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Chinese seafood majorly includes prawns, fish, shrimps, crab and lobsters. Chinese cuisine boasts of many seafood recipes. Seafood is eaten whole or processed in number of ways to make different types of dishes. Boneless fish, pulverized meat, fillets, deep fried squids, etc are some Chinese seafood recipes.
Seafood is used to make snacks, appetizers, main course, soups and even sweets. Chinese fish cakes are the most popular seafood item of the cuisine.

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Ancient Chinese Emperor's Seafood Diet

Ancient Chinese Emperor's Seafood Diet On : 03-Nov-2010 By : chockyfoodie

Most of the civilizations around the Earth believed in a theory of rebirth, and they believedthat their kings and queens will come to life after some years. The tombs of kings and queens were filled with everyday objects and food, utensils and clothing, which...

A Special Chinese Dinner Menu 2

On : 23-Nov-2007 By : Ganesh Dutta

A Special Chinese Dinner Menu :   1.Ma Po Tofu:   2.Shrimp Stir Fry:   3.Spicy Orange Chicken:   4.Shrimp and Vegetable Fried...

Top 10 Sauces For Seafood Recipes

Top 10 Sauces For Seafood Recipes On : 30-Dec-2010 By : olivia

Seafood recipes are incomplete without spicy, hot, sour and sweet sauces. Here is a list of Top 10 Sauces For Seafood Recipes. Seafood Cocktail Sauce: Seafood Cocktail Sauce is a Canadian cuisine that you can serve as side dish with your main...

China Offers Production Guidelines For Seafood

On : 27-Dec-2007 By : foodreporter

SHANGHAI — Responding to growing concerns about the quality and safety of its seafood, China said this week that it would introduce production standards, including several measures intended to improve product safety and guard against the use of illegal...

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