Chocolate Bun

Chocolate bun is a breakfast roll flavored with chocolate. It is made like a bread roll the only difference being it is flavored with cocoa powder. Chocolate buns are stuffed at times with jam, chocolate chips or nuts. The buns are made commonly at home or available at bakeries. Some popular chocolate bun flavors are brandy, cherry, nuts, etc.

Chocolate Bun Blogs

Just Ask For 'hcf'

Just Ask For 'hcf' On : 25-Jun-2008 By : vikas kumar

We human beings don’t like long names. We’d rather abbreviate everything…it’s convenient and it also saves time! We’ve done it very regularly with films (DDLJ, K3G), with celebs (SRK, BIG B, J-LO & K-JO), with film genres (Sci-Fi, Rom-Com), with...

Traditional Easter Foods

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Sweet Treats For The Sweet Blake-ryan Wedding

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  Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively became man and wife this weekend. While the ‘Gossip Girl’ star had decided on the chef  well in advance, it was Bakehouse Bakery Café which was chosen for creating a...

Dominique Ansel’s New Creation – Magic Souffle!

Dominique Ansel’s New Creation – Magic Souffle! On : 10-Sep-2013 By : foodquest

  Having shot to international fame with his unusual pastry invention, the cronut creator Dominique Ansel is now ready with his next new item - an ooey gooey chocolate souffle that is baked inside a brioche bun . Sounds magical indeed! ...

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