Christmas Low Calorie Drink Recipes

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Christmas Shooter - Christmas Cheer

A Christmas Cocktail Shooter, the Christmas Cheer combines Eggnog and Peppermint Schnapps in such a fashion that it tastes much like an Andes Candies. The flavor profile is mint and chocolate is highly dominant in this cocktail which, oddly enough, does not... - 113.845

German Christmas Tree Shot, Happy Holidays!

The German Christmas Tree shot is a layered cocktail utilizing Jagermeister which is what makes this German. Getting for the holidays? Where you going this season? - 107.504

Ichabod Taint, Christmas Cocktails

It's time to think about all the cocktails you need for your Christmas season, we enter it with some subtle Christmas options. The Ichabod Taint will make a good flavorful after dinner sipper. - 108.488

Scented Candle Shot, Christmas Shooter

Fireball whiskey is back in the house for this scented candle shooter to celebrate the holidays! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year it's time to drink, let's do this! - 103.79