French Toast With A Difference On : 14-May-2008 By : vandana

I love French toast and find it an absolutely yummy and nutritious choice for breakfast. Breakfast at my place is a very important meal and there is truly no compromising on both taste and nutrition. The very first meal of the day it does decide your energy...

French Toast To Die For On

French Toast To Die For On On : 10-Nov-2011 By : SimplyDelicious...

  WATCH THE VIDEO &  PRINT THE RECIPE!   Read the November 2011 Newsletter Making Holiday Memories READ HERE! ...

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