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Cute Edible Santas From Around The World

  Can there be a Christmas without a Santa? Don’t we all love that good old chubby man in red, who comes visiting with a bag of goodies? He makes rounds in several forms, and as foodies, we wondered how our counterparts... -

Top 10 Plum Recipes For Christmas

Mediaeval Britain sweared by its plums. No Christmas recipe was complete without this nutritious fruit whether it was puddings, cakes or sauces. We may have come a long way now with exotic ingredients from around the world sharing space with the... -

Celebrate Christmas A La Hobbit

With the latest Hobbit flick raking in the moolah, the witty humanoids have captured the imagination of kids and adults alike. Of course, the very thought of a hobbit being  accustomed to 6 meals a day is enough to make you aspire to be one, especially if... -

Top 10 Low-cal Christmas Dishes

Getting geared up for Christmas by looking forward to mouth watering festive dishes is certainly no crime. But why should you punish your body with creamy, calorific dishes when you can just as easily celebrate the occasion with delicious low-cal... -

5 Handy Christmas Cooking Tips

Flustered about Christmas cooking? Forget the tips and tricks shared by top TV cooks and depend on the amateur instead. You maybe a wannabe MasterChef but that does not automatically qualify you to incorporate the showbiz culinary aids, which may well cost an... -

Who Will Spend The Most This Christmas?

  Christmas is synonymous with celebration. As the day draws near, people around the globe look forward to enjoying the holiday by eating good food, buying gifts, and spending time with loved ones. However, to do all this, one... -

Why Is Christmas So Stressful?

Merry Christmas! But is it really merry anymore? Statistics have revealed that the festive season sees a majority of people getting stressed out unduly. Not only do they start shopping for gifts early in December, they even have to make elaborate... -

Top Christmas Brunch Recipes

  Prepare to enjoy your holidays to the fullest by lying abed on Christmas Day. Why should you lose sleep over a breakfast anyway? Make do with a lavish Christmas brunch instead that will titillate your palate and get you prepared for many other... -

Christmas Fun N Flab Go Hand In Hand

Christmas is a time to rejoice and Americans are no exceptions either. Right from hanging up stockings to waiting for Santa and eating the most scrumptious food ever, nothing is missed during the 12 Days that are marked for Christmas, every year. Oh! All... -

Britain Wins The Unhealthy Christmas Crown

A recent survey has labeled Britain as a greedy nation , which consumes 7,000 calories on the Christmas tray, a stark contrast to other European countries who believe in healthy eating even during Christmas.Let's check and see, if it is true. ... -

Christmas Dinners Around The World

  As you plan for your traditional Christmas dinner , have you ever wondered what people around the world would make for the special occasion? As Christmas is celebrated across the globe , each country has a unique way of... -

Top 10 Sweet N Spicy Sauces For Christmas

Can you imagine a Christmas Turkey without the ubiquitous cranberry sauce? There are other instances of a dish tasting better when accompanied by a sauce too. What about displaying an array of the choicest homemade sauces on the sideboard this season?... -

Top 5 Sweet Gingerbread Recipes To Indulge In

  Gingerbread dishes are standard treats made around the Christmas time. They are usually ginger-flavored dishes, sweetened with molasses or honey. They can be anything from a cake to a cookie with a little spice complementing... -

10 Best Christmas Stocking Stuffers

Getting hold of appropriate stocking stuffers is no mean feat! While some may be delighted with your choice, others are sure to feel cheated. Well, there’s no pleasing every one. But you can definitely try by checking out our list of the best stocking... -

Top 6 Sweet Fruit Salads For Christmas

A medley of fresh fruits, served in their own juices make a great dish . No festive occasion is, in fact, complete without this nutritious dish of fruits that are in season. Christmas is no exception either. Serve it as an appetizer, a side dish, or... -

Top 10 Meatless Wonders For Christmas

Christmas is a time for rejoicing! It is also the time for introspection and treating everyone around you with love and respect. But why do the animals have to bear our brutality so that we can make merry by gorging on their meat? What about following the... -

6 Spectacular Eggnogs

Cream, milk, whipped eggs, and sugar made stronger with the addition of brandy, can any drink get better than this? Well, the delicious eggnog or egg nog is a comforting winter drink that is prepared traditionally during Christmas. But why settle for the... -

Have You Ordered These Crazy Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is a time to sing carols, gorge on delicacies and exchange presents. Apart from that, Christmas is also an occasion to dress up your house with all sorts of amazing decorations, including various ornaments. Since food is an integral part of every... -

Top 5 Ice Creams To Make This Christmas Hot

Although ice creams may feel a little out of the place around the fall, for kids and even for some of us, there is never a wrong time to have it on the menu. Since Christmas is also around the corner, there’s just no harm putting a little extra effort to... -

Why Is Santa Soooo Fat?

Well, good ol’ Santa Claus is gearing up for his world-wide journey once again. He does not really have to haul the heavy red sack now, thanks to online shopping. The kids are too wise nowadays to ask Santa, they love to gift themselves 24 X 7. Santa is... -

5 Stocking Stuffers For The Hated One

December means cold, candies, and Christmas. But nothing can beat the excitement of reaching out deep into the stocking and rummaging its depth for unexpected gifts. While you may look forward to receiving a few, you do have to stuff several stockings as... -

Edible Snowman To Hasten Christmas

A white Christmas is something that we all dream of. But there is a difference between fantasy & reality and expecting the snow to come pouring out of the sky, bang on December 25, is a little too much to ask. Yet the idea of scraping up the snow and... -

Top 5 Seafood Dishes To Enjoy On Christmas

Hey it is December 25 - Christmas time! Have you planned your party menu? If not, then give a chance to seafood this time. Further to that, think away from commonly prepared seafood curries and fritters, and try out something different like rolls, risottos,... -

5 Christmas Gifts For The Coffee Snob

Christmas is bound to remind you of gifts; not only about receiving them but having to give them too. While a simple hamper of Christmas goodies works just fine , it is best to take a little trouble and go for gifts that spell ‘thoughtfulness’ with a... -

Top 6 Cocktails To Try Out This Christmas

Looking for some drinks to hit your Christmas celebration? If yes, then add color and spice to your party menu and have a bang by trying these cocktail recipes! Say “CHEERS”!     1.  The Christmas Aurora Cocktail ... -

Top 10 Food Gifts For Christmas

Spreading light and cheer is the hallmark of Christmas and how better to do it except by giving thoughtful gifts to your near and dear ones? While there may be many varieties to choose from when it comes to buying Christmas presents, food still comes... -

Top 5 Christmas Candies

The festival of joy becomes incomplete without the participation of kids surely. But what are you doing to keep your bundles of joy happy? Don’t you forget to hand them candies and lots of them on Christmas! Wait a minute, though! Why buy them, make... -

Top 5 Fish Recipes To Enjoy This Christmas

Christmas is a global occasion celebrated with great pomp and show. This occasion has mainly to do with partying and enjoying delicious food and fish based dishes really add excitement to the Christmas dinner party menu. So try these recipes and add a healthy... -

Top 5 Chocolatey Treats For Christmas

Chocolates are always in season, you do not have to wait for a certain period to enjoy it. However, the yummy chocolatey wonders come into full force on Christmas thereby providing you with a concrete reason to celebrate the occasion. From humble toffees,... -

Top 5 Cheesecakes For Christmas

Why not try offering a rich cheesecake to your friends, along with a traditional Christmas cake to celebrate the festival? It is really a good idea, which would delight your guests for sure. There are loads of cheesecakes which can make your Christmas menu... -

Top 5 Christmas Tree Treats To Add Festivity

  Christmas is the time you get to make creative colorful dishes to adorn your table, isn’t it? What could be more appropriate to have than an edible christmas tree? Here are some of our good Christmas tree treats that you can... -

Top 10 Punch Recipes For Christmas

Christmas does not seem the same without a big bowl of hot punch . Strangely, the drink was introduced to England by the sailors of the ‘East India Company’ in the 17 th century. The name comes  from the Indian word paanch meaning five. The... -

Top 5 Christmas Candies To Try

  Christmas candies are colorful, yum, and divine. Who doesn’t want them? We do know that you’d love to have some utterly delicious candy recipes, and we have them right here for you. Bring out the child in you by simply... -

Top 5 Christmas Cookie Recipes For You

  It’s Christmas time – the best season of the year to bake some really scrumptious cookies! While you may already have some of your own tried and tested recipes, why not make something new this time? We have gathered some... -

Christmas Cobblers To Welcome The Santa

December 25! It is Christmas! Time to party! So looking for some amazing recipes to try out to please your guests? Let us opt for something different from regular cakes and puddings. I am planning to try out a couple of cobblers from the list given hereunder.... -

Try Out Top 7 Hot Chocolates This Christmas

It is Christmas time! Drink, eat, and enjoy! Think away from cold drinks, tea, and coffee, and go in for something different this Christmas! Let us try out some hot chocolates to treat your guests! So are you ready?   1. Christmas... -

Top 5 Kebabs To Try This Christmas

Looking for some kebab recipes to try this Christmas to treat your family and friends? You can either go veggie or try some meat based kebabs this season. Whatever it be, kebabs really add liveliness to the treat and serve as perfect appetizers. So get, set,... -

Top 6 Salads To Serve On Christmas

Salads are healthy and satisfying meals, without which every feast is incomplete! So why not give a twist to regular salads this Christmas and make them interesting and refreshing by making use of butternut squash, fruits, chicken, rice etc. Do select from... -

Top 5 Tarts To Enjoy This Christmas

Want to try something new this Christmas, which is different from the regular puddings and cakes? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. Here are a few tart recipes you can try this Christmas. They are an all time hit and can be made on any occasion... -

Top 5 Muffins To Try This Christmas

Why not start your Christmas celebration this year by making some nice muffins for your friends and family. Isn’t it a great idea? So what are you waiting for? Go through the recipes given below, and choose any one which suits your taste buds and celebrate... -

Top 5 Pasta Dishes To Relish On Christmas

December 25! It’s Christmas time! For sure you must be going for cakes, puddings etc to treat your friends! Why not try something different this Christmas? Pasta lovers can go for nice pasta preparations to greet the guests. Look for some nice options here.... -

Top 6 Chicken Curries To Relish This Christmas

It is Christmas! Time to party! Singing, dancing, and of course, enjoying delicious foods! You must be for sure making cakes, puddings etc. to treat your friends and family for the occasion. But have you thought of what to go in for main course? Thinking of... -

Top 6 Breads To Enjoy This Christmas

Christmas is approaching! So thinking of which breads to try this Christmas? Stollen, gingerbread, and what not? Here are a few tasty bread recipes you can try out this Christmas.   1.       Christmas Raisin Bread ... -

Celebrate Christmas With These Delicious Soups

Having a Christmas celebration at home? Planning a menu? Do not miss out on soups! Add soups to your menu to start the celebration on a refreshing note! Here are a few ideas you can try out this Christmas.   1.     Beef And... -

Top 5 Vegetarian Casseroles To Enjoy On Christmas

Christmas is in and you must be, for sure, looking for yummy food ideas to try out! Looking for something vegetarian this year? If yes, then you have landed at the right destination! Here I am sharing a few vegetarian casseroles you can try out for the... -

Celebrating Christmas With Delicious Cakes

Christmas without cake is really unbelievable! Christians are really expert in preparation of cakes and make various kinds of delicious nutty cakes to celebrate this important occasion. Here I am sharing a few cakes you can try to treat you family and guests... -

Top 6 Casseroles To Enjoy On Christmas

December 25! What is it? Wow! Christmas! Time to celebrate! Christmas without delicious and interesting food? Not possible! In case you are falling short of ideas as to what to cook this Christmas, go through the recipes given below. Here are a few casseroles... -

Top 6 Chicken Recipe Ideas For Christmas

Chicken is one ingredient that people usually overlook while celebrating Christmas. So, this year, we thought, why not celebrate this humble meat, which has way better nutritional value than red meat. Here are some of the choicest chicken dishes to see you... -

Top 9 Indian Christmas Puddings

Christmas has become a global occasion to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, every year on December 25. It is celebrated by both Christians and non-Christians, with food being the mainstay of the festivities. Indians too celebrate Christmas with great... -

Cook Your Own White House Christmas Dinner

For the First Family's Christmas Dinner menu this year, the health campaign "Let's Move!" was just tossed to the winds. In a recent interview, First Lady Michelle Obama informed that the annual feast had some tasty delights lined up for... -

Where To Dine On Christmas In Nyc

If you are going to be in New York City for this Christmas, you may want to know where you can eat dinner, if you don’t want to cook at home. Considering that it is Christmas, not many hotels and restaurants can be expected to remain open. So, what to do?... -

Healthy Drinks For Christmas

Christmas is the one time of the year when you want to indulge, not just yourself, but everybody around you. Although you may be constantly surrounded by rich foods, try  focusing on the healthier options, both in terms of food and drinks.  The cold... -

How To Decorate Your Christmas Cupcakes

Christmas without delicious and beautiful cupcakes seems incomplete. Well, being an expert baker, you have the cupcake recipe all crammed up but what about decorating the cupcakes? If you are a newbie when it comes to turn up professional-looking cupcakes,... -

World’s Most Expensive Christmas Dinner Is Being Cooked In Uk

In the U.K., a chef named Ben Spalding is selling a Christmas dinner worth $200,450 , which is being touted as the most expensive Christmas dinner in the world. Now, would you be interested in taking a bite?   While most people would... -

Christmas Dinner Gets Costlier This Year

Your Christmas dinner has become 14% costlier than what it was in 2008. The rising cost has affected your most favorite (potatoes, gravy) as well as the least favorite (Brussels Sprouts) food items. So, now you have finally got a chance to drop the least... -

How To Enjoy Your Office Christmas Party

Christmas is the time for parties, not just at home, but also at your workplace. However, considering the kind of work environments one faces these days, it is no surprise that the office Christmas parties are more a source of stress than joy. However, since... -

How Your Nutritionists Will Eat This Christmas

You have always wanted to know how your nutritionists eat, so that you can stay fit too, without having to pay hefty fees, right? Well, here are 10 ways your nutritionists eat while on holidays like Christmas . If you are struggling with weight gain, then... -

10 Healthy Christmas Gifts To Choose

One of the best parts of Christmas is waking up and seeing all gifts left by Santa Claus or parents (depending on your outlook!). However, usually adults are the ones left out of this Santa Claus gift-giving equation. So, indulge yourself, and your loved... -

Australians Warned Against Food Waste This Christmas

Australian food rescue group, Oz Harvest, has warned the Australians about limiting their Christmas food waste bill , which is expected to hit the $10 billion mark. The festive season is associated with everything grand and so is the scale of food wastage.... -

From Kitchen Garden To First Dog: Gingerbread White House Has It All

The White House’s Gingerbread representation for Christmas this year has gone the whole hog, with the First Lady Michelle Obama’s Kitchen Garden and the First Dog Bo making a grant appearances, in complete detail. When the First Lady saw the... -

This Year, Place A Phone Order For Your Christmas Dinner

  Cooking an elaborate Christmas dinner is not always possible , especially if you have a busy work life. But that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy a Christmas feast. If you live in London, you can do so by just picking up your phone... -

Tips For Picking Out The Perfect Christmas Tree!

    It's that time of year again! Picking out a Christmas tree can often times seem like a daunting task. How do you choose one? What are you supposed to look for in terms of finding the perfect tree? Well, this year is here... -

Top 15 Favorite Christmas Songs

    In our opinion, one of the best ways to get into the Christmas spirit is by listening to Christmas carols ! With so many variations of the same songs out there, it might be hard to figure out which ones you like the best.... -

How To Be Allergy-free This Christmas

Have family and friends with specific food allergies? Then you need to choose your ingredients carefully. While cheese, butter, nuts, and cream are some of the most popular ingredients used in holiday cooking, these also spell trouble for those who are... -

Get Ready For A Gluttonous Christmas This Year

  Christmas is a festival associated with food and revelry . However, while people may choose to spend days and hours in the kitchen preparing for that special Christmas meal , the modern food industry is trying to make their lives a... -

Top 10 Christmas Pudding Ideas

From the traditional delights to the contemporary classic, the Christmas pudding ideas mentioned in this blog have a richness of their own. Zest up the celebrations reminiscent of the Lord’s birth by serving these elegant puddings as desserts on... -

Sainsbury’s Uk Website Hits Technical Glitch During Christmas

As the Sainsbury’s UK website hit technical glitch during Christmas, festive shoppers are finding it difficult to shop online. The ongoing festive season took its toll on the website of Sainsbury’s UK supermarket on the last day of November 2011, with... -

Christmas Dinner Secrets Of Chef Paul Askew

Paul Askew, noted chef, has spent many a days cooking festive dinners for a packed restaurant at the London Carriageworks. This makes him an authority on cooking elaborate and delicious dinners on celebrated occasions. In this blog, you will learn the... -

5 Sweet ‘n Tasty Festive Bites For The President

Come Christmas and the pastry chef at the White House starts churning out the  holiday desserts . This year (2012), the White House Executive pastry chef Bill Yosses is the man in the limelight for being the country’s most acclaimed sugar masters. He... -

Gingerbread White House And A Copy For Christmas 2011

The First Family’s Christmas celebrations became even more special when White House pastry chef Bill Yosses made a 400-pound gingerbread version of the official residence of the President of America. The Gingerbread White House is a special addition to the... -

Christmas Treats For School Party

A kids' Christmas party will always remain incomplete without a few cute Christmas treats. With the never-ending list of school parties during the festive occasion, - you will definitely need some easy to make, yet splendid tasting Christmas goodies.... -

Top 10 Christmas Mocktails

Even though Christmas is a time for celebrating, we don't always need alcoholic drinks to have fun! This is especially true when kids around during the celebration, which is why we have some mocktails in mind that would be perfect for any age! ... -

Tips To Celebrate Allergen Free Christmas

“At Christmas, play and make good cheer, for Christmas comes but once a year”. But sometimes, the spirit and zest of Christmas celebrations can slow down due to different forms of allergic reactions. This can wreck havoc for those who are already allergic... -

Yummy Christmas Symbols!

When does a candy cane stop being just a candy cane and become a symbol of something big? Well, on Christmas, when else! Yes, the holiday season is here and children are extremely happy for that. Well, there is the Santa Clause but there are the edible... -

How To Make Edible Santa Claus

Its Christmas season and what better to adorn the center of your cake than Santa Claus. Santas are very attractive and do portray the spirit of the Christmas season. In addition, edible Santa cookies, cakes, etc are considered to be all time children s'... -

How To Make Edible Christmas Decorations

  Christmas decorations are one of the best, most festive ways to celebrate the holidays, and everyone knows that the most popular decoration seen during Christmastime is the Christmas tree! However, what you probably didn't know is how... -

5 Must Have Christmas Main Course

Main course dishes for  Christmas  vary with the traditions, history, and region. However, each of the dish shares a significant connection either with the season or with the individuals relishing the meal. Here are five of the dishes which should... -

Top 10 Traditional Christmas Foods

Even though the influence of various cuisines of the world can be found in this quintessential holiday meal,  traditional Christmas foods  make a space for themselves in every household, adding more fun to the occasion. Delve deeper into this write-up to... -

5 Best Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies  are an integral part of Christmas and you can learn to prepare a variety of them for  your family and friends to enjoy this holiday season. These cookies can become your favorites once you learn to make them. So check them out! ... -

Light Bites For After-christmas Meals

  Generally Christmas menus are heavy, fattening, and high in calories and thus most people look forward to eating really light, once the festivites are over. Eating light, especially after the Christmas night  is an important way to switch... -

Christmas Day Champagne Brunch At Texas

If you are searching for a good Christmas day brunch at an affordable price in Texas, here is an event which is planned for you.  This Christmas have a wonderful time at The Woodlands Resort, Texas. The management of this resort is organizing a... -

Tips To Make Your Own Gourmet Christmas Gift Baskets

Thinking of what to gift your loved ones for Christmas can be a very tedious task. Make it fun and exciting! Christmas food baskets are wonderful gifting options for friends, family and acquaintances especially if you have a small budget and you don’t... -

How To Decorate A Christmas Cake

Christmas is a time for good food, prayers, and mouth watering Christmas cakes. Cakes can be decorated according to creativity and occassion to bring in the right punch this season. Read on for some interesting Christmas cake decorating steps and tips... ... -

5 Best Vegetarian Christmas Menu Ideas

Christmas is a time when you want to cater to every taste bud present in your house. This Christmas, if you want to impress your vegetarian guests, then we've got a few ideas -  Spinach Salad : This salad is a... -

Light Up Your Christmas Table With These Dips & Trays

You can certainly light up your Christmas table with these dips and trays this festive season. Before prodding into the details of the specific chips, dips and trays lyou have to learn about the importance of synchronizing them in a specific manner. ... -

White House Wines - What White House Is Pouring This Christmas

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } White House Wines - What White House Is Pouring This Christmas? Would you like to know? Of course, you would. Who wouldn't want to know about the White House wines for Christmas. The Obamas are my favorite family... -

Top 5 Halibut Recipes For Christmas

                                       Halibut is  a low fat flat fish that weighs about 5-20 lbs and belongs to the flounder family. There are several such flat fishes that could be called halibut and is a prized... -

Christmas Gifts For A Spouse Who Loves To Cook

Christmas is the best time to express your feelings and appreciation for a loved one. Here are a few suggestions for Christmas gifts for a spouse who loves to cook. If you are one of those who wants to surprise the spouse with a gift then just read on... ... -

Don't Forget Your Canines - Christmas Treats For Dogs

Christmas is all about sharing and spreading the message of love to family and friends. As man’s best friend faithful as ever, dogs should be treated specially too during the festive season. So this Christmas, live up to the theme of generosity and love... -

5 Cookies You Must Make This Christmas

Have you started baking your Christmas cookies yet? The holiday season is here and with that almost every household is geared to bake Christmas cookies. There are numerous types of cookies that you could make and there are hundreds of recipes that you... -

Top 10 Gluten Free Christmas Ideas

Being allergic to gluten does not always mean that you need to let go of life’s small pleasures. With these top 10 gluten free Christmas ideas , life is good! You can not only offer these Christmas goodies to others, but also enjoy them yourselves. ... -

Top 8 Christmas Gift Baskets Ideas

  If you are looking for some great Christmas gift basket ideas, then look no further! We've got the Top 8 Christmas Gift Basket ideas all listed right here for you! Christmas tends to be about giving and receiving gifts.... -

Top 10 Christmas Baking Ideas

Celebrate this Christmas by incorporating top 10 Christmas baking ideas dished out by the food experts at iFOOD. Minced Pies : As we all know that the Christmas will be a sweet affair for the most part, at... -

Great Ideas For Vegan Christmas

Christmas is the time for good food and celebrations. There is plenty to eat, drink and enjoy and if you are a vegan, you needn’t feel left out, because there are several delicious options for vegan lovers too. Here are some great ideas for a vegan... -

Christmas Dinner Recipes From Around The World

IFOOD brings you Christmas dinner recipes from around the world . As you all know that Christmas is around the corner, the time has arrived for planning the menu.  Instead of the regular Christmas dishes, you can try preparing different dishes enjoyed... -

Top 5 Vegan Christmas Cookies Ideas

  What is Christmas without cookies? Unfortunately, most of the cookies available in the supermarket or shopping aisles are unsuitable for those of us who are strictly vegan. So, what to do? Well, the next best thing would be to bake some... -

Christmas Food Has Hidden Health Benefits

  With Christmas around the corner, most of us are looking forward to a lavish spread. Though it is said that the Christmas food is full of calories and high in fat content, research suggests that Christmas food actually does have its... -

5 Vegan Christmas Menu Ideas

With the increasing emphasis in alternate styles of living and diet patterns, including a few vegan dishes for Christmas is almost essential. These are healthy ways to start the celebration with your friends and family. Fret not if you are not aware of the... -

Easy Christmas Baking Ideas

  In case you are not an accomplished baker but would still like to bake something special for your family this Christmas, here are some Easy Christmas baking ideas  for you to try.  Brownies ... -

Tips On Christmas Baking For Kids

  Kids have a keen desire to try out their baking skills during holidays. The tips we provide on  Christmas baking for kids will not only involve your kids in the baking process, but will also help you get your holiday baking done! You can... -