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How To Use Wafer Paper On Cakes

Use wafer paper to craft beautiful designs and decorate the cake. You can use wafer paper, cut into various shapes and designs, paint them according to the colors of your choice and then decorate the cakes. Wafer paper, more commonly known as rice paper, is... -

Unsavoury Scenes

Back in August you gave us your favourite foodie film scenes . The usual suspects were there; Chocolat, Tampopo, Sideways. Not a bad mix, but personally when I think of film and food I remember the less pleasant scenes. The cooked lover in The Cook, The... -

Easy Chocolate Cake

CHOCOLATE CAKE Ingredients: Coco 2tsp,refined flour 2 cups,baking soda 2tsp,refined oil or melted butter -11/2 cups, powdered sugar 11/2 cups ,3 Eggs,  Few Chocobits. Variation: If Brown sugar is available use that.This will give... -

Yummilicious National Chocolate Cake Day Recipes

Chocolate Cake Day is here and although, there is a rich culinary history behind cakes of all kinds, chocolate included, we doubt you would be as interested in its history, as you are in the chocolate cake. When a company called O. Duff and Sons made the... -

Go Decadent For National German Chocolate Cake Day

Hungry for a piece of cake? Well, you have chosen the right day! June 11 is the “ National German Chocolate Cake Day ,” the time to stop thinking about calories and begin to enjoy this old fashioned, decadent delight. Well, if you are wondering why we... -

How To Celebrate The National Chocolate Cake Day

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } How to celebrate the National Chocolate Cake Day ? Really? Yes, it is as real as that first sinking bite into that sinfully delectable piece of chocolate cake. First, we had our National Chocolate Day and... -

Foodie Thoughts For 27 January - Chocolate Cake Day

Foodie fans January 27 is National Chocolate Cake Day !  I'll take chocolate cake over white cake every time I have the choice.  Chocolate cake with chocolate icing, chocolate filling between the layers, and shaved chocolate on top (and anywhere... -

Quick And Easy Ideas To Prepare A Chocolate Yule Log Cake

  The Yule celebration is incomplete without a Yule log cake . Every year you might celebrate the festival with market brought Yule Log cake, but this year you can prepare something on your own. Here are some quick and easy ideas to prepare... -

Chocolate Easter Cakes

Chocolate Ester cakes are traditional hit menu for Ester brunch. You can serve in Easter chocolate cake even in breakfast or in evening snacks. Making chocolate Easter cakes are easy and besides planning these cakes for... -

How To Bake Chocolate Cake

Many of you adore chocolate cake, but how many of you actually know how to bake chocolate cake . This time-tested guide on baking chocolate cake from ifood will now help you to bake a chocolate cake at home. You can follow this guide to make the best... -

James Smart Surprises Jennifer Lopez With A Chocolate Lava Cake!

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart are an item now for sure! These two love birds were spotted at a pan-Asian restaurant Social House inside Vegas' CityCenter in Las Vegas this week. Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest from American Idol ... -

How To Bake Your Own Vegan Chocolate Cake In 7 Minutes

Chocolate is undoubtedly a favorite cake choice for many. A yummy, moist and rich chocolate cake is one that can actually makes my day. Going by my cooking style, for me to get interested in a recipe it has to be quick and easy and also the end result... -

Get Chocolaty, Minus The Calories...

The very thought of chocolate itself lights up my face, then why would I ever say no to it. But, it also happens to be so that I am a fitness freak. Or if asked to be frank, I should say my hubby is more of a fitness freak than I am. Now, you get that why... -

What Kinds Of Things Should Be Put Out With A Chocolate Fountain

There are a number of things to be put out with chocolate fountain, making the your party and treat enjoyable and much tastier. The idea of a chocolate fountain is to allow the melted chocolate keep circulating among three to two tier dishes, which... -

Best 5 Chocolate Yule Logs To Serve At A Yule Party

The   Yule logs made with chocolate  are must for a Yule party. Here is a list of the best 5 such chocolate  logs to serve at the party. Go through them and select your favorite ones to serve your guests at the Yule party.   ... -

A, B, C Of Chocolate

Cacao pods (also known as cabosses). The dark pod is not yet ripe. Ripe pods turn bright colors, from yellow and orange to red, depending on the type of bean.  Photo by chocolatier Pierre Marcolini - Marcolini’s bars all have a very slight dark tone that... -

The Great Wall Of Chocolate

For the chocolate lovers and serious chocoholics out there, it is Destination China this coming January! Where else can you find the Great wall of Chocolate!!     No I am not taking about the yummy dessert seen here ( though I... -

Chocolate Bar Billboard Contends For World Attention

  A gigantic chocolate bar billboard has been put up in front of a confectionary factory in Takatsuki, Osaka Prefecture, Japan. This gigantic chocolate bar billboard idea has created a stir in the advertising world. No one has ever created such huge... -

Nycdat's Holiday Beer, Chocolate And Cheese Pairing Party

NYCDAT's Holiday Beer, Chocolate and Cheese Pairing Party NYCDAT's Holiday Pairing Party 2010 will be held on December 14. In this party, 6 holiday beers are paired with six different holiday delights like chocolates, pies, cakes, candid... -

New York Is Chocolate Country, Chocolate Tours Of New York City

You can do your Chocolate walking tour in NYC !!!  New York is rapidly becoming one of the most exciting cities of the world for high-quality, artisan chocolates.  What better way to experience them then to take a unique tour of some of Manhattan's... -

Ideas For Making Birthday Cakes

Birthdays are special occasions and especially kids wait all round the year to celebrate their birthday in the most special way. Birthday cakes are of immense prominence and deciding on what kind of cake to have for a birthday can be a dilemma sometimes. If... -

Tips For Planning A Valentines Day Dinner: Cooking Valentines Day Food V/s Ordering Food For Valentines Day

  With just a few more days left for the much awaited Valentines Day to com, you will definitely be confused with your valentines day dinner preparations – whether cooking Valentines Day food is better or ordering food for Valentines Day is... -

The Cake At The End Of All Cakes

  Pumpple – The new age cake! IT was recently reported that turducken (a turkey with chicken, and duck stuffing) has got a new dessert equivalent in Pumpple. Pumpple is nothing but “ the cake at the end of all cakes ”. Pumpple is the new... -

Top 5 Traditional Valentines Day Food

  Whenever we think of traditional Valentines Day food, only one thing comes to our mind and that is chocolates. They indeed play a very important role when thinking of Valentines Day food ideas. Chocolates, strawberries, honey and nuts are few... -

Are You In For A Mix N’ Match Buffet Or A Customary Al La Carte!

I and my husband had arranged a course-mates get-together at home last Saturday. When calculated an estimate of visitors we could expect, we were nearly baffled as how to manage a 6-seater dining table for about 12-13 of them! Sit-down diners ask for more... -

Top 5 Vegan Dinner Ideas For Valentines Day

  Vegan dinner ideas for Valentines Day are always hard to think about. You want to make this dinner special for yourself and your spouse, and thus want to include all those special items in the  menu. However, dinner ideas for Valentines Day... -

Cadbury Introduces Low Calorie Chocolate Bar For Women

  Cadbury, a name that has been synonymous with chocolate for decades now, is feeling the pinch of slumping sales. The Kraft food division, parent company of Cadbury, has identified the cause as women buying less and less of the... -

How To Use Transfer Sheets For Chocolates

    Transfer sheets are edible decoration used for chocolates. Use transfer sheets to decorate your chocolate for any special party or event. It is a plastic sheet with prints on it made from cocoa butter and... -

Top 10 Chocolate-based Holiday Desserts

Chocolate based holiday desserts can make your holiday foods even more enjoyable. You can prepare these at home during the holiday season, carry them to different parties and enjoy the festive mood to the most. If you are falling short of ideas for... -

Recipes To Celebrate National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

If you like cherries and if you like chocolate, then today is the perfect day for you because it is National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day!  While the origin of this Day is unknown, it is known that perhaps the first time chocolate covered cherries were... -

How To Plan A Chocolate Day Party

Planning to throw a chocolate day party for your teenage girls or your little kids on Chocolate Day? You may feel the need for some tips on how to plan a chocolate day party. Read on to know how to throw a successful, fun filled chocolate day party ... -

How To Serve Chocolate

Everyone loves chocolates but when anyone asks you – how to serve chocolate, you will notice that you are completely out of ideas! Whenever we think of chocolates, it either as a chocolate bar which is gleefully munched up or a chocolate cake which is... -

How To Prepare Food For Chocolate Fountains

  If you want your party or get-together to be memorable not only for your bouncing, cascading chocolate fountain with its aroma wafting through the guests, invitingly, but also for the choco-accompaniments, it would do well to pick some... -

Try These Heart-friendly Chocolate Desserts

  Is it possible to have heart-friendly chocolate desserts? Few years back, people would not like to answer a question like this. It was impossible to have chocolate desserts, which were heart-friendly. But things have changed over time. Now you can... -

How To Build A Chocolate House With Children

  Relive the life of Hansel and Gretel and make your own Chocolate House   The story of Hansel and Gretel was my favourite since the time my mother read it out to me when I was a kid. I loved the idea of a house of sweets, and even... -

Top 5 Chocolate Pudding Desserts For Kids

  Chocolate pudding, a heavenly dessert in its own, makes for delightful desserts  when added as an ingredient in sweetmeat recipes. Decadent, lustful, adorable – these are just few of the superlatives which one can use... -

How To Celebrate Chocolate Covered Anything Day?

Chocolate Covered Anything Day – the very name gives you a sense of freedom and indulgence. Top anything with chocolate and have as much of chocolate as you want to – there’s no limiting rules that define how to celebrate chocolate covered anything... -

How To Stop Chocolate From Melting

Chocolate candy, chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, anything with chocolate is delicious. It is the most important ingredient used in most of the desserts and also in candies. However, while working with chocolate, you face the permanent risk of melting... -

How To Mix Alcohol With Hot Chocolate For A Hot Winter Night

  Nothing is more welcoming than com home on a winter night to a warm house and a cup of hot chocolate waiting for you. And if there is an urge for drinking something more potent, just mix alcohol with hot chocolate and voila! You have an interesting... -

History Of Chocolate Covered Anything Day

Many folks can’t wait for December 16th. Their reasons are very simple. It is one of those rare days, when they binge, pig out and indulge in the most sinful of temptations… chocolate! And yes, with Christmas just around the corner, the time couldn’t... -

Cocoa And Delectable Chocolate

  Theobroma cacao (the cocoa tree) is indigenous to Central- and South America.   Mayans and Aztecs are known to have used cocoa beans during religious ceremonies. Before human sacrifices were made to gods, those to be... -

What Are The Uses Of Bittersweet Chocolate

Chocolate comes in various varieties and their names are derived on the basis of the amount of cocoa power and sugar added, hence we have dark chocolates, semisweet chocolates, bittersweet chocolates, milk chocolates etc. Each variety has different uses and... -

How To Make A Chocolate Bunny

  You can easily make chocolate bunny at home. Every year I used to purchase readymade chocolate bunnies from market to decorate my cousin's Easter baskets, but this year I went against the routine and made the bunnies... -

350-year-old Recipe For Iced Chocolate Drink Found

Iced desserts, liberally sprinkled with chocolate, are nothing new and the varieties keep  growing every year. However, a recent discovery revealed how frozen chocolate desserts could actually be traced back to 1668 . The hidden recipes were discovered ... -

Tips To Make Chocolate Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

Chocolatiers make several versions of chocolate balls that are usually served as snacks or desserts. These delicious balls may seem complex and difficult to make but they really aren’t all that difficult.   To impress your dinner... -

Chocolate And Hot Cocoa Makes A Math Genius!

Chocolate and hot cocoa can make you a wizard with arithmetic. Did I just hear a gasp from chocolate lovers? Yes, my sinful friends and fellow men and women; research has found that mental arithmetic and math can become a piece of cake with the... -

How To Plan A Chocolate Buffet At A Wedding Reception

If you are planning a wedding reception menu, then plan a chocolate buffet to jazz up the evening by treating your guests with hot chocolate buffet or a chocolate covered fruit. Wedding chocolate buffets are a crowd pleaser, and it's easy to... -

Lindt Easter Chocolate

        Lindt Easter chocolate forms a great Easter food, so people enjoy relishing it to celebrate both the spring as well as Easter. It is one of the scrumptious chocolate varieties which... -

Shanghai's 'chocolate Happy Land' To Open On Dec 18

  At the year-end, Shanghai will host a chocolate-y festival , which could look like just out of the movie, ' Charlie and the Chocolate Factory .' The famous Expo Garden of the Chinese city would become a mouth-watering... -

National Chocolate Fondue Day

February is the month of romantics! It is not just because of the Valentine's Day but also because of a dish that originated in the 19th Century Switzerland and came to be celebrated on February 5 as the National Chocolate Fondue Day . Although,... -

How To Eat Chocolate Cheese

Chocolate cheese brings together chocolate and cheese in a wonderful creamy avatar. This sumptous dish consists of cheese slices with a chocolate flavor. Fonterra, the New Zealand based dairy company is behind this appetizing combo. Cal -

5 Chocolate Mishaps

With Christmas coming up shortly and New Year’s Day looming large thereafter, it’s raining chocolates! From sweet nibbles, to cookies, cakes and even savory dishes, there is no dearth of the warm, brown, sticky surface that gladdens the heart and brings a... -

History Of National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

December 16 th is yet another of those days that celebrate specific food items. The history of national chocolate covered anything day will involve a lot of research as it is not particularly well known. However, it is certainly a day for all you... -

Chocolate Hanukkah Gifts: Perfect Hanukkah Gifts For Children

  Don’t just limit yourself to Hanukkah doughnuts , this year consider chocolate Hanukkah gifts: perfect Hanukkah gifts for children, children will like them more than the traditional food gifts. Some chocolaty gift... -

Choccywoccydoodah – Fulfilling Chocolate Fantasies All Over

When Kylie Minogue wanted to celebrate the birthday dedicated to her ‘Green Fairy’ character in Moulin Rouge, she went to Choccywoccydoodah. This funny-named chocolatier company has been in the business for quite long, during which, it has created a lot... -

Top 5 Chocolate Desserts For Valentines Day

The top 5 chocolate desserts for Valentine’s Day would be a dream come true for a chocoholics, to eat as well as to bake. And is there really any better way to express your sentiments better than to do it with some good old fashioned chocolate?   ... -

Top 10 Gorgeous Delights For National Chocolate Chip Day

  “Life is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get", said Forrest Gump. And, I feel that he said this with the “National Chocolate Chip Day” in mind. Today is May 15 – a day dedicated to these... -

D To G Of Chocolate Terminology

DARK CHOCOLATE Also known as sweet, semi-sweet, or bittersweet chocolate depending on the chocolate liquor: sugar ratio. An eating chocolate that contains 15% to 35% chocolate liquor plus cocoa butter, vanilla, lecithin as an emulsifier, and sugar o -

Valentine Gift - The Chocolate Bar Brownie Pan

Got any ideas on what to gift your valentine? Well, if she or he has a thing for chocolates, The Chocolate Bar Brownie Pan is something that you could consider. Chocolate comes in various forms and shapes but the first image that most of us... -

Chocolate Alternatives For Valentines Day

A Valentine’s Day is not complete without a yummy chocolate treat. If you are someone who doesn’t want to skip this, yet worried about the sugar or extra calories, there are chocolate alternatives just for you. You can use these as substitutes to make a... -

5 Easy Chocolate Cheese Cupcake Ideas

A chocolate cheese cupcake is a perfect treat for anyone who is an ardent lover of both these luscious delights. Can you really beat chocolate, cream cheese and to top it all off in bite size cupcake form? They would be suitable for any occasion, from a... -

Top Three Chocolate Cookbook Reviews

      Here are the top three chocolate cookbook reviews to make the task of picking one a little simpler. They are all great chocolate cookbooks and are guaranteed to make your mouth water. ... -

How To Cut Chocolate

How to cut chocolate into fancy shapes for your kid’s birthday or even for the dessert? Chocolate can be cut easily with a little bit of creativity and lots of patience to learn the technique. We shall see how to cut chocolate garnishes as well as other... -

Ways To Celebrate National Chocolate Pudding Day

Another motivation and reason to have your favorite dessert – June 26 th is National Chocolate Pudding Day, so why not celebrate the day to the fullest? Forget all thoughts about calories and weight watching – this is a fun day to explore a variety of... -

How To Shred Chocolate

Shredded chocolate adds panache to any dish, dessert or otherwise. However, shredding  can be a problem especially if the chocolate begins to melt all over the shredder or the blades of a blender.   Many recipes also require the addition of chocolate that... -

National Chocolate Brownie Day

Foodie fans today is National Chocolate Brownie Day!!!  The best chocolate brownie I ever had came from Sugardaddy's in Columbus Ohio.  Their brownies (and blondies) are the best in the world...    ... -

5 Easy Chocolate Cupcake Ideas

Kids love chocolate and cupcakes and when they are brought together under one roof, there is nothing left to be talked about. This affinity of kids towards chocolate cupcake tempted me to come up with some easy chocolate cupckae ideas for the gourmands.... -

Chocolate Garnish

“Garnishes must be matched like a tie to a suit” – Fernand Point. The statement sounds even more appropriate when it comes to decorating your desserts with some chocolate garnish. You don’t have to wait anymore to try the lovely... -

Chocoholics, Here Is How To Make Chocolates Healthy!

Chocolate is a ‘cannot-be-turned-away’ food item, which appeases taste-buds of all ‘cadres(the young and the old, the male and the female, the rich and the poor). This is one ‘delicacy’, which is rich in all makes and flavor and melts down with a... -

Bestselling Author Marian Keyes ‘saved’ By A Chocolate Cheesecake

Till 2 years ago, bestselling author Marian Keyes was struggling with nervous breakdown and crippling depression. Then one fine day, she was saved by a chocolate cheesecake, which she had baked for her friend Helen’s birthday.  Keyes baked her way out of... -

G To O Chocolate Terminology

Ganache, a blend of cream and chocolate, can be additionally enhanced with any flavor in the rainbow.  The ganache-filled chocolates above, from John & Kira’s of Philadelphia. GANACHE A velvety smooth blend of chocolate... -

How To Melt Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips

Melted semisweet chocolate chips are a decadent delicacy, and can be used as a coating for candies, dessert toppings, or cake glazes.  To melt the chocolate chips into a smooth texture, without burning or hardening the chocolate in the... -

Dwts Finalist Katherine Jenkins Diets On Chocolate & Chips!

  Katherine Jenkins, tipped as the favorite  to win this year’s “Dancing With the Stars” finale is indeed showing promise. She topped the scores just before the final outcome with her dance style being praised as “technically... -

How To Use A Chocolate Fountain

If you have invested in a chocolate fountain or have hired one and want to know how to use a chocolate fountain before you get your party started, here are some tips. It is impossible for kids and elders both to resist a chocolate fondue and a... -

White Chocolate

Montezuma knew it well – chocolate has the power to seduce. And Montezuma made good use of this force of chocolate. The Aztec ruler introduced European conquistadors to this aphrodisiac over 500 years ago, and it is said to have consumed 50 thimbleful cups... -

How To Use Transfer Sheets For Cake

  Transfer sheets  for cake decoration  makes it look attractive. Using transfer sheets for cake decoration is not done by many although it is very simple, easy and done within seconds giving a great look to your cake. All you need to... -

Top 10 Ideas For Valentines Day Cakes

  Valentines Day is made special with Valentines Day cakes and chocolates. There are varieties of cakes that can be made or ordered during Valentines Day. One can order special cakes or can make them at home. Whatever option you choose, the cake... -

Perfect Tips For The Perfect Fridge Cake

Offering a ‘no bake’ chocolate cake made with digestive biscuits is perhaps the best way to warm a kid’s heart on a hot, summer day. The adults are worse actually as most of them relish it without ever admitting their love for it. So, is it... -

Easter Cakes Ideas

  Easter is celebrated with great fervor throughout the world, especially by Christians.  It is the day when Lord Jesus resurrected.  Easter is celebrated two days after Good Friday.  Like all the festivals, Easter also has some traditional... -

5 Simple Recipes For National Cake Day

Foodie fans its National Cake Day on November 26 .  You may not be much of a baker but baking a simple cake does not require much of an expertise. Here are a few recipes that are not too complex either. Try them out on D-Day and surprise your loved ones... -

How To Make Filling To Bake Inside Cakes

Are you bored having the same taste and flavor of your cake? If you learn how to make filling to bake inside cakes it will help you to make some exotic delicious cakes of different flavors. You can use a variety of fillings which include blueberry,... -

Angel Or Devil: Who Gets Your Cake?

Good always triumphs over evil! But that happens in a utopian world and has to be taken with a pinch of salt when it comes to reality. But can cakes be good and evil too? Well, the terminology seems to suggest so. Why on earth should one be known as an... -

Top 7 Vegan Wedding Cake Recipes

Till some years ago most of the brides and grooms enjoyed the regular plain white cake with buttercream icing. But today they can choose from various flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, pumpkin, apple, pistachio, lemon popyseed etc and here are the ... -

Have You Seen The Instagram Cake?

  Baking a cake and sharing it on Instagram is nothing unusual. However, if you make a cake that looks just like the Instagram logo , then it’s something worth everybody’s attention. A foodie decided to do just that, despite the... -

Coffee In A Cake!

There is nothing more comforting than a steaming mug of milky, sweet-yet-bitter coffee after a long and tiresome day. And what better accompaniment to this mug of refreshing brew than a light airy cake, topped with whipped coffee flavoured cream? No... -

Top Cake Trend 2010

The top cake trend of 2010 was:   Funnel cake bites : You will enjoy these funnel cake bites layered with powdered sugar, crispy colored M&M milk chocolate candies, a dollop of hot fudge and topped with luscious-sweet strawberries.... -

Popular Sauces For Pound Cake

  Pound cake is a special traditional cake which is prepared with one pound each of butter, flour, eggs and sugar. Since pound cake in itself has a uniform flavor, adding variety of sauces over it helps to enhance its subtle taste and lends... -

Easter Cakes Pictures

    Easter is celebrated with great fervor throughout the world, especially by Christians.  It is the day when Lord Jesus resurrected.   Easter is celebrated two days after Good Friday.  Like all the festivals, ... -

10 Mardi Gras Sweet 16 Cake Designs Your Teen Will Love

  Surprise your darling this birthday with Mardi Gras sweet 16 cake . You can choose a Mardi Gras theme for her birthday and to gel with the theme you can bake a Mardi Gras sweet 16 cake. Look out to these sweet... -

Frosting Ideas For White Cakes

  Plain white cakes, we agree, are really goo. But they are also boring and old fashioned. Pep them up a little and give them a new lease of life. Here are some frosting ideas , if you do not know anything about frosting white cakes ... -

China Destroys 2 Tons Of Ikea Cakes

In its latest round of quality inspection, China has destroyed about two tons of chocolate cake imported by Sweden's Ikea. The cakes were destroyed because they had violated the Chinese food quality standards. In the past week, Ikea cakes have been... -

Kate Becomes Cake Middleton

Kate Middleton has been in the spotlight ever since she said ‘yes’ to Prince Williams. The birth of the royal baby enhanced her prestige and endeared her to the British people even more. Now it is the turn of the charming Duchess to be depicted in... -

Wedding Cake Decoration Instructions And Ideas

Since a wedding cake marks the grand finale of any wedding reception, and is representative of the joyous aspirations of the newly-weds, much attention needs to be paid to the wedding cake decoration. Since the wedding cake decoration cannot be done on your... -

How To Decorate Flat Cakes At Home

You need not be an expert to decorate cakes , little patience and effort will help you to do it. Decorate flat cakes at home with proper theme and ideas to make it look more professional. Before decorating cakes, first decide what you actually want, a... -

How To Store Leftover Cake

Celebrations call for cakes and huge cakes. After the parties, you have leftovers of the cakes. Many of us do not know what can be done with the cake left from the previous night’s party. Some even are left with batter and wonder if they can bake it later! ... -

How To Bake Black Forest Cake

If you do not know how to bake black forest cake at home, then you ought to read this blog. This ifood guide on baking black forest cake is easy to understand and follow. Read on…               ... -

How Do I Make An Ice Cream Cake?

An ice cream cake is a perfect blend of two of the most popular and widely loved desserts, i.e. cakes and ice creams. This is a jiffy guide to learn how to make an ice cream cake at home. The ice cream cakes are supposed to be perfect for celebrating the... -

What Are The Uses Of Luster Dust In Cake Decoration

Luster dust is an edible and nontoxic sprinkle mainly used to beautify cakes and pastries. The uses of luster dust in cake decoration are manifold. The powder comes in a variety of colors ranging from primary to jewel tones. The sparkle can be used either dry... -

7 Edible Mardi Gras Cake Decoration Ideas

  Planning to prepare Mrdi Gras cake at home and looking out for some great Mardi Gras cake decoration ideas? Look no further for you will find some of the best tips and techniques right here. So, read on...   ... -

How To Sculpt Rice Crispy Treats In Cake Decorating

Christmas is rounding the corner and you want to prepare a special Christmas cake this time. May be you would like to learn how to sculpt rice treats in cake decorating. Rice crispies make wholesome and tasty treats. The concept of sculpting rice crispy... -