Chocolate Pastry

Chocolate pastry is a dessert made with sponge cake and chocolate icing. A sponge cake is cut into layers which are soaked with sugar syrup or wine and then applied a thick layer of chocolate icing. They are arranged on each other and cut into rectangles to be served as chocolate pastry. A chocolate pastry is very moist and usually served with chocolate sauce. Popular chocolate pastry recipes include Chocolate Rolls.

Chocolate Pastry Blogs

....road To Pastry..................

On : 26-Mar-2007 By : niklesh sharma

 As a food and a flavoring, chocolate is widely popular.people everywhere enjoy chocolate candies, pastries, and drinks. Chocolate is made from the seeds, or "beans," of the tropical cacao tree. The beans grow inside leathery pods that are found...

Starbucks Now Offers French Pastries

Starbucks Now Offers French Pastries On : 03-Jun-2013 By : thot4food

The coffee giant Starbucks is all set to pair with La Boulange , the French pastry outlet, to provide something more than just the daily fix of caffein to its customers. This unique partnership will allow the Starbucks patrons to enjoy French baked...

Jewish Pastries - Perfect Hanukkah Food Gifts For Kids

Jewish Pastries - Perfect Hanukkah Food Gifts For Kids On : 01-Dec-2010 By : epicure

Impressing today’s kids is not an easy game to play. You cannot just get away trying to please them with gold wrapped chocolate coins or an exciting game of “spinning the dreidel.” So, here comes the secret recipe to make your kids happy for the...

National Food Holidays: National Pastry Day

National Food Holidays: National Pastry Day On : 10-Dec-2010 By : chockyfoodie

  With a wide variety available for morning, noon, and night, pastries have become an indispensible part of our daily life. No wonder somebody has thought it fit to give it its due honor by celebrating a National Pastry Day on December 9...

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