Chocolate Cheese

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Chocolate cheese is delicious chocolate flavored cheese obtained by pairing chocolate with cheese. Chocolate has been paired with many other food items over the centuries. However, pairing it with cheese is a relatively new concept.


Chocolate cheese has been invented in different forms at different times. For example, Chesdale slices are chocolate flavored cheese slices produced by New Zealand and quite popular in Asia. Chesdale chocolate cheese slices have a considerable share in the cheese market in Taiwan.


Chocolate cheese confections are also produced by several manufacturers in US. They are fudge like, and combine fine cheese with sugar, chocolate, vegetable oil and peanuts.


Method of Preparation of Chocolate Cheese
Chocolate flavored cheese can be prepared by melting together cheese and butter, and adding  sugar and cocoa powder. Vanilla essence can also be added. The mixture is stirred well, and the resulting stiff product is poured into a greased pan and refrigerated. Delicious chocolate flavored cheese is thus ready.


Nutritional Facts about Chocolate Cheese
Both chocolate and cheese are high on calorie content, so chocolate flavored cheese may not be the preferred choice for the calorie conscious.


The health benefits of cheese include relief from hypertension and osteoporosis. Cheese also helps in maintaining bone health, gaining weight and dental care. Chocolate is considered good for the heart as well as for anti-aging. Chocolate cheese recipes combine the benefits of both.