Chorizo is a term used to refer to different kinds of pork sausages. It may be eaten in a sandwich, fried, barbequed or simmered form in an alcoholic beverage like apple cider.




Chorizo sausages originated from the Iberian Peninsula.



Ingredients and Preparation


It is cooked in different styles in different countries. In Europe it is eaten in the form of a fermented cured smoked sausage. Dried smoked red peppers are added to Spanish chorizo. Chile peppers are added to make Mexican chorizo. White wine is used as an ingredient to make chorizo in Spain but vinegar is used in place of white wine in Latin America.



Health and Nutrition Facts


Serving size – 60 g


Approximate Values per serving (Calories - 273 cal, Fat – 23 g, Carbohydrates – 1 g, Protein – 14 g, Saturated fat – 9 g, Cholesterol – 53 mg, Sodium – 741 mg)



Health Benefits:


1. Good source of high quality proteins.

2. Good source of micronutrients like B Vitamins (B1- thiamine, B6, B12 and trace minerals such as zinc and selenium.

3. It contains no sugars

4. Major flavoring in chorizo is garlic. Garlic itself is a natural antibiotic and helps in lowering the blood pressure. It also helps in digestion.



What is Bad in Chorizo?


1. High in saturated fats

2. High in sodium



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