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Chocolate is a processed food made from the seed of ‘cacao tree’. Cocoa beans obtained from this tree are fermented, processed and grinded to form cocoa powder. Chocolate is made by adding sugar, ... More »
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Homemade Hot Chocolate

Homemade Hot Chocolate is my favorite thing to drink on a cold day. There's something so comforting about it, don't you think? When the Winter chill arrives there's nothing better than sipping on a cup of decadent hot chocolate. It's the ultimate comfit... - 138.299

Big Fat Oreo

This is not a pie, cake or a cookie; it is a combination of all three! So if you are in the mood for something chocolaty and sweet, but can’t decide on what, this is the perfect treat to satisfy all cravings. This is like the best parts of a cupcake... - 137.919

Frozen Hot Chocolate (serendipity)

Hello New York!!! Join Honeysuckle Catering for this local (and Hollywood) favorite - the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity 3! Remember the movie starring John Cusak and Kate Beckinsale? - 137.916

Peppermint Bark - Holiday Gift Idea

Every holiday season I always try to think of some delicious treats I can whip up to give to friends and family. So this year I thought I'd make them some Peppermint Bark. Peppermint Bark is a chocolate-based candy with peppermint pieces, usually layered with... - 137.511

How To Make Chocolate Custard With Raspberry Dark Chocolate Center - Masterchef

Learn how to make the recipe I made on Masterchef 3 the Chocolate Custard with Raspberry Dark Chocolate Center that is unbelievable creamy. In the center goes a truffle evolving a raspberry that gives the right tanginess to the dessert perfectly balanced with... - 134.009

Lynn's White Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Want to wow your friends with a recipe that is simple yet very impressive? Then try these frosted cookies detailed in the video by LynnsRecipes. You will fall in love with these treats, that's a promise! - 133.49

Easy Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

Ever get a craving for rich milk chocolate surrounding a luscious peanut butter center? These little candies will fit the bill. Did you know they are sometimes affectionately called buckeye balls? - 133.248

Chokladsnittar (chocolaty Chocolate Slices)

A delicious Swedish cookie, topped with pearl sugar or chopped almonds, baked in a length and cut into slices while still hot - a perfect accompaniment for a cup of tea or coffee, any time of day! - 132.477

Halloween Chocolate Mice

Cute little treats that are perfect for Halloween! - 131.858

Simple Chocolate Charlotte

Here is a super simple chocolate charlotte recipe that can be easily made at home. The chef here shows how to make this recipe using dark chocolate, meringues, lady fingers and wonderfully flavored with orange zest and juice. So celebrate with this amazing... - 130.91

How To Make Chocolate Snowballs

Professional chef, baker and author, Cricket Azima demonstrates an easy chocolate cookie recipe that is fast and delicious! This sugar coated Chocolate Snowball recipe is sure to be kid-approved! - 130.032

Brownie Crisps With A Twist with Ronnie Woo presents a video recipe for how to make Brownie Crisps! These are not the regular brownies; they come with a twist. These crisps are perfect for your chocolate cravings. Watch and learn from our handsome chef here. - 129.573

Simple & Delicious Chocolate Rollups

This recipe is so simple that you can whip it up in no time. Simple & Delicious Chocolate Rollups – It will hit a home run every time you make them. That is what you want, right? Watch and learn this desirable dessert from this video. Enjoy! - 128.777

How To Make Christmas Chocolate Jelly Slice

Festive season brings along a lot of goodies and this Homemade Christmas Jelly Slice is definitely the best. This jelly slice recipe is a Christmas treat that is fun to make with children. Kids will love the biscuit base and jelly topping. This is the best... - 127.996

Peanut Butter Balls Recipe

Kids will love this peanut butter balls recipe! Peanut Butter Balls have a lovely coating of chocolate with a smooth and creamy peanut butter filling! Satisfy your sweet tooth with our best Peanut Butter Ball Recipes from HooplaKidzRecipes. - 127.274

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

In a mood for some treat? Try baking this Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies, which appeal to all age groups. Whether you are inviting friends over for tea or have unexpected guests, these cookies are bound to delight your guests. They are definitely a great way... - 126.931

How To Make Chocolate Cups With Mousse Inside

Edible chocolate cups caring chocolate mousse inside. insane! Decadent and aerated mousse. You don't have to temper the chocolate for the cups. - 126.022

Chocolate Tiffin

This chocolate tiffin is really great for those who loves the great flavor and texture of chocolates. This is the perfect sweet snack item, which can be made on the occasion of Christmas. Just gather all the ingredients and make yourself a wonderful chocolate... - 125.661

Chilled Chocolate Marquise

If you are searching for an exotic recipe of dessert for serving at the end of a gorgeous meal, then this recipe of chocolate marquise is one of the bests. It requires little bit of culinary effort, but at the end it turns to be worthy. Watch the video to... - 124.984

Valentine's Day Special Nutty Chocolate Bark

If you're looking for a nice dessert recipe for Valentine's Day, then this is it. The Chef shows how to make Nutty Chocolate Bark and it's really delicious. I'm sure your loved one will surely enjoy it. - 124.311

Chocolate Salami

Looking for a no-cook dessert? This is so easy even the kids can make it. Watch Victoria Paikin show you how to make her Italian Chocolate Salami. This is the kind of dessert that you make when you have sudden company and no time to prepare. The dessert will... - 124.108

Halloween Bark Treat

All those who are looking for simple Halloween treat options must watch this video. Here the chef has displayed clear directions to make a rich Halloween bark treat prepared with Oreo cookies, pretzels and yummy white chocolate. Do not miss out on some quick... - 124.077

Texas Chocolate Bark

Chocolate is hard to be forgone by most as it is loved so much and here is a healthy recipe using it. Check out the video to make Gluten Free Texas Chocolate Bark using chocolate chips and gluten free pretzels as the key ingredients. Temptation sans the fat... - 124.012

Chocolate Pot De Crème

Perhaps you never knew that preparing fine and delicate dessert at home could be so easy. This rich chocolate pot de crème is going to be the main attractive of your dessert table, so you should be generous in preparing large quantity of pots. But before... - 124.01

Crispy Ghostly Chocolate Treats

Do you enjoy making kiddie treats? Here’s Kat showing you a Halloween special! Cute little ghosts that are simple to prepare and adorable to look at. Watch this video and I’m sure you will be smiling! - 123.767

Frozen Nutella Hot Chocolate

If you’ve never had a frozen hot chocolate before then you must make these! It tastes exactly like a hot chocolate but frosty and laced with heavenly nutella. I think Isaac described it best when he said “mmm it tastes like a cold candy bar, with tiny ice... - 123.332

Swirled Peppermint Bark

Chocolates swirled together and sprinkled with crushed candy canes makes the perfect, easy-to-make holiday gift! - 122.443

Betty's Rice Krispies Easter Eggs With Grandson Carter

When it comes to fancying up your Easter platter, the possibilities are endless. And Betty's version of this fancy Easter treat is nothing less. This is one dish that even the kids will enjoy making. Stream the video recipe and get making them at home. - 122.314

Hot Chocolate By Tarla Dalal

Whether it soothes you to sleep or wakes you up depends on your taste, but Hot Chocolate is a universal drink adopted by many people around the world as a regular drink, just like Indians embrace coffee or tea. While many think that Hot Chocolate can be... - 122.305

Chocolate Peanut Rocks

Chocolate And Peanut Rocks will surely hit a home run with the kids. Okay, the chocoholic adults will love this recipe too. The best part about these rocks is that there is no cooking involved. Easy! Indulge and enjoy! - 121.92

Homemade Peanut Butter Cups Like Reese's

This video will show you how easy it is to make these chocolate peanut butter cups with sea salt. They take less then 30 minutes to make and they're the perfect treat for family and friends. - 121.338

Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookie

Have you ever baked your own cookie - if not, you should try at least once. You might get to buy better chocolate chip cookie, but at the same time the taste of homemade cookie is something different. Moreover, the whole process is a fun thing to do with your... - 121.236

Baked Homemade Eggless Chocolate Cake

Happy Thanks Giving to all of you! Celebrate this years Thanks Giving with this super easy, super soft and super moist egg-less chocolate cake with very very easy breezy chocolate frosting which gets ready in less than 10 mts. Tastes super yummy!!! - 121.008

Raw Food Holiday Dessert: Chocolate Candy Cups

Do you love chocolate, but are trying to avoid traditional store-bought candies that are so often loaded with corn syrup, trans-fats, and preservatives? In this video, Jennifer Cornbleet demonstrates how to satisfy your sweet tooth with a chewy treat made... - 120.952

Crunchy Dark Chocolate Slice

Want a tasty dessert recipe that will please everyone's taste buds? Then watch this video and learn to make a delicious chocolate slice, guaranteed to make everyone fall in love! - 120.917

Green Tea Dark Chocolate Truffles

These rich chocolaty green tea truffles, are perfect to be served up at anytime. Watch the video to see how the chef combines matcha green tea with chocolate to make an absolutely succulent snack in no time. Try it at home and wow your guest with your... - 120.846

Valentine's Day Recipe - Homemade Chocolate Bark (cooking At Home With Carolyn)

GETTING READY 1. Roughly chop the macadamias and pecans keep them separately. MAKING 2. On a double melt the milk chocolate and the white chocolate separately in different bowls. 3. Melt the chocolate for 3-5 minutes using the spatula stir the chocolate. 4.... - 120.797

Reindeer Bark

Reindeer Bark, Desserts & Sweets, 4 Ingredients, Cooking with Kim. This simple and easy to make Reindeer Bark from 4 Ingredients Cookbook It's quick easy enjoy delicious uses things you already Have in the pantry and will save you Time and money in the... - 120.476

White Trash Holiday Clusters

Sean combines savory party mix with white chocolate, orange zest and a pinch of cayenne for a decadent holiday treat sure to be a hit at trailer parks around the world! - 119.986

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

Making chocolate chip cookies at home is not as difficult as we think. Here is a simple to understand recipe video for making them successfully at home. It’s kind of a musical journey with instructions and ingredients written down at every step. - 119.688

Special Valentine's Day Chocolate

To woo your sweetheart, there can be no better gift than home made chocolate for valentine's day. You can make this delicious any time sweet with simple ingredients in minutes. Head towards your kitchen and bake this delight to surprise your loved ones. Quite... - 119.639

Hot Vampire's Blood

Count Culinarian makes us his adult cocktail "Hot Vampire's Blood" - or Red Hot Chocolate. Whatever you call it, it's bloody good! - 119.288

Homemade Chocolate

This homemade chocolate recipe is really simple, with only 3 ingredients, and really delicious. It's perfect for those times when you just can't kick a chocolate craving. - 119.28

Double Chocolate Fudge Coco Cola Cake

I first tasted this cola-inspired cake at the Cracker Barrel restaurant a few years ago and knew I wanted to bake it myself at home. The Img_2872 cake is rich, dense, and very chocolaty and is a big hit with everyone in the family (and our friends too!) The... - 119.242

How To Make Cadbury Creme Eggs

Perfect for Easter, why not make your own homemade version of these classic treats? - 118.957

How To Make Home Made Hot Chocolate

Easy homemade Hot Chocolate recipe will satisfy your craving for chocolate while warming you up! Hot chocolate is the perfect beverage for a snowy winter's day, or a wonderful treat that can fill your mouth with chocolaty goodness during any time of the year. - 118.485

Chocolate Freckles : Kids

CHOCOLATE FRECKLES : KIDS RECIPE Learn How To Make CHOCOLATE FRECKLES : KIDS RECIPE Great for big kids or little kids.Perfect for kids' parties or any type of celebration or party! Kids especially seems to love them. - 118.186

How To Make Chocolate Mustache Lollipops

How to Make Chocolate Mustache Lollipops Learn How to Make Chocolate Mustache Lollipops from HooplaKidzRecipes Kids especially seems to love them. - 118.064

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

How to make an easy tasty desert. Chocolate covered strawberries is really simple and easy & fun to make. Enjoy! ;-O) - 117.717

Death By Chocolate Cake

For chocoholics it doesn't get any better than this death by chocolate cake recipe. It is so difficult to put it in words because there simply ain't no word to describe chocolate. So watch the video and get drowned in this over dose of chocolaty heaven. - 117.261

Chocolate Peppermint Bark

If you like dark chocolate and peppermint you are going to LOVE this recipe! Try not to eat it all before you give it out for gifts! This is very, very easy to make. - 117.136

Feeling Responsible: Baileys Sweet & Salty Krispies

Are you feeling RESPONSIBLE? If you are, here's the meal you should eat; the song you should listen to; and the quotes you should ponder. Happy eating my friends! :) - 116.701

Raw Vegan Date Chocolate Balls

Are you wondering about some easy treats to serve in your kid's birthday party? This recipe is just perfect for your purpose. These are too delectable and at the same time, these are raw, vegan and nutritious. So, why wait? Watch the whole video to replicate... - 116.582

Chocolate Dip Coconut Macaroons

For a chewy coconut macaroon lover, adding some chocolate to it is an extra bonus. Watch this video, for an extremely simple and delicious coconut macaroon recipe. See the video for step by step instructions from the chef. - 115.921

Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Bark

This bark is outstanding! We used to make it year round at the deli and it was always a hit! It is also really easy to make. If you would prefer to use a better quality white chocolate, instead of chocolate chips, go ahead. I used chocolate chips here because... - 115.889

How To Make Chocolate Cornets チョコレートコルネ(コロネ)の作り方

Attention chocolate lovers!! Here is something you should not miss out on. These Yummy Chocolate Cornet Oriental Style is an absolute treat. Surprise your family this weekend with this Japanese delicacy. - 115.721

Chocolate Candy Bark

Use leftover Halloween candy to make delicious Chocolate Candy Bark!! Hope you had a Happy Halloween :) - 115.514

How To Make Chocolate Clusters

Welcome to the SimpleCookingChannel. Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that's just what a person needs. I hope you like my recipe for Chocolate Clusters. - 115.455


How to make delicious chocolate covered peanut butter balls, also known as Buckeyes! - 115.431

Chocolate And Chestnut Cupcakes

I got a whole load of new flours recently and didn't quite know what to do with them. I figured I should start with something I know well, and that would be cakes! I went for chocolate cupcakes with chestnut flour in the end, and if you've never tried... - 115.16

Raw Vegan Chocolate

Rich and creamy raw chocolate. This is a fine recipe of homemade raw chocolate with the goodness of vegan butter and raw cocoa powder. Made super creamy, it is a wonderful dip and can be used for a number of raw and vegan dessert recipes. - 115.099

5 Minute Chocolate Dessert For Date Night

Looking for a simple and fantastic dessert for date night? This 5 minute chocolate dessert is so easy to make and a romantic touch to a great evening. - 114.541

Chocolate Center Sponge Cupcake

These cupcakes look pretty and taste heavenly! These decadent little rainbow cupcakes with their molten chocolate center are easy to whip up using a cake mix. These do not need any frosting and are perfect lunch box or after school treats for kids. - 114.126

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Strawberries are in season! They are sweet, delicious and cheap! Here’s a great way to prep them for a light dessert or as a snack. Make them as a gift for your next party! - 114.12

Crunchy Chocolate Chip Sundae Cookie

When looking for a quick but decadent dessert to serve at an impromptu party, just squeeze some ice cream between chocolate chip cookie and watch your guests swoon. Nothing more indulgent like crispy, chewy, nutty and chocolaty cookie. Betty shows how you too... - 114.114

Mini Chocolate Balloon Bowls

Welcome to the SimpleCookingChannel. Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that's just what a person needs. I hope you like my recipe for mini chocolate balloon bowls. - 114

Chocolate Centered Gummy Bites

Welcome to the SimpleCookingChannel. Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that's just what a person needs. I hope you like my recipe for chocolate centered gummy bites. - 113.98

Yummy Chocolate Chip Cookie

If you simply love teaming up your cold glass of milk with chocolate chip cookie, then it would do you some good to learn how to bake this yummy nibbles at home. In this video, the cook tells you how to make healthy chocolate chip cookie using canola oil. A... - 113.877

Quick Chocolate Cookie Bark

Want a sweet delight which is very easy and you can even take help from your children to make it easier? Chef Tawnya is keeping up with her promise of delivering meals on the rush and as a part of it she shows this quick and easy dessert. She clearly... - 113.741

White Fruity Christmas Slice

Add sweetness to your Christmas with this White Fruity Christmas Slice. This sweet chocolaty treat will definitely charm everyone. The fruits hold a nice surprise for the palate. Take a look at this video and give it a try. - 113.602

Chocolate Circles

Make chocolate circles and serve this on a decorated plate and then you would have this as one party winner! Watch this video to make this dish! - 113.511

Spiked Hot Chocolate

Down here in Florida we’re going through a real cold streak. I mean, it’s like 65 degrees here and that is totally unacceptable! Sorry, had to rub it in. It is common Florida knowledge that anything under 70 degrees allows: boots, sweaters, the occasional... - 113.096

Betty's Chocolate Marshmallow Cap'n Crunch Squares

You don't always need a dollop of chocolate ice cream to stave off your craving. Sometimes something as delicious and utterly chocolaty like marshmallows and crunch squares would make for equally heavenly indulgence. Betty whomps up a rich rice crispy treat... - 113.093

Homemade Mcflurry Chocolate

Well it calls for a lot of observation and creativity to prepare a popular dish like McFlurry. But in this homemade chocolate McFlurry recipe video you will see a successful attempt to duplicate this world famous dessert. It looks the same and the taste... - 113.092

Hot Chocolate With Almond Milk

This classic is kicked up a notch with using the ever so popular almond milk. It adds a smooth vanilla and almond flavor which takes this hot chocolate a step above the rest. - 112.884

Chocolate Rum Balls

Chocolate Rum Balls are so yummy, just as you anticipate. They can be done in no time and you can freeze them up for upto several weeks. Watch and learn how to make them from Victoria in this video. Enjoy! - 112.576

Nigella Lawson's Chocohotopots

I am big fan of the original recipe of Chocohotopots by Nigella Lawson. However, June has done near justice to the original recipe. It is quite a simple recipe, and if June can pull this off, so can you. - 112.523

Strawberry And Chocolate Nachos

A super easy sweet treat that can be served for dessert or just a snack. Delicious! - 112.177

Chocolate Chips Cookie

Chocolate chips cookies, just like my grandma used to make them. Let me share a piece of history with you. Please join me in the kitchen, I am waiting for you to begin baking. - 112.137

Easy Mud Cake With Chocolate Ganache

 This recipe yields a moist, sweet, chocolaty mud cake with a dark chocolate ganache poured on top. This is quite possibly the most yummy mud cake recipe ever, especially if you are a chocolate cake fan! It is quite easy, but the end result will have... - 112.129

Best Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you like baking exotic dishes, here is a videos recipe for best cranberry chocolate chip cookies which are unique and you will love the combination of flavors and textures. Watch it for a long lasting family fun. - 111.891

Betty's Chocolate Bourbon Balls -- Thanksgiving

In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make Chocolate Bourbon Balls. These delightful dark chocolate-dipped candies contain Maker's Mark Whisky and more chocolate! This recipe is from Maker's Mark, except for the addition of chocolate on the inside. - 111.441

No Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate "kitkat" Bars

GETTING READY 1. Line a 9×13 inch pan with parchment paper. MAKING 2. Arrange a layer for Ritz crackers across the bottom of the pan. 3. In a saucepan, combine graham crumbs, brown sugar, sugar, butter and milk. Stir well. Place the pan on medium flame and... - 111.439

Frozen Mudslide- The Best After A Long Day

Ah, with the summer season around the corner, this cold dessert will really hit the spot. Where else where you get chocolate and yet more chocolate in a such a delectable dish. - 111.439

Homemade Chocolate Croissant

Chocolates are simple irresistible and when made into croissant, they make a heavenly snack. Watch out the video to learn how the chef makes these croissants within half an hour. So served it with honey or vanilla ice cream, they make a perfect treat for all. - 111.433

Chocolate Rum Balls

Surprise your friends with these Chocolate Rum Balls this festive season. In this video you'll see how easy it is to make these yummy treats. Try it out and you will be everyone's favorite dessert chef. You can leave out the rum if preparing for children.... - 111.416

Microwave Chocolate

MAKING 1. In a bowl mix together evaporated milk and sugar. Microwave for 2 minutes. 2. Add in the butter and chocolate chip microwave for another 2 minutes stirring every 30 second. 3. Stir in the almond powder, if runny microwave for 1 more minute.... - 110.726

Hot Chocolate Mix

This hot chocolate mix is an amazing valentines day treat or a great winter drink. Top the hot chocolate with whipped cream and freshly grated chocolate shavings. Hot cocoa is a great hit with adults and children alike. - 110.639

2 Ingredient Chocolate Topping

Welcome to the SimpleCookingChannel. Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that's just what a person needs. I hope you like my recipe for 2 ingredient chocolate topping. - 110.583

How To Make Kit Kats With Only 2 Ingredients

Welcome to the SimpleCookingChannel. Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that's just what a person needs. I hope you like my recipe for Kit Kat's. - 110.401

Vegan Double Fudge Choco Chip Cookie

Attention all the chocolate lovers!! This recipe is a must try for you. Watch Kim Shields prepare Vegan Double Fudge Choco Chip cookie that taste delectable. You can serve them as a snack with your tea or coffee and your guests will certainly call you back... - 110.377

Chocolate-peanut Butter Cook-off

Buckeye Brownies vs. Chocolate Peanut Butter Mug Cake...who will win? - 110.362

News Canada: Almond Chocolate Chews

Simple and delicious, Trish Magwood makes more than your average covered almonds. - 110.345

Chocolate Peanut Butter Easter Eggs

A great homemade treat for Easter. Super easy and delicious. - 110.2

Chocolate Stirring Spoons

Lynn demonstrates how to make chocolate stirring spoons perfect to stir your hot chocolate or coffee. A great holiday gift for friends and neighbors. - 110.102

Peppermint Filled Chocolates

MAKING 1. In an oven proof bowl, throw chocolate. Place it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Stir and repeat the process until chocolate melts. 2. In ice tray pour melted chocolate. Fill it 1/4 way up. 3. Pop it in refrigerator for 10-15 minutes. 4. In a... - 110.065

Candy Bar Hot Chocolate (dove)

A beverage for all ages!! This video shows how to prepare tasteful hot chocolate. A hot beverage made with melted chocolate makes it a favorite among all ages especially with kids. This drink when served with candy bars brings in that instant smile on your... - 110.041

Raw Chocolate Cacao Treats

Here are Raw Chocolate Cacao Treats even an 8-year old can make! We went back in to the raw food test kitchen to put two chocolate recipes to the test! Credit to "Naked Chocolate" book by David Wolfe and Shazzie for Chocolate Beret concept although recipe is... - 109.956

Delicious Chocolate Cubes

Nothing says holiday like a decadent chocolaty dessert. A mouthwatering dessert featuring cocoa, coconut, oats, nuts and raisins, this luscious dessert is perfect for all times and occasions. Just follow the simple steps presented in the video and treat your... - 109.918

Chocolate Marshmallow Delight

If you are yet to decide on your Halloween treats for this year, here is a special item which every one would love. The bonding of marshmallow and chocolate melts into your mouth leading to a heavenly feeling. It's really easy and quick. You can make it even... - 109.698

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